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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Favorite Nation
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posted 05-31-09 09:47 AM EDT (US)         
So what's everyone's favorite (not necessarily best) nation to play?

I always find America fun, but of all things, I must say that the Inca are my favorite to play with.
posted 11-20-09 04:02 PM EDT (US)     51 / 78       
My brother almost always plays Bantu or Lakota. I definitely love the Colossus as well.
Hoar Wolf
posted 11-20-09 04:10 PM EDT (US)     52 / 78       
I think the Russians are the best. My first favourites were the Germans. I like beginning the game at the Ancient age and finishing it at the Information age, and postponing fights until the very end (usually). That's why I liked Germans. They have a quite good information age unique unit, the Leopard. Another thing is their increased economy in the beginning of the game which helps in early age advances. The only, but severe, problem was that either I spent a lot of resources on building up an army early and not using it for attack, or being very vulnerable in the beginning. And I tried the Russians, and I find them better. The minor thing is that they have two extremly powerful information age unit, the Shock Infantry and the T80, which means that I don't have to train different units from them and rocket artilleries, some anti-aircraft missiles and a supply wagon (and the despot/monarch/comrade of course). The major thing is the attrition, because of that it is enough in the early game if I have a few russiny lancers/cossacks/don cossacks who kill the supply wagon (and, since russian cavalry deals 25 % more damage to supply units, and these cavalry units are very strong anyways, it isn't a difficult task), and the enemy will either run very fast or will be dead within a very short time.
The wonders I always build as soon as possible are Colossus (population bonus), Colosseum (attrition damage increase), Kremlin (even more attrition damage increase), Supercollider (for the four endgame technologies) and Space Program (to see everything). If I have free workers and resources, I build the Pyramids and Versailles as well (and some others, those depend on my mood).

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posted 12-31-09 03:45 AM EDT (US)     53 / 78       
Well, for me is the British. Because of their naval supremacy, mobile units, great commerce bonus, and especially their intimacy in the color... RED!

Damn I really love RED!!! And besides, my title is majestic because I like Britain. In everytime I play a game whether is single or multi... I choose this always, the same nation with the same color. They have the spirit of the regal-imperial color... RED!!!

Also if looking on the units, the Highlanders were somewhat fast maybe because they came from highlands ('caused to be called Highlanders). If we talk about mods, I really love the RED COATS!! Damn elite soldiers, withstanding heavy gunfire! Seriously, I love them because of their RED COATS!!
posted 12-31-09 09:27 AM EDT (US)     54 / 78       
omg your right! it is a conspiracy theory! look up the kings and queens of england + red!

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
Random Username
posted 01-01-10 10:08 PM EDT (US)     55 / 78       
I'll have to play every nation before I can say, but I like the Greeks. With any other nation I am always short on Knowledge (and I construct, fully-staff, and fully-upgrade every University in every City in my nation).

Wealth is obsolete after 3 ages? Here's my observations on all resources throughout the ages I've played in:

Food - Very important.
Timber - Never enough of it.
Metal - Plenty of it, but you don't use it for anything!
Wealth - Plenty of it. You sell it for the never-enough Timber and Food.
Knowledge - You don't use it for anything. Never enough of it.

Food - Important.
Timber - Same situation.
Metal - Plenty of it, slowly decreasing.
Wealth - Plenty of it, slowly decreasing.
Knowledge - Never enough of it, and right when you need it the most.

Food - Important
Timber - Never enough of it.
Metal - A decent amount of it.
Wealth - Plenty of it.
Knowledge - A decent amount of it.

Food - Superfluous amounts of it.
Timber - Stockpiles of it.
Metal - Never enough of it.
Wealth - 40% efficiency due to the amount your Caravans are bringing in.
Knowledge - Huge amounts of it.

Food - Not much of it.
Timber - Plenty of it.
Metal - Never enough of it, when it is most important to your economy.
Wealth - Never enough of it.
Oil - Massive amounts of it.
Knowledge - Never enough of it.

Reflects the Modern Age.
posted 04-11-10 08:20 PM EDT (US)     56 / 78       
i like the Russians alot cuz then i can build a huge economic base and get large amounts of territory, raid them especially supply wagons while building up a large army and overwhelm them with a single strike while the motherland is safe the whole game, until bombers and missiles come along.
posted 04-20-10 04:33 PM EDT (US)     57 / 78       
My Favorite nation is Russian they have Katyusha.
posted 05-14-10 11:02 AM EDT (US)     58 / 78       
My favourites are the French, especially because of their supply wagons. Also, since I usually play in Medieval, Gunpowder and Enlightement Age, and only rarely play in the Industrial Age or beyond it, I like their wood gathering bonus. They also work very well with one of my favourite strategies(I build large amounts of siege units, defend them with foot troops and use the cavalry mainly to counter the enemy cavalry that attacks my siege units).

I also enjoy playing as the Turks in Assasin games. They seem to be specially designed for that game type.

Other nations that I like are the Iroquois, the Indians and the Inca. I also like the Persians, the Spanish, the Mongols and the Portuguese in the New World campaign(though they are not good).

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posted 05-14-10 01:28 PM EDT (US)     59 / 78       
romans are my personal favorite because you can do everything with infantry rocks
posted 05-20-10 10:10 AM EDT (US)     60 / 78       
Americans: Great economical power due to the Infantry income bonus ^^ So every infantry unit I make becomes a long-term investment XD
......though American taxation is terrifying from what I've heard

German: Great UUs in my opinion. When you reach the Modern Age, BOOM and you have unique Infantry, unique tanks and unique Machine Guns. Their economical power isn't that bad as well!

British: In early ages British could boom more effectively(Commerce bonus), have good counters against Hoplite rush, and gain Wealth, and in turn Archers more easily(Taxation bonus)

All common nations, but all are fun to use. I'll try Russians sometime
posted 07-27-10 03:35 AM EDT (US)     61 / 78       
Frecnh : very strong rush for classical - medival and cav will be strong in enlightenment age and got a lot of wood so can build stable and senate early in classical age

ducth ; good eco and can get enemy territory rare resource

Egypt : can build wonder in cheap cost and can make 7 farms
if i make 7 farms in 1st i can defence farmer from archer cavalry easier

turks : good rush for classical and cannon upgrade is free and get 2 cannons for building factory and combination is fast this is main point

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posted 06-14-11 03:38 AM EDT (US)     62 / 78       
Germans: I love enhancement buildings, and the fact I get to research the techs for them an age earlier than everyone else is awesome. Plus, I can build a smelter in the ancient age (before I even know what metal is!). I'm not a huge fan of heavy infantry, so I don't like their early unique units but their late game ones are extremely pro. I tend to rely on Volksgrenadier + Tiger Tank spam as my main force. Really hard combo to beat. You got grenadiers to fight the bazookamen, and the tanks for everything else. I've only seen people beat it after long, costly struggles.

When defending I have huge amounts (like 32+) of MG42's added to this infantry and tank combination. So cruel to invaders.

Another thing about Germans in this game. The submarines (and fire ships earlier on, though I don't really rely on those) are sooooo cheap and faster to make. Me and my buds usually play with Atlantic Sea power with 600 max population, Enlightenment +, with no nuke script. And let me say, cheaper and faster to make submarines have always been the mainstay of my naval fleet if I'm the Germans. Back them up with Battleships and aircraft carriers and I'm good to go.

Although, lastly, the main and possibly only real reason I can claim to love the Germans is purely the fact that... I'm German

We're all entitled to our own opinion. Mine shouldn't matter to you, yours means nothing to me. Remember that.
posted 07-04-11 00:23 AM EDT (US)     63 / 78       
My favorite four nations are Russians, Americans, Aztecs, and Egyptians.
posted 02-03-12 12:56 PM EDT (US)     64 / 78       
The Greeks, Koreans, and the Bantu.

I like the Greeks because they research so quickly and can easily get ahead of the knowledge game. I'm usually already set for the Classical age and on with them.

I like the Koreans because of their unique sprites for the Gunpowder/Enlightenment Age and their decent city set-up abilities too.

I like the Bantu because of their population bonuses, their city bonuses, and the fact that YOU CAN'T TOUCH THEM because their units are faster than the other nations.

The road goes ever on and on..
posted 02-03-12 09:40 PM EDT (US)     65 / 78       
Yeah, Bantu have an insane early game raid capability. In Age1 pretty much nothing at all can catch their Impi. In Age2 if they get a Despot, your Citizens will feed their economy.
posted 06-27-12 07:10 PM EDT (US)     66 / 78       
1. Egypt - This is easily the strongest nation in ancient and can do so much with just one city, on a traditional land map. With bison and/or diamonds in the vicinity... it's game over. Lakota are their natural arch enemy.

2. Iroquois - This nation is comparable to Egypt in the sense that they can get goOd foOd income early on, but lack gold, however are more elite unit wise with their free (super scout) per barracks made and have the toughest infantry in the game.

3. Romans - Not as well rounded as the top two nations, but are more so than really (most) any other nation(s). They get solid gold income early in the game and because of their military advantages... can impose their will on you early in the game especially with the help of any salt, bison, or diamond rares.
Pimp Masterflex
posted 06-28-12 04:19 PM EDT (US)     67 / 78       
First off, There Are No Weak Nations, Just Weak Players... its a mantra that I live by in RoN.

That being said, If were talking about std, I have a real affinity for the Persians.


1. +50% food at start, helps with the research induced food crisis at the beginning of the game

2. Double Capital makes it Much harder to Kill you, and It also allows flexibility where to build your senate.

3. Ranged HI: Has a clear advantage over other HI and is much better for ancient raiding enemy villagers. Although not the strongest HI by stat, when used right, It can clearly overpower the opponent.

4: Elephants: Again, great for Raiding. Although you dont get auto upgrades like Indians, They are still a boss when u get to III

5. Auto-Caravans + Auto-Taxation + Reduced Civ Research = Super Wealth, which rivals that of the Incas when performed properly.

6. Besides the Greeks, Persians can reach age IV faster than any nation in my opinion (rares and wonders aside) with reduced food civ costs (+1 city = another university + 7 scholars, thats why it doesnt work as well with the Turks for military research).

Best Rares for Persians:
Dyes = Super Cheap Civic
Spice = Super Auto-Caravan Income
Sugar/Silver = Makes the Persians a Food Powerhouse (rivaling that of Egypt)
Horses = Cheaper Elephants

Pimp approved, master class!

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EoB Heraclius
posted 12-23-12 11:53 PM EDT (US)     68 / 78       
Personally, after my rather long sabbatical, I still love the Indians. The fact that you do not have to pay extra each time you build an additional building is just too much a boon to pass up. I'd go on, but I guess I posted an entire thread on the subject some years ago. I'll see if I can dig that up again.
Pimp Masterflex
posted 12-25-12 07:54 PM EDT (US)     69 / 78       
If you're talking about THIS ONE, that was actually me...

If not, then It would be an interesting read once you find it!

Pimp approved, master class!
EoB Heraclius
posted 12-27-12 12:44 PM EDT (US)     70 / 78       
Nope, I did find it though. I was referring to this one.
Pimp Masterflex
posted 12-29-12 01:57 AM EDT (US)     71 / 78       
Oh yea, now I remember your super-detailed guides... very interesting reads. You should make more, people would love to read more on topics like that again!

Pimp approved, master class!
posted 02-18-13 07:30 AM EDT (US)     72 / 78       
Japanese. Love the samurai and the gun samurai. But i also am searching for a kamikaze air unit. it would really be fun
posted 02-18-13 02:38 PM EDT (US)     73 / 78       
I like to play with Incas, the gold power can buy everithing...if the map has lots of mountains you shall win with Incas. Not so great militar units but great economical power.
posted 04-08-13 07:14 PM EDT (US)     74 / 78       
Yeah, the Incas have a good shot at the most elusive Resource of all - Knowledge. This is because Knowledge is usually a direct derivative of Wealth, and they can actually boost their Wealth gather by Citizen placement (unlike almost every other nation).

I've heard conflicting reports about the Lakota. When I play them the Food bottleneck is pretty severe, but I've heard if you can get past that (with Ruin popping using your Citizens) then you can dominate the map and choke the enemy geographically.
posted 09-29-13 06:46 AM EDT (US)     75 / 78       
I prefer Germans. (2 fighters free;Aircrafts cheaper and faster;Lumbermill,granary and smelter at classical age)
My opponent(americans) always spam with bombers so to beat him :x free fighters come handy

New ideas and imaginations are always stupid at the beginning!!!
So Its better to express any imagination even it is stupid and nonsense!!
Kawada Shogo
posted 02-06-17 06:06 AM EDT (US)     76 / 78       
I love playing as the Chinese, with the instant-citizens and automatic large cities.

Russians too, with those Katyusha rockets and other great unique units, plus the attrition bonus.

And the Germans, they're an economic powerhouse with strong late-game units.

The Bantu are also nice because of that sweet population bonus, which is helpful in multiple ways.

I'm the type of player that tends to wait and build up economically before going to war, so I never much got into the rush nations. I most like the ones with strong economies. Also, as a consequence of my economic focus, most of my warmongering is in the late game, so I like the countries with strong late-game units.

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posted 04-27-18 08:04 AM EDT (US)     77 / 78       
My Favorite nation is Russian they have Katyusha.

I agree with you
posted 09-27-19 09:08 PM EDT (US)     78 / 78       
Personally, my favourite civilization has been showing itself to be the Germans. The Germans are part of a relatively short list of civilizations to be usefull from the Ancient Age to the Information Age. Plus, I just like meaty, heavy infantry units .

My least favourite, though... Maybe the Mayans, though I dont know if it is just because I am not plaiyng then right. See, their power hints at a defensive plaiyng style, but they dont seem to have much going for then on the later ages...
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