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Topic Subject:Rise of a World
posted 05-24-09 03:39 AM EDT (US)         
well I didn't find this one on the topic,so I think that it's my idea cuz I thought about it:
you and the other people are randomly placed on A globe
-its my first idea,cuz it will automatically bring loads of know,sometime,on an oceanic map,you're placed in the center of the map.including that,if you play a game without diplomacy,you will be the first to get pwned.but if you play on a globe,well,there is no real center.
-oh,and another thing i noticed:sometimes you start a game in a corner of the map:you,being lazy,only build defences for like two or one side.hey,dude,have you ever seen a corner on a globe?ok that's what i was thinking about so everybody could defend the all side,instead of what they'll be pwned-raided.
-it makes the game an inch more realistic

-and if fit this on a cd,you could add:
australian arborigens
scottish(william wallace ccw on britain )
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