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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:67 Reasons why the AI sucks
posted 09-24-07 03:07 PM EDT (US)         
I never got around to posting this. I wanted to get to 100.


1. Auto Scout. need I say more? any halfway competent player can get 3:1 ruins


2. The AI will be at least a minute later then a human player

3. The AI won't produce any villagers until SCI1 can be researched. Sometimes it only has 2 wood cutters while waiting for the wood for SCI1 to come in, while it has a huge pile of food. This wait can take more than a minute, even at the toughest level

4. The AI is easily distracted by villagers or caravans. It will often follow them with some or all of its army towards a corner, or the other city. If a rush comes in, and you aren't prepared, it's possible to delay it for at least another minute by sacrificing a villager and leading them away. You can even let it rush another opponent in a free for all.


5. The AI will only research military and build a barracks or tower if it was going to do that anyway. The only other way it will react to a rush, is by garrisoning citizens. this means it only has a chance if it was going to rush itself. (altough I have seen an aztec with a peaceful build put up a tower immediately)

6. If you get the cap and it has no library, it's immediately paralyzed.

7. It will garrison all citizens it has room for

8. The rush will often come in when it has just gone classical and put all wood into laying down temple/markets/university. It can't cancel these buildings and will often try to build them when there's no chance it will get it up


9. The AI does not raid. If it sees citizens, caravans or merchants while it is attacking it will kill them, but that's all. your towers can guard the city and need not guard citizens


10. It will garrison all citizens it has room for

11. If a mine or a woodcamp is far away it sometimes won't let its citizens flee at all

12. It won't garrison caravans or merchants

13 .It won't ever place army units somewhere where they might help out if a raid comes. His army won't react at all unless you attack a city

14. A human has to use a general and ambush to do a surprise raid. Againt the AI you can just march in your army on no-attack stance and put them all on raid. Sometimes it even doesn't get in enough citizens to make the city shoot

15. The AI will research militia, but won't ever turn any citizens or scholars into militia.


16. It often does a no-siege attack too late in the game

17. It often doen an no-supply attack too late in the game

18. It will put its army in front, even if it gets heavily damaged by city fire.

19. It doesn't bring enough siege (except for turks)

20. his army while it protects the siege is on a defensive stance. This makes it easy to score free hits on cavalry/HI with long ranged troops (or cannon starting at gunpowder)

21. It wil suicide its troops if the siege gets destroyed

22. It won't break off the attack if too many troops die, or the supply gets destroyed

23. It doesn;t fire at your troops with its cannons (if you pop out of the city)
24. It will sometimes siege unimportant buildings, before starting on the city, causing much delay.
25. It will often let you build cities/forts/towers across its supply route


26. It will garrison all citizens it has room for. If the city gets reduced they'll happily get back to work, even if the fall of the city is imminent. If the city is full it won't run the citizens away.
27. It will also garrison generals/patriot, supply wagons and artillery. The generals do not get out even if it also send its army, the supply wagons do not run away altogether, and the artillery will only fire at your troops if you reduce the city

28. It won't ever garrison troops

29. If it was doing a siege attack itself. It will break it off and run back to its own city, disregarding any forts/towers/cities that might be between it.


30. It's much too late in getting governments.

31. It chooses republic far too often.


32. It won't fish early or often enough.

33. It will often not make a fleet, or even make a dock at all on maps where the land isn't split by water, such as Australian outback, great lakes, water hole and many conquer the world maps

34. It will make a big fleet, even if you do not contest the ocean at all and park it somewhere where it's easily shot with artillery

35. It will let ships be lured into the range of towers or forts

36. It won't try to guard your coast to prevent putting up a dock.

37. It will often send in invasions right next to your towers, or a dock where you've got some ships garrisonned

38. It won't ever try to build a city on your continent.

39. On east indies it's easy to prevent it from colonizing any other islands by sending a few horse archers to them and prevent citybuilding

40. If it attacks your coast near one of your docks it cant deal with ships popping in and out of it.


41. It won't border push enough and puts the cities too close together

42. I've often seen no mine in the range of the 2nd city, even if this is possible.

43. It will put woodcamps on the biggest wood spot, even if this is on the other side of the city

44. Forts tipycally get placed halfway between 2 cities, where they won't protect either city, or help with border pushing at all

45. It doesn't know that 3rd and later cities (and occasionally 2nd cities) are very vulnerable to an attack and that more than 1 citizen is needed to build them quickly and an army presence may also be necessary.


46. It will gather an army somewhere at the back of his territory. It might even park wounded troops here for a long time

47. It will often build an army and then never get around to upgrading it, when the fighting breaks out before its army is upgraded

48. It can build up an enormous queue in barracks or stables

49. It won't use entrenchment

50. It won't try to keep villagers/caravans/merchants out of warzones

51. If it attacks you it will wait to gather another army before sending reinforcements, even if a few extra troops might mean victory. If you attack it will send everyone in to get slaughtered as soon as they're made.

52. It doesn't know that slingers/javilineers and archers in gunpowder suck.

53. It will build too many siege factories (except for turks)


54. There are 3 basic builds: 1. rush 2. 1-1-1-1 classical and start an army (around 5:00 at toughest), and 3-economic with sci2/com2/civ2 in ancient, and starting with building towers. build 1 is dead if you don't rush yourself, and build 3 is very susceptible to a classical/early medieval attack. builds 2 and 3 are dead if you DO rush

55. It will often do civ/com researches when it's not necessary at all thanks to loss of cities/villagers.

56. If there's a lot of fighting it will build too much scholars and build up a huge unused pile of knowledge

57. If there is little fighting it won't get enough knowledge

58. The research sequence doesn't adapt to circumstances at all

59. It will often overbuild farms/wood camps/mines and not build enough enhancement buildings.


60. It will target stupidly with bombers and won't try to avoid anti-air

61. It will even target forts/wonders/cities with fighters
62. If you attack a city, it will uselessly let his fighters circle above it, where they're too far from your siege to spot and attack it. you can then rush in while they refuel

63. You need to build AA before starting a wonder in modern or information age


64. While playing nubians, the AI won't send merchants until the scout finds the rares, even if they are visible on the map

65. Dutch merchants will often spend 100% of their time packing/unpacking

66. Greeks will often have a bizarre research sequence without a SCI start.

67. The AI will only consider research/villager production/starting buildings about every 12-13 seconds
posted 09-24-07 10:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
lol, put a bit of thought into this, eh?
Red Revolution
(id: master silver)
posted 10-01-07 07:13 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
The AI is pretty bad, play online, it is much more fun.

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