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Topic Subject:Game crashes
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posted 06-24-03 03:29 PM EDT (US)         

I have noticed on several RON-forums that people are having problems with their copy of the Rise of Nations game. And so do I.

And believe me, I have tried everything. I have installed the latest drivers for ALL of my hardware-products, as graphic card, motherboard etc etc... I have the latest DirectX-version, and all the latest Windows Update-"accessories".

But the game still crashes! It can be in the middle of a game, in the setting, or in the loading-period. It does not matter what type of game I play, single player, multiplayer etc etc, it still crashes!

My hardware is as following:

Operating System
Windows XP Professional (build 2600)

1700 megahertz AMD Athlon XP
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Main Circuit Board
Board: nVidia-nForce
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 03/05/2003

Memory Modules
512 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
Slot 'A1' has 256 MB
Slot 'A2' is Empty

123.51 GB - 109.44 GB free

Other Drivers

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X - 128 MB

So, anyone got any solutions?

posted 06-24-03 04:44 PM EDT (US)     1 / 50       
Join the club.
posted 06-26-03 03:50 AM EDT (US)     2 / 50       
well, basically us percentage of us got screwed by bhg and microsoft, never buying a game from them again, i just get on here once a week now looking for hope as opposed to being on here for 24/7 for 2 weeks.
posted 06-26-03 09:33 PM EDT (US)     3 / 50       
I think the lack of response confirms our worst fears. They know they've got an issue, but they don't know what it is or how to fix it.

Come on Bill Gates! Spend some of that money and fix our game!!!

posted 06-27-03 02:06 AM EDT (US)     4 / 50       

me too !!!!!!!!!

posted 06-27-03 08:40 AM EDT (US)     5 / 50       

me three

posted 06-27-03 09:53 AM EDT (US)     6 / 50       
Agreed. I can assure you that until an adequate response is given to us folks with this porblem, I will never buy a BHG or MS game again.

And I'll spread the word.

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Queen Honeymuffin II
(id: Kman)
posted 06-27-03 12:24 PM EDT (US)     7 / 50       
My game crashes too.
posted 06-27-03 08:45 PM EDT (US)     8 / 50       
Yea... this bug sucks... hope they fix it soon. :-/
posted 06-28-03 12:03 PM EDT (US)     9 / 50       
exactly ppl..lets hope Mr bill gates has enough time to fix OUR problem..he just made the game and now no cencern... :@
is somebody listening to our pleas?
hope they are...
posted 06-29-03 12:39 PM EDT (US)     10 / 50       

Having same problems. It crashes when playing, returns to desktop, reboots my PC. Ive noticed this kind of crap more and more with new PC games. Its about time developers and publishers sorted their lives out.

Taking the game back until all this crap is fixed.

Yes, I do have the latest drivers.


posted 06-29-03 07:30 PM EDT (US)     11 / 50       
Here's another person w/ the same problem... (me).

Let's all post our system specs, maybe we can find a common issue...

Here's me:
P4 2.4Ghz 533FSB
512 MB PC 2700 RAM
ATI 9700 AIW Pro
Soundblaster Live MP3+

posted 06-30-03 12:06 PM EDT (US)     12 / 50       
AMD Athlonxp 1800+
512mb 2700 DDR
Geforce 3 TI 200
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Gamer+
posted 07-01-03 01:04 PM EDT (US)     13 / 50       
amd athlon xp 2000+
256 mb dr memory
ati radeon rx 9000 pro
built in avance ac'97 sound card
posted 07-01-03 02:24 PM EDT (US)     14 / 50       
Well... Here is my problem and my fix.

Game crashes my computer or the players I'm playing with. This crash could be a drop to Desk Top or a re-boot. There are also muli-Out of Syncs.

System Specs:

AMD 2100+ (1.67 Mhz)
512 MB DDR2700
Creative Labs PCI 512
Linksys Net Card / Router
ComCast Cable
ALL drivers updated (including VIA Chipset)
Windows 2000 Pro

Loaded the game on a Compaq EVO N800C
Intel 1.7 Ghz
256 MB
ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
Windows 2000 Pro

Well... The game run almost without Crash/Out of Sync. It seems after reading 10,000 or so comments about this game, it seems to have a problem with the AMD processor or the VIA Chip set. FYI!!

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posted 07-01-03 07:46 PM EDT (US)     15 / 50       
I am in the game crashes camp as well. I have to admit that I like to play the game for a few minutes to see the MANY different ways it crashes, which it does well.

I have had blue screens, crashes to the desktop, reboot of the system, and freeze of game play locking up my system.

I have an:

ASUS A7v266E mobo
AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB
Windows XP Pro

I am building another system (I had planned on a new one anyhow) and decided to go with Intel 865 chipset and P4 2.4Ghz 800 Mhz FSB with DDR400 RAM (1 GB)

Wondering if several hundred dollars of new system will fix the problem?

(id: Lord Devon)
posted 07-01-03 08:03 PM EDT (US)     16 / 50       
It crashes for me now too. The monitor will go black, then turn off, and it will crash.

My specs:
3.06 Ghz P4
RAM: 512 DDR
Graphics Card: GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Windows XP
Monitor: 21 inch NEC monitor

"I have curly pubic hair. If I don't gel it down, it puffs up into a miniature afro and looks rediculous." -Kman

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posted 07-01-03 08:40 PM EDT (US)     17 / 50       
well i now come on here once every 2 - 3 weeks, i think our best bet is to just keep this here thread at the top of the page until these lazy bastids get to fixing this problem.
posted 07-01-03 08:41 PM EDT (US)     18 / 50       
Can I join the club guys? *sigh*
I don't even think it's worth to mention the system specifics, provided we all have greater specs than is required to actually play the game...

We can't blame our PC's. Most of them SHOULD be very much capable of running this game. However, it's Rise of Nations to blame, because it's a nasty bug, which REALLY needs to be repaired in the next patch!

posted 07-02-03 08:09 PM EDT (US)     19 / 50       
Well there isn't much in common w/ all our systems...

Two things maybe:
Asus Motherboards? I'm running one and I know at least one other person posted as having one as well. Any others out there?

Also, most of us have SB Live! (though that's not surprising, it is the most popular sound card out there)...

posted 07-02-03 09:31 PM EDT (US)     20 / 50       
i just bought the game, and everything works fine, except for the conquer the world scenarios........can someone help with finding out system info? I know i have xp, ati rage 128 pro, 1.7 celeron processor, don't know how to look up 3d acc, and i downloaded a driver for rage and it says i have to unistall old driver first, is this safe?
posted 07-03-03 12:55 PM EDT (US)     21 / 50       
I am also having problems with crashing. I've been scanning the archives on this forum and trying all possible fixes, with no luck. Did the AMD for Win2k update thing, notched down the acceleration for Graphics & Audio, toggled from 16-bit to 32-bit color, updated my chipset / video / audio drivers, obtained all updates from, etc.

I've only been playing multiplayer, and the game randomly locks up in the first 20 minutes of play. I've never advanced past the medieval period. When it locks up, I experience a full system freeze... cannot move mouse, graphics are frozen, and my sound card just hangs on the last tone before crashing. It takes anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes for the system to freeze.

My system specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
1024MB PC2700 DDR RAM
Abit KD7 Motherboard (VIA KT400 chipset) w/ latest drivers
Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB (44.03 drivers)
SB Live! Value (latest drivers)
DirectX 9.0a
Windows 2000 Professional

Those of us experiencing similar crashing problems must have something in common in regards to our systems. There is something in the Rise of Nations code that is causing our systems to hang, and if we can isolate the culprit, maybe the programmers can isolate the code.

The game runs fine on my friend's Athlon 1700 / GeForce3 / 512 RAM / Asus Motherboard.

posted 07-03-03 01:37 PM EDT (US)     22 / 50       
hhhmmm i'm also starting to think that it has somting to do with our Sound Blaster cards...most of us has it

Any ways I get both CTD and Exceptions...

System Spec:
PIII 1.0ghz
512MB pc133 ram
60gig hard drive
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 AGP 8x 128MB
Sound Blaster PCI512

Come on Big Huge Game, fix our big huge problem


posted 07-03-03 01:51 PM EDT (US)     23 / 50       
how do u check your soundblaster card?
posted 07-03-03 05:42 PM EDT (US)     24 / 50       
Just tried out the -sw3dsound extension in the RoN shortcut. Result: 20 minutes playing multiplayer game, then spontaneous reboot. First time I've seen it reboot my system.
posted 07-04-03 09:33 PM EDT (US)     25 / 50       
I've used to crash every 10-15 within the game. but after i've turned my sound off in the rise2.ini file, I've been able to play it for 1-1.5 hours. I think the sound card has a lot to do with it.

system spec.

windows xp pro
amd xp 1800+
shuttle a31 mobo
sound blaster live value
512 ram
80gb hd

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