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Topic Subject:Chinese Chess! (a game thread)
posted 01-27-13 09:47 AM EDT (US)         
Thought this might be interesting...
I got tired of working with 3d RTS sprites
, and decided to try something else:

I hope most of you know the rules, because there are plenty of resources online, but without further ado, we will just mention what you have to do to win:

Here are the pieces in the game:

The objective is to check the other player's king or warlord, forcing the opponent to an extent that he cannot prevent his king or warlord piece from being taken by you. Most of the rules are similar to chess other than:
Pawns (P): Pawns cannot go any direction other than forward, until they cross the river (the blue border on the board), after which they can move horizontally either forwards, left or right, but never backward. Any enemy piece in their way is immediately captured or destroyed.
Cannon/Artillery: (Ar) Cannon cannot move diagonally but can go left, forward, backward or right at any distance, and can capture only pieces blocked from their line of movement by another piece. That blocking piece need not be a friendly one.
King/Warlord: (K) He can only move one space in a straight line and cannot leave the box with a diagonal cross in it. One king cannot face another.
Advisors/Guards: (G) Like the king, but move diagonally instead.
Bishops/elephants: (E) Moves three spaces diagonally in any direction. Cannot cross rivers.
Horse/Knight: (H) Moves in a strange manner: 1 space forward, then diagonally, in any direction. A horse cannot jump unlike in western chess - only cannons can do that.
Rooks: (Ch) same as western chess.
With that, let us begin, but wait! who are you playing against?
You will be playing against me and anyone else who cares to join in.

House rules:

- You are free to spam the board, but you must only use one piece per page. If you post again asking to move another piece on the same page, it will be ignored.
- Should that piece you moved be destroyed, all other moves you made will be forfeit - destroyed pieces cannot be played.
- Each move you make will be matched with a countering move by me, or another player on my team, so you must be careful.
- You will be playing against me, but if another player joins in on my side, their moves will override mine.
- Spamming is not a wise thing to do because it may increases your chances of defeat.
- Unlike in Forum Risk, I will not listen to suggestions by other players via private PM.
- i will always make the first move of each game, and will try and update as early as often. However, do not be upset in the case of a no-show as I may be busy. In which case, someone knowledgeable of Chinese chess may come forward to assist.

With that in mind, let us begin:

I begin by moving the black warlord one space forward: K e1-e2

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
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