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Topic Subject: Project Ressurection: RoN2
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posted 04-22-12 09:08 PM EDT (US)   
The only solution to this dawning issue of the end of Rise Of Nations is that the aspiring members who are capable of coding buddy up and save the game by raising it to modern standards. This would also likely spark similar events in other dying communities accross the gaming industry and would be quite an achievment. The question is, do we still have enough capable people left to do this or will we have to learn?

Rise of nations, despite it's age is an amazing game with a unique taste to RTS. Simply upgrading the graphical qualities and injecting it with tons of new content would do the trick for a sequel. But to truly make it amazing is to keep the ideas and charm that it currently has and enter it into a new dynamic RTS game engine, one where the world is dynamic and both the key to your survival as well as the hidden adversary. What I mean is imagine pumpign RON into a game engine with the same tactics and such but with the added level of terrain control and manipulation.

I am suggesting that we convince BHG to give us permission to create a sequel, whether under their name or another is up to us. Since they lack the resources and commitment to do it yet we still have quite a lot of active modders here, we could use their talents; combine it, expand it and then create those ideas in a new game engine. Call upon your contacts, ask your friends for help, we need everyone

For now let us discuss ideas to increase it's potential, moments in history that should be highlighted(perhaps world war 1 trench wars could be one), and new intresting game mechanics and units. One of the game mechanics I suggested before was the ability to edit the terrain using certain structures or tools mid-game to your advantage. E.g. placing your city on a hill will give it a strategic advantage in a large plain. Another suggestion could be making the game 3 dimensional , with the same interface and structures but giving the ability to look at things at all angles.

Currently we're trying to save a dying game in vain, all your work and effort will be and likely is in vain as there are little players to enjoy it. The only way all that hard work could be noted and serve a purpose is if we were to combine all of them, combine the amazing features of various major(perhaps also minor) mods and inject them into a brand new engine. That would be working for a purpose, the purpose to resurrect the game as Rise Of Nations 2. A worthy sucessor created not by BHG but by the users themselves, filled with grand new features of countless creative minds one that shows what the community wants more then any game creating company can ever create as we are the community.

Popularity for the project will increase as we go along, most advertisment will go via word of mouth which means we need to give a good first impression. Other areas covererd include a project blog so everyone is informed about what's going on and perhaps teaser videos , maybe our own forums/website with more appealing styles.

After careful discussion and criticsm from several individuals I have decided to scale down the project in a way for it to be realisticly possible whilst still achieving what we want: do resurrect the community and expand the game to modern standards.
Thus we will be creating not a sequel, but an expansion pack. This will include tons of new units and such, as well as making the historicly accurate major mods work together. We will still ask BHG permission to edit the source and release the pack as an official community-created expansion pack.
Main targets include: More unit diversity and strategic types, Improved graphics and Models[optional, you can still use the old graphic models], Unlimited units and configuration, in-game mod interface(select, switch,download mods), and most of the ideas list below. Dynamic terrain and more terrain levels is debable, it could be achieve by having multiple maps serve as layers for one another and treating terrain as a traversable, destrucable CP controlled building.


Here is a draft message to be sent to BHG, I need everyone's advice and help to improve it; make it more formal, add missing information, fix grammatical errors, etc. This first message will likely decide our fate so it's important

Dear BigHugeGames,

We are the modders from the last remaining active community for one of the best RTS games ever made: Rise Of Nations. We - the loyal fans, followers, and modders whom have stayed with the game despite its age and halt in development - would like to ask permission from you 'BigHugeGames' to bring together the modders and community of Rise Of Nations in a community project to create an official expansion pack for Rise Of Nations.

We have all developed various ideas over the years that we feel would improve the game, and who else is better to know what the community wants than the community itself? The project will be a labour of love to resurrect the game, in order to encourage modders to join us in this venture we will need official support for this project from the initial creators themselves.

Currently, modders are modding to try and rescue a dying community, and this project is our effort to save it from the dustbin of history. We will also do our utmost best to make the process of porting Rise Of Nation mods to the expansion as simple and easy as possible as well as even blending certain ideas and features from major mods into the sequel itself.
We have already motivated a sizeable team, with another large quantity of people who await official approval before they join. This includes creators of several major mods including 'Rise Of Kings' and 'Wrong Turn' . Both of which serve as prime examples of what the community is capable of achieving.

We would also like to request that you share essential information we will require to tweak the engine to increase or removing units,techs,nations,buildings;limits. Thus allowing more modifiability, and otherwise there wouldn't be enough space for the content we wish to add. We will need a way to edit hard coded files to accomplish this.

The expansion pack will concentrate on being user and mod friendly, allowing more mod-ability and less limits. We already have a sizeable list of ideas for the expansion pack including seasons, more unit types, strategic opportunities, and map 'layers'; more is being added as time passes.

We are open to discuss any concerns you may have with this proposal. If you so wish, it could be released under Big Huge Games name, but all the people who will spend countless hours and time working on the project should be given full credit for its creation. The expansion pack will be free-ware, but in-order to use it they need to buy the main game thus it would be profitable to Big Huge Games.

We would be honoured to be given the opportunity to save this game, and such an opportunity would give all the hours that have already been spent on mods a purpose.
Project Resurrection Coordinator -HindosIRLNAMEHERE)


Team Ressurection
(name debatable):
If you'd like to join in with this idea please say so in this format:

The following roles are possible:
Coder(please specify what languages you know,you'll be editing and impriving the engine)
Scholar(writer, historian)

Currently we have the following people:
Key: [M]= minor skills, [G] best skill, Mcoding=modding, Pcoding=Programming
1. Hindos ([G]Organiser,[M]Modeler)
2. PimpMasterflex ([G]PCoding, [G] Scripting)
3. Super7700 ([G]Texturer, [M] Research/coding/model

Pondering team members(willing to join but not currently for various reasons);

1. ColonelMolotov([G]Modeling,[G]Textures,MCoding


If anyone knows a good way to contact BHG games, after we have put together our ideas please present it in the best way possible. Preferably someone who knows how gaming buisness work and such and has experience in pitching. Edit: I guess i'm doing it :P

Contact Team Members email:
1. Hindos : magmaorb@gmail.comcc

BHG/38 Studios Contacting Compliation:
I will use these contacts and attempt to initiate communication if our initial attempt failes.
Fax: 410.842.0047
Pranas Pauliukonis:
Brian Reynolds:!/zyngagamechief

Current ideas for RoN1 Expansion pack:

1. 3D world-hindos
2. Dynamic terrain-hindos
3. More ages, from the cave man to the first astronaut!
4. More historical accuracy (eg Praetorian Guards in the Classical Age, NOT the gunpowder Age)-Super7700
5. Nations are far more unique - more UUs and also most units for a nation should have a unique appearance.-Super7700
6. More potential for maps - people should be able to make their own random map scripts, terrain should have more variation (eg multiple terrain types available on maps). More eyecandy as well.-Super7700
7. Detailed cities with walls and bridges, maybe they can automatically grow as your population and income increases.-Super7700
8. Vehicles that can transport units!-Super7700
9. More terrain levels, underground, underwater, various plateau levels. The ability to climb mountains and hills. The ability to alter the terrain through units and structures to give yourself an advantage, you could even fill up the water and create an island!-hindos
10. Naturual hazards, e.g. naturual disasters, disease, animals, etc. The ability to use the ecology to your advantage-hindos
11. Transport constructions, train tracks and trains, bridges, various age tiers of train transport.
12. More defensive structures, walls(with visable archers when garrisoned), gates(open/closeable), diggable mounts and trenches(not the sandbag oddness), traps(e.g. pitfall, mines), and more-hindos
13. Multi-mod support, allows for multiple mods to run side by side. Also an in-game interface connected to an online database to download and install mods. You can also download and switch between mod packages of your own creation-hindos
14. Increase limits, modders can create more units, entities, and such -hindos
15, More unit variants, currently we have siege, infilitration, grunt, leader, ranged types for varying terrains of battle(ocean, air, land). We could also have medical units/facilities, sniping(long range unit-to-unit combat), suicide units, saboteurs(sabotage enemy defenses and economical structures), diggers(for trenches and terrain editing, fillers (for creating hills and higher terrain), and more.
16. More realistic zooming range, rather then have units the size of provinces battles should be more concentrated and maps larger and more realistic. This also means , more gameplay time
17. Seasons, winter, spring, autumn, and summer. Seasons have effect on crop yields and ground unit stats. i.e. snow slower, summer slower, spirng/autumn normal.
18. Weather: Rain, Snow, Lightning, Monsoon, Hail, Fog, etc
Please suggest more . This only touches the surface of what we could do
19. Randomskins, varience in skins for troops of the same type will add a bit of variety to the game. This isn't a major difference so you won't confuse units between one another, e.g. add a beard, remove/add shield, etc. This is optional for modders so you can have just one skin if you so wish.
20. Moral/Happiness- Keep it to low and your citizens and troops may revolt, keep it high and it'll give slight working benefits. Buildings like taverns can bolster happiness, and you can spend resources on more effective but temporary solutions like feasts. Houses also help happiness and can be upgraded to provide even more happiness. If your morale is too low, your people may revolt against you!
21. Houses- Allow the construction and connection of houses. These are required to house citizens once you reach a certain limit.
22. Roads- Allow the construction of roads, you can build roads to connect your cities. Roads allow faster infantry movement and can be up to 3 lanes wide. When traveling troops will automaticly use these roads if it gives them a reduced travel time.
23. Random Map Generators- Allow the user to pick random generation which creates a random map. These use algothirms to make themselves and are supposed to be similar to real life terrain.
24. Improved Formations- Ability to change formation patterns if you so please. More formation movements(i.e. split up then regroup at point X. Better formation attacks, i.e. select destination instead of move forward a bit in formation. Ability to queue formations.
25. Revamped CityConstruction- Now you need a supply wagon to build a new city. Which makes more sense then a citizen with a single hammer.
26. Encourage a defensive strategy by having kills rack up morale boosts and loss of troops morale degredation. For exmaple if the enemy slaughters your army citizens may be dismotivated to work.
27. Balkanization- The ability for your people to revolt if morale is low and attempt to form their own indepence. They'll run off with some of your resources and build new cities and either actively battle you or show that they are much better then you. THe population will also have wants, perhaps they don't like a democratic government so if you want to stop revolts you go republic, or they prefer a different religion so you must compensate for this. Or you can respond with an iron hand and install fear to stop them.
28. Realistic age progreession- Factor in dark ages, declines, breakthroughs and such. E.g. not all modern countries can go to space, some even still live in tents.
29. Resource usage- Instead of the current infinite resources, woodcutting will remove trees. Mining will shrink a mountain, and farming will make the ground less fertile. Thus resource managment is key to survival, things like tree farms can help counter these degredations and effeciency is more vital.
30. Cross-Age interaction- Instead of suddenly jumping to a new age , nations are often faced with limited resources and must resort to older methods e.g. vietnam war, thus you could have cavalary with bows and arrows with tanks riding next to it. However this is limited to the point of realism , if you can't make bullets a unit could settle for a crossbow.
31. At the start of a game certain cities will lie unclaimed and abonded either because the populace escaped or there is no form of government there. Players will then fight quickly to control these locations and use it to their advantage. Cities can also be abonded due to fallout radiation, bad morale, or horrid living conditions.
32.More computer AI forms.Economic, offensive, defensive, normal, economic, expansionist, strategist.
33. Gold and dark ages- During specific times installed by rapid expansion or plentiful resources your nation will gain a temporary boost. Likewise you may enter dark ages from continued conflict and low resources.
1. The Vikings
2. The Celts
3. Babylonians
4. Expansion of current nations and more historical accuracy

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posted 06-24-12 02:18 PM EDT (US)     151 / 181  
Well I sent another email to the contacts listed above in hindo's post, also tried to get in contact with the Epic Games Developer Network on their site (since it seemed the most appropriare since its the only Developer contact list they have).

Pimp approved, master class!
posted 06-25-12 06:19 AM EDT (US)     152 / 181  
posted 07-03-12 05:02 PM EDT (US)     153 / 181  
Is this still on? I'd love to help, RoN is by far my favorite computer game. I still have it on my laptop, but apparently my graphics card isn't supported, and the text boxes don't work, there's a post in the tech forums about it. Anyways, if it's still on, I could be a history writer, and come up with new ideas.
And, whoever gets the rights to RoN, why don't we just shoot them a huge amount of emails, or a petition? If just one or two people message them about a mod or expansion pack, they may not take it seriously. If we can get hundreds or thousands of people to email them, they might at least take an interest in a new RoN game.
posted 07-04-12 04:55 PM EDT (US)     154 / 181  
I love the interest that you still have in this project Kyle, but Im afraid that the project seems to be at an indefinite standstill. This is because of several reasons

1. Our contacts are very unresponisve. We contacted them for over a month on this issue, and we only had one replay back to us. Unfortunately this was just information on our soundtrack.

2. Since our contacts were unresponsive, we (ourselves, the RoNHeaven COmmunity) could not even tackle a RoN Expansion project without access or documentation to the hard code of the game itself. The only things we could do are temporary scripts and some modding, but not enough for an EXPANSION of the game itself.

3. Although I agree that hundreds or thousands of emails will send a huge message, we dont have that many at our disposal RIGHT NOW!. Now There are a LOT of players on Multiplayer, and If we got them on some sort of petition, it could send a message. However, Ive been a participant of several "petitions" for a RoN2, and none have ever achieved any results besides.... a petition.

Im not being a Debbie Downer here, but It seems that factors outside of our control has put this project and its ideals shoved into a corner. Its not anyone's fault, it just happened to be one bad outcome after another for the team itself.

So what do we do from here... Well I would just start looking at other, smaller projects to do. Modding is still a viable option, maybe new scripts for cooler gameplay, maybe more scenarios (single player and multiplayer), and even more posting of recorded games for people to download.

Pimp approved, master class!
posted 07-04-12 06:36 PM EDT (US)     155 / 181  
The lack of permission doesn't stop us from making our own unofficial expansion using what we already have. This could be a mod that fixes bugs, improves balance and gameplay, and adds new features, units, graphics and buildings to the game. New nations could be added, but it would have to be decided what they would be and what they would replace. I guess we'd also be able to implement Duane Decker's music. Additionally, this mod could come with some quick battle scripts, scenarios (both single and multiplayer) and possibly even a custom campaign or two.

Quick battle scripts can be used not just for adding new game types, but they can also be used to add new features. For example, Uthum has worked out how to have vehicles deploy units through the use of a script. I know how to script nation name changes (so for example the Aztecs can become Mexicans) and units that can heal nearby units. Scripting gives us many possibilities, it is almost as useful as being able to modify the hardcoded data.

The 'Curent ideas for RON1 Expansion pack' list in the original post has many things that we can do without access to the harcoded files. City states, happiness, rebels, terrorists and purchasing cities can all be done through scripting for example. So this project is not dead at all.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-06-12 08:53 PM EDT (US)     156 / 181  
While i agree this would be great, especially to fix that crappy bug i have in-game, do we have a good community of modders to do that? I've always tried to learn, but it always seemed confusing. I'm sure if someone had tutorials that were easy to follow, i could practice, but as of right now, i have no experience with RoN modding. It would be great to see paratroopers, transport jets, transportation vehicles, and medics (which the supply truck is a medic, with the French, correct?), though, so i'm willing to spend any free hours learning to script for this project. If you guys have any jobs for me, let me know!

EDIT: Although, after reviewing the list, i don't really like #29. One of the things i've always liked about RoN and that made it unique was the flow of resources. Although taking that out is more realistic, it will make the game 10 times more like Age of Empires, or any other RTS game.

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posted 07-06-12 11:19 PM EDT (US)     157 / 181  
Well then If there still seems to be some interests, we need to re-evaluate our goals for not an expansion of RoN, but rather IMPROVEMENTS on RoN

Pimp approved, master class!
posted 07-07-12 00:47 AM EDT (US)     158 / 181  
I don't particularly like the idea of #29 either. My idea was that the output from natural resources gradually decreases but it stops decreasing at a certain point so that you can still get resources from that source, but you will be getting much less than you were getting before. This is irrelevant now though, as it probably is not possible to mod.

We do have a pretty good community of modders, but really, we're all busy with our own major projects. I'm perfectly happy to contribute graphics from my own mod that I'm working on and ideas, but I don't want to be fully working on this project.

The best way to start would be to find a good improvement mod that goes in the direction we want to go and provides a good base to work on, and then start building further ideas from there. This way, I don't think we need top modders to be working on this - all it needs is one reasonably experienced modder who can take charge and is able to do all the basic tasks well. The rest of the modders can be beginners and less experienced modders - anyone can be a part of this as long as they are willing to learn.

Because there are not many experienced modders who would possibly work on this, we could always borrow graphics from other mods (as I said, I'm happy for this project to use graphics from my mod), and there are multiple campaigns and scenarios already made that we can include. For this mod to really shine, it will need a very good scripter who can help implement some of the new features such as vehicle transport.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 07-07-12 03:46 AM EDT (US)     159 / 181  
3. Although I agree that hundreds or thousands of emails will send a huge message, we dont have that many at our disposal RIGHT NOW!. Now There are a LOT of players on Multiplayer, and If we got them on some sort of petition, it could send a message. However, Ive been a participant of several "petitions" for a RoN2, and none have ever achieved any results besides.... a petition.
what about ??!?!? i could help with that...

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Rise Of Nation Thrones And Patriots "Official" Site / Online patch
posted 07-07-12 08:20 AM EDT (US)     160 / 181  
Well the best place to start would probably be something improving the main gameplay, like the new features, weather, and whatnot. That way, we could have the game all ready, and then add in the new units, nations, skins, etc.
posted 07-07-12 04:31 PM EDT (US)     161 / 181  
Many of the new features will be hard to implement (they'll require scripting, and many (such as weather) are impossible without access to the hardcoded data. I think we should find a base for this first (maybe a general improvement mod) that sets us in the right direction before we start adding new features.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-07-12 11:02 PM EDT (US)     162 / 181  
general improvement works for me, but it still has to improve something, catch my drift? :P
I was thinking about this whole weather thing, and i don't think it has to be all that complicated. We could simply add an option to turn weather on or off from the game set-up screen. If it's off, it's off. It it's on, it would cycle every 10 minutes, or something along those lines. The script would have to have it set for 10 minutes, followed by having the name of the season change somewhere on the screen, followed by an animation.
When i said 'simply', i was only imagining. Is this harder than i think?
posted 07-08-12 01:15 AM EDT (US)     163 / 181  
How do we add the option to have weather? How do we get weather effects like clouds to actually appear and function? How do we have terrain change with seasons? All those things I'm afraid can't be done without access to the harcoded things. RON doesn't have the modding capabilities of Total War, or even Age of Empires, for that matter. This is the downside of it being rather easy to mod compared to other games - there isn't so much you can do.

When it comes to improvement, I was thinking that we could start with the simple things like more realistic warfare (prolonged sieges, units have more realistic amount of hit points and so on) and add features that have already been added in other mods. For totally new features like city-states, unclaimed cities, rebels etc, we'll need someone who has reasonable experience with scripting, or someone who is able and willing to learn scripting.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-08-12 09:57 AM EDT (US)     164 / 181  
I wasn't thinking about the whole terrain issue, just the animations and the effects on units. But that works for me. I haven't actually downloaded any mods since i installed it on my laptop, what are the best ones?
Also, will we be adding in walls? i think that would help the extended city sieges.
posted 07-08-12 05:28 PM EDT (US)     165 / 181  
I'm pretty sure effects on units can be coded, I just don't know how you could have the animations and graphics of the weather. One way it could be done is creating a 'unit' with an invisible texture, and then attaching the weather object. It is probably possible to make things like duststorms, blizzards and fog (not sure about actual rain or snow though), but I'm not sure if these effects could be attached to the unit. Then, there are the further issues like how we are going to make them unselectable, and how we are going to make them move about randomly. But then the birds do just that, so we might have to look and see if its abilities can be duplicated. So perhaps it is possible, but it's definitely not going to be easy to implement.

As far as I know, there isn't a way to add a functioning wall system. Currently, if you add walls as a building, you have to place each bit individually and also the ai has no idea how to use them so they just build them randomly around the place. I don't think we can implement a click-drag system like other games use, and getting the ai to change its behaviour is probably quite tricky. There are two ai scripts available for modding, but I don't know if we can make them use walls properly by editing those scripts. I was thinking that we could have them as scenario editor only buildings, so that people could start with walled cities in campaigns and scenarios.

You can find some of the latest major mods (as well as some WIPs) at ModDb:

Another great mod, though it's much older, is ODA's Rise of Napoleon mod, which you can get here:

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-30-12 04:08 AM EDT (US)     166 / 181  
Speaking as a consumer, I would totally pay good money for a game with 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 22, 29 and 30. Personally, I feel that such an expansion should keep the game's original graphics (thus allowing existing mods to be used!) and looks. These added features would definitely be nice to have.

Some of the features that were listed could be made optional to the player, such as that idea about citizen morales. One of the reasons I play RoN is because it allows me to control my opponent's civilization. This means I can recreate historical battles and choose exactly when and where a conflict takes place. Having all that morale thing would totally ruin the game for me it IS a good idea and I like it, but it would be best made optional.

I'm glad to see there're so many people out there who are still working hard to make this game enjoyable for others. Here's a BIG thank you to all you modders out there.
posted 07-31-12 06:09 AM EDT (US)     167 / 181  
I'm glad to see there're so many people out there who are still working hard to make this game enjoyable for others.
ron humor? LOL!

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Rise Of Nation Thrones And Patriots "Official" Site / Online patch
posted 08-19-12 00:41 AM EDT (US)     168 / 181  
Hi everyone, it seems like the project has been stuck for now. At least we got a new soundtrack to listen to! I haven't received any other emails besides Duane Decker's permission to use an extra soundtrack and haven't had any additional success in trying to contact any programmers for info. I was thinking that if Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations can't be modded due to a lack of information from the original programmers or others who can take a look around, then perhaps a different game can be used. Age of Empires 3 was mentioned but can't be used due to some modding limitations (sounds familiar as usual - more limitations). 0AD might be a good choice because it will be open source and moddable, but it's not out yet. We would either have to wait and see with that game, find another one or it's back to square one on trying to come up with a project from scratch. However I don't see why the expansion and content portion of this project can't continue successfully. Although I personally don't have any technical skills to offer, just ideas and concepts for features, mods and scenarios.

I post as Nuyokcity on the Simtropolis forum and recently a new thread was started by players who want to make an independent modern city building game. It seems that type of game has many players and an active creative community. You can read a list of all the independent modern city building projects in a thread here, they have their own section "Independent mods and games."

So if we look at other related games, we have the following:

- 0AD as an open source moddable ancient military rts game
- Project Resurrection: RON2 as a content expansion and possible sequel for this ancient-to-future military rts game
- Various independent SimCity projects for a modern city building game
- A few discussions here and here for an ancient city building game
- Zero-K for futuristic military rts games
- Glest for independent fantasy rts games
- If anyone knows of any other similar projects, please let me know and I'll add them to my lists

Maybe we can take a look at these projects and see how they have approached their goals. The 0AD team technically isn't getting paid, and in the Simtropolis thread I mentioned above a few posters have discussed funding an independent game by using Kickstarter or shopping the game idea (once the features are outlined and decided on) to various game developers.

I'm also guessing that Motter knew some things about scripting/coding/etc for RON but he's still "on hiatus" from the game for the time being. The last time I emailed with him he said he would eventually get back to it, possibly this autumn. So the ideas I have mentioned might be worth considering for this RON expansion, mods, content and RON2 sequel project until enough interest is generated here and for modders like Motter to return and maybe help make some progress.

So I'd say things aren't completely doomed, maybe right now we can sort out a list that describes what new ideas for features such as weather, resource limits, citizen happiness, etc are possible and not possible, with hardcoded data and without such info, and so on - from the simple to complex, the most viable to the more difficult. Maybe if these things are clarified then we can focus on a set of ideas that are the most possible to achieve with the least amount of difficulty using the current game features, community mods and modder skills. And if some of these features can be made optional to turn on and off for those who aren't interested in some of them, then that would be good also. I don't know that much about which ideas need hardcoding and what not, so maybe someone can start that list if this sounds like a good idea.

As I posted earlier in this thread, 3 mods for slower and more realistic gameplay have already been made, they might be worth looking into:
Ron Advanced (2009) by DarthLeon
RevolutionDCM (2009) by glider1
The Long Saga (2010) by Rusty Gamer
Maybe testing those out and contacting their creators may be worth checking out.

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posted 08-19-12 02:01 AM EDT (US)     169 / 181  
What this project is missing is a mod leader. There needs to be someone who is relatively experienced and not tied up with other mods. Without that this can't get anywhere. Anyway, here are some of the basic hardcoded limitations:

- Number of unit slots
- Number of building slots
- Number of tech slots
- Number of factions
- Number of players in a battle or scenario
- Number of resource types
- Terrain cannot change during game
- There can only be one terrain type in a game

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 08-25-12 12:32 PM EDT (US)     170 / 181  
I think the best thing we could do is create a mod pack. Each mod focusing on its own era. Like Super said most active modders have there own projects. So im suggesting people continue with there own separate mods and try and release them in the one download.

A community patch sort of thing isnt a bad idea but i think the game was fairly solid in terms of bugs and balancing. Perhaps new unit models and textures to simply give it a face lift. Those changes however would however be purely cosmetic to keep the feel of the original game.

About walls could it be posible simply to not allow ai to use them? This could make the game a bit one sides however i dont think you can really modify the ai (to my knowledge i could be wrong)

I highly doubt that we will ever get anything from BHG, i think it would be best for us to look at other options of improving the game.

Just my thoughts on the matter at hand!

'Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.' Churchill
posted 08-25-12 04:27 PM EDT (US)     171 / 181  
I think that we could still use features from some of the improvement mods on this site, but we'd have to wait for a talented scripter before we could try to implement other new features.

I'm not sure if you can disable walls for the ai player, but that isn't really the only issue with walls. Also they would be very tedious to create, because you have to place every single bit of the wall - there's no way to have a click and drag system from what I know.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-08-13 06:52 PM EDT (US)     172 / 181  
We can create the Rise of Nations 2, without any knowledge about game making, like programming etc. What we need is money, for founding the game in service like Kickstarter. If we spread the word, in sites like reddit, maybe we can resurrect the studio (most of people from Big Huge Games is in Impossible Studio, which is closed. ) and this great series. I think, actually is biggest chance for this action, because situation of this studio is very bad.

Also, currently there is no any panhistorical strategy games (except 0AD and Total War series and Civ series) so there is a niche in this type of strategy. There is no any continuation of Empire Earth and Age of Empires, because every studio was closed, during economy crisis in the world.

(P.S. sorry for my english)
(P.S. 2 I'm personally a 3D and 2D graphic artist, so I can help in any projects, if you need)
posted 02-10-13 07:14 PM EDT (US)     173 / 181  
Hi matt881, sounds like a good idea and I was thinking something similar recently. It seems like the remnants of BHG studios keep migrating from one studio to the next which keeps getting shut down.

And yeah, it does seem like there's no one to follow up EE and RON with a new panhistorical game, which would be exciting. Personally I would like to see a game that combines military rts like Age of Empires, strategy like Civilization and city building like Pharaoh in one game, although this may be complicated and the idea would have to be worked out. This subject is probably for another thread though.

I was wondering if it would be possible for BHG "to return" to making a RON or ROL sequel, both or a new game?

Maybe someone at RON Heaven/Heavengames can create a poll in the news section on all HG sites and ask the fans:

Which kind of game would you be interested in if BHG could come back to work on it? And would you support a Kickstarter or related funding option for the game?

- Rise of Nations - another expansion with more features
- Rise of Nations II - a new sequel game and expansion(s)

- Rise of Legends expansion - the cancelled expansion with the Kahan and Skald factions, full modding capability and other features
- Rise of Legends II - a new sequel game and expansion(s)

- BOTH Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends games and expansion(s)

- God: The Game - cancelled, finish the game
- Ascendant - publish their own version if they can (this game later morphed into Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning)

- An all-new rts game
- A new type of rts/strategy/city builder/hybrid game
- A new panhistorical rts game
- A new whatever game, whatever genre
- Any combination of the above
- ALL of the above!
- None of the above, a different idea, etc

Personally I would like to see a Rise of Legends expansion finished and with modding capabilities, but a multiple choice of a new RON, ROL, hybrid and panhistorical game also sounds good!

At least we can have an idea if people are still interested as a start... Maybe BHG can take a look if enough people vote - the poll would have to be advertise in as many places as possible.

I've seen other game developers return to making HD remakes of their old games, HD sequels, new games or sequels with help from Kickstarter and other methods, so it's entirely possible BHG/the remainder could start again with such a project!

[This message has been edited by alincarpetman (edited 02-10-2013 @ 07:33 PM).]

posted 02-27-13 07:58 PM EDT (US)     174 / 181  
Hello again Rise of Nations community. I would be excited to see this plan come into play. Its great to see plenty of fans still wanting to keep this game alive.

I am currently goofing around with game rules and graphics trying to get something out of it. Sadly the big huge exporter and obsolete 3DS Max program are getting on my nerves, and is very hard to work with.

I am happy to help out where I can, amidst everyone else. But one thing for certain, I specifically want a more improved naval combat system. There's simply not enough unique ships to go with their land and air counterparts.

Also I heavily recommend with infantry and air (and possibly ground vehicles) to have larger groups when built. For example, it is the modern age and I want to train an assault team (4 riflemen, 4 Thompson sub-machine gunners, bazooka, etc.)

Having larger "uber size" groups with varying units could improve gameplay and take away from strenuousness micro-management.

Same thing with squadrons. Say, I want to build a fighter squadron, I simply build 1 unit, which than makes out to be a squadron of six aircraft.

Cheers to everyone once again for sticking this out! I'll try and help if I have the time.
posted 04-01-13 11:30 AM EDT (US)     175 / 181  
What's happening with this project now Big Huge Games are closed? Can we work around that and find a way to change hardcoded details ourselves? Or are we trying to contact ex-BHG members such as Brian Reynolds?
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