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Topic Subject:new World War II mod
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posted 04-14-10 04:46 PM EDT (US)         
Ok folks, ready to start a new mod.

host image
The name is "1939-1945 Second Great War" and of course it's focused on World War 2.

It will be playable as normal mod and in the CTW version.

The CTW version will be installed overwriting RON core files this to can play of Army of One's (Legend017) WW II CTW campaign mod and use of the editor to create scenarios for the mod.

Wadis10, Scorch6294, Army_of_One, Coldwar Warrior,the Great Valdemar, Edilberto, MrYaR and Smarty (Martin R.) are already part of the team.
Anybody wanna join the project is wellcome.

The idea is to use years instead of ages:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (Informatio Age - an ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons and units what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

(Edited) Nations involved are:
- 1.Finland - (replacing Persians)
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - (dutch)
- 3.India - (indians)
- 4.United States of America - (americans)
- 5.Bulgaria - (replacing Lakota)
- 6.Canada - (replacing Iroquois)
- 7.Poland - (replacing Mongols)
- 8.New Zealand - (replacing Koreans)
- 9.Imperial Japan - (japanese)
- 10.Republic of China - (chinese)
- 11.Soviet Union - (russians)
- 12.Nationalist Germany - (germans)
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - (british)
- 14.France - (french)
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - (replacing Spanish)
- 16.Neutral Nations - (replacing Turks)
- 17.Egypt - (egyptians)
- 18.Regno d'Italia (tr: Kingdom of Italy) - (romans)
- 19.Norway or Scandinavia - (replacing Greece)
- 20.Hungary - (replacing Nubians)
- 21.South Africa - (replacing Bantu)
- 22.Romania - (replacing Inca)
- 23.Australia - (replacing Maya)
- 24.Brazil - (replacing Aztecs)

More edited:
- New Governments:

- 1.Finland - Despotism; Democracy;
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - Republic; Monarchy;
- 3.India - Republic; Monarchy;
- 4.United States of America - Republic; Democracy; Capitalism.
- 5.Bulgaria - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 6.Canada - Republic; Democracy;
- 7.Poland - Republic; Democracy;
- 8.New Zealand - Republic; Democracy;
- 9.Imperial Japan - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 10.Republic of China - Despotism; Democracy;
- 11.Soviet Union - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 12.Nationalist Germany - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - Republic; Monarchy; Capitalism.
- 14.France - Republic; Democracy;
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 16.Neutral Nations - Republic; Monarchy;
- 17.Egypt - Republic; Monarchy;
- 18.Regno d'Italia - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 19.Scandinavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 20.Hungary - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 21.South Africa - Republic; Monarchy;
- 22.Romania - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 23.Australia - Republic; Democracy;
- 24.Brazil - Republic; Democracy;

Research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 year.

More arguments to talk about:
- Buildings.
- Units involved.
- Researches names.
- Resources available.

You can download the last version of the mod at MODDB:

Waiting for your effort,
Nicola a.k.a Nikox

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posted 06-02-10 02:37 PM EDT (US)     176 / 472       
@ uthum876,
I send a message to two guys at moddb, one offered me models time ago and the other one is a 3d artist what hopefully can draw some model for us. I'm waiting for their answers.
Meanwhile I made a simple test with a model, can you tell me if it's ok or not: Edited: New link

To everyone, I uploaded the 1.5 units list in syncplicity with an updated "Nationalist Germany" sheet, just to show how it will be with units created in correct years.
If you wanna make any change at it feel free to do it only upload your new file with your name in the title.

Edited: one test for the war academy:

more @ uthum876,
I'll be glad to know your opinion about the units list, but I need your e-mail to join you at syncplicity program.

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posted 06-02-10 06:32 PM EDT (US)     177 / 472       
To everyone: I update World War 2 CTW, and I add USA Background. And i update the World War 2 CTW.rar.

To Nikox: I re-add Brazil to USA. (Darn Brazil keep attacking UK. lol)

And to uthum876: Nice to see you modding again. By the way, Sorry about not getting a chance to make World War 3 CTW.
posted 06-03-10 06:36 AM EDT (US)     178 / 472       
Hey, so wadis, I just load the dlls for the exporter to system 32 and it should run? I'm on Win7 64-bit, but it has a system 32 file, do you guys think it should be fine? My RON T&P and 3ds max 5 work fine on the system, in fact both didn't need to be set back on compatibility mode. It's asking me to replace a system 32 file from2009 with one that is from 2006. I'm not too keen to do it...

Lame, I tried putting them in the windows 32 and it didn't work for me.

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posted 06-03-10 05:31 PM EDT (US)     179 / 472       
They probably should go where all your dll files are located, is there a system64 or something like that? Or do a search on your computer for .dll and see where most of them come up.
posted 06-04-10 05:28 PM EDT (US)     180 / 472       
Do not go on Nikox's link, a virus called Antispyware soft has some how attached its self to it and I have spent the last hour removing it.

Obviously Nikox has not intentionally done this.

If you already have this virus type into google "Antispyware soft scam" and the first link should help you remove it (manually or through one of their tools)

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posted 06-04-10 07:25 PM EDT (US)     181 / 472       
Hey AreYouDumb,
I just tested a download now and my Norton Internet Security didn't find any virus.
I think you clicked on a banner instead of the download link that's down in the bottom of the web page.
I'll try to upload it on another host anyway.
Sorry for that...

To Wadis10, you can find the file in the "UPLOAD" folder in syncplicity.

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posted 06-05-10 00:12 AM EDT (US)     182 / 472       
Nikox, the destroyer.max file didn't open in my 3ds max 5. Did you create it in a newer version of the program? Also, have you tried exporting it as a .BH3 file?
posted 06-05-10 00:59 AM EDT (US)     183 / 472       
I cannot export in .bh3 format, I made new copies in .3ds and .dxf formats.
Maybe you can import them.
posted 06-05-10 03:32 AM EDT (US)     184 / 472       
No need to apologise Nikox can't of been your fault and I fixed my computer fairly easily.
posted 06-05-10 04:34 PM EDT (US)     185 / 472       
Thanks AreYouDumb,
I made a new version of the destroyer tooking nodes from the Churchill and trying to adapt them to the new model.
Maybe they aren't in the correct position, but as I cann't export it to a .bh3 file I cann't test it.
Here the link to the file:

To Wadis you'll find the destroyer3 files in syncplicity "upload" folder.
posted 06-05-10 06:50 PM EDT (US)     186 / 472       
I tried importing and exporting both of them but it just creates an 8 byte file when exported to .bh3 format. On the exporter, I clicked 'display stats' and it said that there were zero faces and zero verticies, even though the model appeared perfect on my screen. I encountered this problem while trying to import files from the internet as well.

I don't know enough about 3ds max to fully know what's going wrong, but I think the best solution would be for you to get 3dsmax 4 or 5, if possible. Then you could use the exporter directly.
posted 06-05-10 09:01 PM EDT (US)     187 / 472       
Thanks Wadis10,
I'm a newbie in 3d modelling too, I hoped it was enough to cut off some details and add nodes to have it working.
At this point we need someone more skilled than us.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 06-05-2010 @ 10:03 PM).]

posted 06-06-10 02:44 PM EDT (US)     188 / 472       
Thanks Army of One!

Nikox, my e-mail is

anyways, guys if you have any modelling questions post it on the modelling help thread....maybe ODA can help us out.
posted 06-07-10 10:48 AM EDT (US)     189 / 472       
Hey uthum876,
I addded you at syncplicity, let me know if it's working-
Wellcome aboard!!
I deleted my tests on models as I've seen they were bad.
I'm trying to use the free models found on the net as I'm really bad in creating new ones.
I'll post my new tests, where I'm trying to reduce the number of faces and verticies, as soon as possible.

There are no files in the mod folder as I don't have a working mod yet.
I can start to create one with just infantry units if there are any changes to apply at the units list.
I was hoping to have some new building as marines base or combat training camp, but I can use some existing graphic and replace them later.
posted 06-08-10 02:17 AM EDT (US)     190 / 472       
When I have time, I will start work on a Josef Stalin Tank and a Pershing.....the allies need something to counter those Tigers.
Dark Rebel
posted 07-11-10 02:32 PM EDT (US)     191 / 472       
so is this mod still being made or is this thread dead or something?
posted 07-12-10 08:00 PM EDT (US)     192 / 472       
Sorry, but right now I'm really busy with my job...
posted 06-29-11 03:02 PM EDT (US)     193 / 472       
Sorry for the really long time without any news, anyway I was working on the mod. A first Alfa Test version is now uploaded at ModDb:

Hoping there is someone interested at it still..
posted 06-30-11 01:02 PM EDT (US)     194 / 472       
Hello comrad! Well.. you decided to continue. I look, most difficult work you did.. How are businesses with units, a help is needed? If yes, then send to me on mail, list of units for skinning.
Dark Rebel
posted 06-30-11 05:13 PM EDT (US)     195 / 472       
Hi Nikox i tried out your Alpha (Alfa) Test and am experiencing a problem. Whenever i try to play the game it works but once i start a Standard game and build my first city in 1939 (Ancient Age) the game crashes every time i will try a different starting age but i don't think that will work.
posted 06-30-11 05:39 PM EDT (US)     196 / 472       
Hi Dark Rebel, I need more informations to recreate the same situation and find the bug.
For example I tested the mod with Team and Allies set to Custom Diplomacy, map style set to Great lakes, map size huge 8 players, game speed normal, games rules standard and the tribes were dutch, americans, germans, mongols, japanese, british, russian and romans all set to human player. I researched the first civic level and built my small city with all of them and the mod worked fine.
posted 06-30-11 05:45 PM EDT (US)     197 / 472       
..ops! I forgot the options down in the right corner: only "save to profile" was selected all others were disabled (turbo resource, no nations powers, no unique units, cooperative AI).
posted 07-02-11 02:29 AM EDT (US)     198 / 472       
This is great news, I'm currently waiting for it to download
posted 07-02-11 04:16 AM EDT (US)     199 / 472       
Mine also crashes (exception), I've tried on a variety of settings, including just Germans on Great lakes. In a case like this I think the problem is caused by a model file or animation file that is on your computer but is not in the upload. It probably crashes when someone attempts to build this unit. Just check that all the files on your computer are in the upload, and if they are you might have to look in the ron/art folders too.
posted 07-02-11 07:07 AM EDT (US)     200 / 472       
Scratch that actually, I've found the problem. In your buildingrules, none of your wonders have prerequisites. I also had this problem a few years ago when I started the ages system. I ended up having to make every wonder require Classical age (1940). This solved the problem for me, and I'd say it'd solve it for you.

I tried it and I can confirm it works now

[This message has been edited by Wadis10 (edited 07-02-2011 @ 07:52 AM).]

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