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Topic Subject:new World War II mod
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posted 04-14-10 04:46 PM EDT (US)         
Ok folks, ready to start a new mod.

host image
The name is "1939-1945 Second Great War" and of course it's focused on World War 2.

It will be playable as normal mod and in the CTW version.

The CTW version will be installed overwriting RON core files this to can play of Army of One's (Legend017) WW II CTW campaign mod and use of the editor to create scenarios for the mod.

Wadis10, Scorch6294, Army_of_One, Coldwar Warrior,the Great Valdemar, Edilberto, MrYaR and Smarty (Martin R.) are already part of the team.
Anybody wanna join the project is wellcome.

The idea is to use years instead of ages:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (Informatio Age - an ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons and units what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

(Edited) Nations involved are:
- 1.Finland - (replacing Persians)
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - (dutch)
- 3.India - (indians)
- 4.United States of America - (americans)
- 5.Bulgaria - (replacing Lakota)
- 6.Canada - (replacing Iroquois)
- 7.Poland - (replacing Mongols)
- 8.New Zealand - (replacing Koreans)
- 9.Imperial Japan - (japanese)
- 10.Republic of China - (chinese)
- 11.Soviet Union - (russians)
- 12.Nationalist Germany - (germans)
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - (british)
- 14.France - (french)
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - (replacing Spanish)
- 16.Neutral Nations - (replacing Turks)
- 17.Egypt - (egyptians)
- 18.Regno d'Italia (tr: Kingdom of Italy) - (romans)
- 19.Norway or Scandinavia - (replacing Greece)
- 20.Hungary - (replacing Nubians)
- 21.South Africa - (replacing Bantu)
- 22.Romania - (replacing Inca)
- 23.Australia - (replacing Maya)
- 24.Brazil - (replacing Aztecs)

More edited:
- New Governments:

- 1.Finland - Despotism; Democracy;
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - Republic; Monarchy;
- 3.India - Republic; Monarchy;
- 4.United States of America - Republic; Democracy; Capitalism.
- 5.Bulgaria - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 6.Canada - Republic; Democracy;
- 7.Poland - Republic; Democracy;
- 8.New Zealand - Republic; Democracy;
- 9.Imperial Japan - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 10.Republic of China - Despotism; Democracy;
- 11.Soviet Union - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 12.Nationalist Germany - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - Republic; Monarchy; Capitalism.
- 14.France - Republic; Democracy;
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 16.Neutral Nations - Republic; Monarchy;
- 17.Egypt - Republic; Monarchy;
- 18.Regno d'Italia - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 19.Scandinavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 20.Hungary - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 21.South Africa - Republic; Monarchy;
- 22.Romania - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 23.Australia - Republic; Democracy;
- 24.Brazil - Republic; Democracy;

Research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 year.

More arguments to talk about:
- Buildings.
- Units involved.
- Researches names.
- Resources available.

You can download the last version of the mod at MODDB:

Waiting for your effort,
Nicola a.k.a Nikox

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posted 04-14-10 04:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 472       
the rest of the west followed the U.S. into capitalism very quickly. so maybe a req. that only after the U.S. develops capitalism then the other nations can. also i would include New Zealand as Australia and keep the koreans as they had a large resistance to imperial japan.
posted 04-14-10 05:12 PM EDT (US)     2 / 472       
Hi Nebraska,
here are all nations and related governments as in my idea:

- United States of America (republic-capitalism)
- United Kingdom of Great Britain (monarchy-democracy)
- National Socialist Germany (monarchy-fascism)
- Soviet Union (monarchy-communism)
- Regno d'Italia (monarchy-fascism)
- Imperial Japan (monarchy-fascism)
- France (republic-democracy)
- Netherlands(monarchy-democracy)
- Spain (monarchy-fascism)
- Republic of China (monarchy-communism)
- Greece (monarchy-democracy)
- Egypt (monarchy-democracy)
- India (monarchy-democracy)
- Canada (monarchy-democracy)
- Australia (monarchy-democracy)
- Brazil (republic-democracy)
- South Africa (monarchy-democracy)
- Finland (monarchy-fascism)
- New Zealand (monarchy-democracy)
- Hungary (monarchy-fascism)
- Poland (monarchy-communism)
- Romania (monarchy-fascism)
- Manchukuo or Bulgaria (monarchy-fascism)
- Austria (monarchy-fascism)

About Koreans, the idea is nice, but I think it will be difficult to research (and create) units and other stuff about them. For the same reason I kept out Norway that was the country where germans took longer to invade (except made for russia).
posted 04-14-10 09:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 472       
yeah thats alot like what I was thinking with the gov's. sorry i suck at scenarios but if i was better at making them i'd help. You might want to take the socialist part out of germany and just make it Nationalist Germany, There are officially two chinas. The Republic of China(know as Chinise Tapei and Taiwan) and the Peoples Republic of China, the communist state on the mainland, Im assuming you are putting the latter in your scenario so just a note. It looks really good otherwise. : )
Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-14-10 10:24 PM EDT (US)     4 / 472       
So now with the 1946 you'll be able to use my Graf Zeppelin carrier and carrier sub!

I think you should throw in an interwar period like from the 20s to mid 30s, so you can have Spanish civil war era units.
posted 04-14-10 11:56 PM EDT (US)     5 / 472       
Balls of Steel

I think it should extend from somewhat before the war to somewhat after. I don't suppose a mod based on ww2 should include the first world war. Although the 1952 end point should provide some interesting ideas and units.
posted 04-15-10 03:50 AM EDT (US)     6 / 472       
Thinking at RON game engine and at the scenarios what can be adapted to play the mod, a period before the beginning of war is needed to build up personal attack and defence strategies.
I thought at WW I as most countries were armed with the weapons used in this war at the beginning of WW II.
To re-create the Spanish civil war one more tribe is needed to have the conflict between the two factions. Maybe Egypt can be sacrified even if the use of a north africa nation can be usefull to re-create african scenarios.
To extend the conflict to 1956 a large number of units are needed and till their number is limited (till now none has found the way to add new ones, but simply to re-place exiting ones) is better to use them in the main war.
But first is needed to form a team then all these ideas can be voted, so...
Who wanna be part of the team?
Dark Rebel
posted 04-16-10 09:58 PM EDT (US)     7 / 472       
I will join the team maybe i really want to!
posted 04-17-10 08:00 PM EDT (US)     8 / 472       
Ok Dark Rebel, you're wellcome!
How do you think to be helpfull?
There are several things to think about:
- writing and modding xml files.
- creating and keeping update a mask with all tribes and units (maybe an excel or word file).
- researching data about units what can be usefull to set their strengh, armor and speed.
- creating and keeping update a mask with units fighting match (ex. : tank vs infantry; tank vs machine gun; tank vs heavy infantry; etc.)
- research or drawings pics for their icons.
- drawing buildings.
- creating new 3d models (you'll need 3D studio Max program for it).

About skinning I hope Valdemar will join us, so he can take care about vehicles, so a skinner for infantry units can be usefull.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-17-2010 @ 08:02 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-18-10 10:21 PM EDT (US)     9 / 472       
You'll really have to use your imagination for 1956!
If you want to stay somewhat accurate, i would suggest choosing from 1945-1952, as the german projects would balance with the postwar technology of that time.
posted 04-19-10 09:12 AM EDT (US)     10 / 472       
Hey Coldwar Warrior!
Are you with us??
It would be great.. !!
1956 was a typing mistake, sorry.
I think that having set the end of the mod in 1946 and add just few units on both sides (allied and axis) or ending it later with a complete set of units is something what will find an answer when we have all units we love to see involved in the conflict and how many free rooms are left.
Random Username
posted 04-19-10 10:47 AM EDT (US)     11 / 472       
LOL, we were NOT capitalist in World War II.
posted 04-19-10 05:44 PM EDT (US)     12 / 472       
Maybe my information are wrong, but what I know is that United States went officially out from the big depression of 1929 when factories start to work to war weaponry. What you call Capitalism started at that point, without war America never became the actual strongest economic power. Think that in 1939 America had an army smaller than Bulgaria.
Anyway you can suggest a different name, but the speed up given by "capitalism" in RON is the nearest thing to the real effect of war on United States.
Random Username
posted 04-21-10 08:13 AM EDT (US)     13 / 472       
Yep, they like to thank FDR here for saving us, but he didn't do ANYTHING to bring us out of the Depression. He just got to a point where it stagnated.

Have you ever heard of the Depression of 1920? Stock market crashed. Situation went worse than in the Great Depression, and faster. Government paid no heed. Stock market shot back up within one year, followed by 8 of America's richest years.*

* = I'm not sure about that last claim. I'm just referencing the Roaring Twenties.

So, for the game's Government.... okay, I can see your logic. It still just doesn't make much sense, though. Government, Government, Government, Economy.
posted 04-21-10 06:05 PM EDT (US)     14 / 472       
If the range of years is from 1939 to 1946, maybe a new government is not needed, but as not all nations entered in war at the same time a switch from peace time to war time is needed. For example from "republic" to "republic war time" or "republic war economy", from "Fascism" to "Fascism war economy" and so on.
And again a different name for United States is needed as France was a republic too, but they had not the same evolution in production.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-21-2010 @ 06:10 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-22-10 01:03 PM EDT (US)     15 / 472       
Of course i'm with you on this! With this system, you could use age progression to have differant versions of that unit per year. ex. 1939 you would have the early panzer 4, with a short barrel, and in 1944 you'd have the armored panzer you have in age of tanks.
posted 04-22-10 06:12 PM EDT (US)     16 / 472       
That's the idea Coldwar Warrior. I started to modify the excel file made by Red, maybe you can fill it with all units you think every nation should have on battlefield.
Here is the file:

It's still a mess with old units inside it, what I've done is simply naming sheets with country names, substitute ages with years and add two new buildings as Armor plant for extra vehicles and recruitement camp for extra infantry units.
Feel free to modify it as you like, this will be the reference for all the job to create the mod.
One condition: if there is a panzer IV and a panzer IV H, I would love to have both kind of Panzer in game. So I want try to have it without an upgrade of it, keeping old units produced and start with a new production instead of the old one.

Bytheway, I'm in touch with Army of One to have this mod playable with his WW II CTW campaign mod.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-22-2010 @ 06:31 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-23-10 12:08 PM EDT (US)     17 / 472       
I have played your mod with his campaign and it didn't work too well. On skirmish, i would save all my money to buy a battleship because it was the only unit capable of destroying the redoubt without getting killed. The mod for some reason also doesn't cooperate with the airlift missions. Bombers would never arrive to deliver supplies and the enemy helicopters would get stuck in the corners of the map.

Anyway, i'm on vacation right now, so i wont be able to send Army of One's files, and I won't be able to help you to much till i get back at around sunday.
posted 04-23-10 06:07 PM EDT (US)     18 / 472       
Enjoy your holydays Coldwar Warrior, I'm quite busy with my job too and I'm quite sure I will not be able to develope this mod at the same speed of AoT mod.
So take it easy
I'm still trying to recruit more people to work on it...

One question: how did you let my mod to work with WW2 CTW campaign? Did you replace main RON files with mod files or is there an option to have it working from mods directory??

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-23-2010 @ 06:11 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-24-10 10:07 PM EDT (US)     19 / 472       
yes, i replaced the main files. I fooled around a bit, played some ww2 scenarios, the coldwar campaign and the ww2 campaign. One thing i have to point out, I know you're trying to be accurate, but the transports are too slow fortifications are a little to powerful, especially the redoubt. If you play the Saving Private ryan scenario you'll see what im talking about with the transports, and if you play any skirmish missions or the espanoge missions on the ctws, you will see how impossible the missions are with redoubts. If we were to make this compatible with the ww2 campaign, we'll need to work out a way to make the skirmish missions playable, by either making the redoubt weaker or adding differant units to the fort from the units they give you on the skirmish missions. Oh and we got to figure out what to do with those airlift missions, because as i have said, the bombers don't like to show up. :S

Can't wait to get working on this project! Are you considering the units i made, ex. battlecruiser, carrier sub, etc?

Oh, and i thought of two kinds building you could use, a marine base or something along that line. This building could be a cross between a dock, auto plant, and barracks, but it would have units used exclusively in the pacific theater. You could also have the regular airbase and a temporary airbase. The regular one will be the normal price, it will have expensive and more complex aircraft to build there and it would hold more aircraft, this would be the building where you would upgrade your aircraft units. The temp. airbase would be cheaper and quicker to build (and quicker to destroy) and it would hold a smaller amount of aircraft, and in there you would build the obsolete, but still in service, or special aircraft of the enviroment. (ex. in british have gloster gladiators, the special desert hurricanes and spitfires, dutch would have the buffalo, and the fokker) This building would be great in desert and pacific scenarios.

[This message has been edited by Coldwar Warrior (edited 04-24-2010 @ 10:24 PM).]

posted 04-24-10 11:07 PM EDT (US)     20 / 472       
On the skirmish mission, I was going add a Airbase. or i could just remove it from the campaign.

And on the airlift missions, So the bomber don't come.. Hey Nikox, Did you rename any bomber in your mod? I think that could cause that problem.


I add the Airbase to the skirmish, and I made the starter army bigger too.

[This message has been edited by Army_Of_One1 (edited 04-25-2010 @ 00:30 AM).]

posted 04-25-10 00:26 AM EDT (US)     21 / 472       
Hey just a noob here but i am a complete ww2 fan (history, not the gore, the history) and i think i can help with the units, buildings etc. Ask me to research, i can do that. graphics and modding? no can do. I'm Asian so I'll get some better Japanese units for u guys. who should i send me data too tho? who's email address?

can you play as axis or allies?

[This message has been edited by Nationgears (edited 04-25-2010 @ 01:01 AM).]

posted 04-25-10 06:54 AM EDT (US)     22 / 472       
As far as I know you can't give different airbases various fighter capacities, unless you could do it with scripts or something.
posted 04-25-10 09:09 AM EDT (US)     23 / 472       
Hi all,
glad to see you Wadis10
To Nationgears: you can download the excel sheet I posted in my previuos reply for Coldwar Warrior and work on it. Replace all units and don't care about where they are created just care about the years when they are available. I need to see how many units are involved before to start to distribute them and check the mod structure to have it working without crash.
To everyone: AoT was thinked as stand alone mod, its compatibility is limeted to have it working without crash, but most units are renamed and every scenario or the WW2 CTW campaign need to be adapted at it.
This is something what I want change in this new WW2 mod, having it more flexible.
When we'll have the excel file ready we can all work on it and decide what units create and where.
I thought at my part of the job as the construction of the mod structure to have it working without crash.
More, as the mod files need to replace main game files to be playable with the WW2 CTW campaign there will be two kinds of installation: one as normal mod (playable without touching main game files) and one that will install it in main directories, where all original units icons are replaced by mod units.
I think this will help in creating battle scenarios.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-25-2010 @ 09:26 AM).]

Random Username
posted 04-25-10 04:14 PM EDT (US)     24 / 472       
Now just a second! Canada and Australia? THE Canada and Australia? The ones that weren't even independent of the Crown in till after WWII? And South Africa as well?

I don't have a problem with them being in the mod, I'm just wondering if their slots could be better served for more independent nations. What about Iran, or the Ottomans? (the former of which was invaded, the latter of which was not but would make an interesting addition)

[This message has been edited by Random Username (edited 04-25-2010 @ 04:15 PM).]

posted 04-25-10 05:32 PM EDT (US)     25 / 472       
Greetings Nikox! Me calling to army of Ukraine (division of special forces!), realy do not know what I
am so cool)))) So in general problems
with it are not present, but for now time has not enough, understand me right.
But if all be OK, i'll help.. Tell me what you need Nikox. I have textures and sounds for WW2 vehisles and cannons, if you want i can edit this.
About 1946.. maybe we will create modern vehisles (1946-2010) in this "age".. or you want only vehicles of 1946-1950 period's and prototipes (maus,go-229,sturmtiger,oreol,shortbull.. etc).
For example i show you some my works modern vehicles: -USA -Australia -Canada - China -France -germans -Greeks -Izrael -Italy -Russia -South Africa -Sweden -Siria -UK -India -Iraq

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