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Topic Subject:CiV Unique Powers Suggestions
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Seraph in Absentia
(id: One_Dead_Villy)
posted 12-15-02 05:45 PM EDT (US)         
Now I have some suggestions for civ powers:

CHINA: (power of culture)
i am thinking they should get another power that is in their culture power theme. They gather knowledge faster and cheaper support units already. A way to express culture could be for china to get a discount say maybe even 33% to match with their units discount on buildings that builds cultural units, ie) market, university, towns. It would certainly give them more emphasis on culture, by giving them the same bonuses in the buildings as well as the units it produces. also cheaper support buildings wouldnt be overly powerful either, just an encouragement to develop their cities (hey culture!) if they are still underpowered then maybe a small discount on research that are done in those buildings and even at temples too.

GREEK: (power of philosphy)
Maybe something like around 20%, more or less (depending on balance) discount on aging up research might work and kinda fits with the theme, and wouldnt be too powerful and no one has that so it would be unique. also would help to offset the Greek dependence on knowledge (which is harder to come by then food) to age up.

ROME: (power of caesar)
I think to emphasize their power of caesar, and their powers seem to need a boost to me. and actually i rather see them get something besides free infantry for barrack builds. 1st the position of caesar means dictator and often elected because Rome was in danger, so what would work for this? hmmm...maybe say their capitol gets double bonuses for any buildings they have, and does double attrition on enemies within their capitol city area, if thats not good enough maybe even automatic rally effect for all troops fighting within the capitol city area. Some or all of these effects would be dependent on if they have a general unit within the city to adjust for balance.

After all their capitol was their identity, would make them a real good civ for sudden death capitol games, gives them an alternate path of expansion by having one super city rather then having to use the multi city expansion path, also according to Guns Germs and Steel, the area around Rome was the most productive in the world as far as growing season. so it fits theme, history and is unique.

BRITISH: (power of empire)
One thing the british was know for in their empire expasion was the different foreign troops they acquired as a part of their imperialism, ie) ghurkas, seihks, even native american in fighting the americans during 1812. So maybe something that fits this is everytime they destroy an enemy military building they gain one, two or more (adjust for game balance) free light infantry/cav/supply/spy units (depending on type of building). This would also encorage them to play in a different way then say those who get free units for building their own buildings. It would also be harder too, and helps with their empire building by gaining new troops right at the front line to keep their momentum going as long as they expand into enemy territory. and provides players using them a real unique experience in playing. Possibly even a free villager when a city is captured. Truly power of the Empire in my opinion.

AZTEC: (power of sacrifice)
Something that will add to different gameplay experience and emphasize theme. Is maybe make it so they get double resource bonus for killing enemy units that are within a certain range of a temple, and allow them to build temples anywhere within their nations border. Maybe even have it so that Aztec temples can hold/assert national borders. Also maybe if we have their temples have a radius of effect make it so that Generals within the area can replenish craft points much faster, or simply allow the temple itself to act as generals. This would make maying aztecs quite different then others seeing their temples all over the place.

MONGOL: (Power of the Horde)
One power that is long overdue kinda like the Terran from Starcraft, and fits with Mongols, albe not so much the theme as Horde. Is to allow Mongols to have movable cities and buildings. They can relocate their cities to avoid capture or to better position their city to reach maximum resources. When a city is mobile each building they own in a city is converted to a caravan looking unit (maybe a caravan pulling a Yurt for graphics) until they relocate and settle. They would of course loose a building for each caravan they loose (if they are being attacked). Also if they can relocate their military buildings they can reposition them closer to their new fronts, or move them back to avoid being pushed by borders. This would again give them a really unique gameplay, be pretty good for suddendeath capitol games also. Allows mongols to plop down settlements without having to be too picky about scouting for optimal location, thus allowing them to set up cities earlier to conduct trade.

SPANISH: (power of discovery)
I wouldnt mind seeing them get a boost in their power also. Which maybe in revealed maps, they should get an automatic free scout everytime a new city is built, or even assimulated.

JAPAN: (Power of Honor)

Cities take longer to assimulate, to counter the turk power and/or maybe allow their military buildings to function even when in enemy territory.and fits somewhat with history (how they refused to surrender in many instances) and theme. If (see below) Korea has this city ability, then make the honor apply to military units in some way. Too bad their isnt a morale factor. Maybe Japanese UU's can get a bonus on HP and attack when fighting within their national border. This would be really unique and adds more uses for the national borders concept of RoN.

Have to also say I dont really get how the power of tradition goes with abilities the Koreans. Like extra villagers at start and free villagers with new city. The better city repair ability I can understand(kinda like preserving tradition so they want are more ethused about keeping their buildings). Another ability that could be better I think is to make their cities LONGER to assimulate. That works with the tradition idea. and also counters the turks ability which will help to make sure the civs are balanced. Either Japan or Korea should have this.

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posted 05-09-03 09:34 PM EDT (US)     51 / 63       
Ah, time for the Canadian to settle the matter of population straight.

CHINA = 1.3 Billion
INDIA = 1.0 Billion

the celebration apprx 2 years ago was to celebrate India's baby 1 Billion (even though it was just a general assumption because India has over 42,000 live births a day and that it is difficult to take a realistic census because so many people living in the rural areas).

posted 05-09-03 09:37 PM EDT (US)     52 / 63       
just remembered also! The Soviet Union had 17,000,000 km of territory, modern Russia is far below that however is still the largest country in the world
posted 05-12-03 09:40 PM EDT (US)     53 / 63       
In civ 3 play the world you get a korean rocket unit. It wouldn't be a bad idea for korea to get a different unique artillery unit
posted 05-12-03 11:18 PM EDT (US)     54 / 63       
By the way you can now download the demo on microsoft's website at this thread.
(id: I)
posted 05-14-03 11:11 PM EDT (US)     55 / 63       

Korea does get a unique artillery unit.. Flame Arrow Siege Weapon or so it's called in this game..

posted 05-22-03 11:27 AM EDT (US)     56 / 63       
Some Wonder ideas:

Turks: Blue Mosque was already mentioned, but there are a few others. The Imperial Hallic shipyard would be good and could give naval bonuses. The Enderendum(Imperial College in Constantinople used for military training) could give infantry bonuses since it was used to train jannisaries.

Mongols: How about The Golden Ger? It was used to house the Great Khan and his family(From Genghis Khan till The beggining of Kubilai's reign) when they were both at home or on campaign. Maybe it could increase taxation bonus? The Mongols were infamous for their heavy taxation through orders from The Great Khan after all. The burden of administration also rested almost solely on The Great Khan in the early days of the Mongol empire.

Kubilai Khan is probably the only Mongol Khan that actually built great works and though not amazing, one is worthy of wonder status though. One is The Great Canal which certainly helped speed up trade and transportation in Southern China. It could maybe give a bonus to trade income or speed of caravans.

Finding a 3rd wonder for The Mongols is tricky. Another possibility could be either Kubilai Khan's palace at Daidu, Ogedei's Palace at Karakorum, or Genghis Khan's tomb.

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posted 05-29-03 03:01 PM EDT (US)     57 / 63       
Whoa...history and geography overload...I feel like I'm in college.

Anyway, I have a few bits to add...

For the Romans, how about something to play on the fact that "All road lead to Rome"? Perhaps their raising the caravan limit for the Capital city. Also, with certain tech researches the ability to enforce trade with opposing nations?

I really like all the ideas that area out there, kudos. Definetly some things to think about.

Also, I feel that when the Japanese reach the Modern and Information ages, there should be a technology available that allows you to research Video Games. Maybe just something to distract other nations

posted 05-30-03 10:11 AM EDT (US)     58 / 63       
Nice Ideas!

But One Dead Angel should be working on my walls in the

Ducking for cover

posted 06-04-03 01:52 PM EDT (US)     59 / 63       
Would be cool that if you built your own nation's wonder, like Romans build Coliseum then you get a little extra bonus or something.
posted 06-08-03 07:16 AM EDT (US)     60 / 63       
Except for civs that don't have wonders like Britian. Perhaps Britain could have The Tower of London...

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
posted 06-08-03 11:33 AM EDT (US)     61 / 63       
I don't know about the bonus thing, that would mean that ever civ will build the same wonders everygame.
posted 06-09-03 06:56 PM EDT (US)     62 / 63       
Britain could get Big Ben....and be able to tell....time?
Maybe a "master of the times" and you get more wealth or something.
posted 06-10-03 00:53 AM EDT (US)     63 / 63       
How does one modify these civ powers and remove/add new ones?
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