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Topic Subject:More Advanced CTWs
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posted 01-10-10 05:18 PM EDT (US)         
This is just a list of possible changes to the current CTWs that could be added into the game if a sequel/expansion pack ever happens to be released.

Somebody else suggested this idea:

You start off on one map. If you capture all of it or achieve whatever the goal is, the map "zooms out" to a larger area. That, or you could have maps with a zoom in-zoom out method of including many small territories yet including the entire world.

Instead of pesky Supply Depots, you would buy Armies.

The map would be divided along a grid. Any sea-only squares would be "Sea Sectors". You would be able to purchase Navies, which could travel along these Sea Sectors, and carry Armies "piggyback" to another Territory without use of Sea Routes. Naval battles could be initiated by attacking a Sector that an enemy Navy is occupying.

Please post any ideas you all can think of.
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