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Topic Subject:new World War II mod
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posted 04-14-10 04:46 PM EDT (US)         
Ok folks, ready to start a new mod.

host image
The name is "1939-1945 Second Great War" and of course it's focused on World War 2.

It will be playable as normal mod and in the CTW version.

The CTW version will be installed overwriting RON core files this to can play of Army of One's (Legend017) WW II CTW campaign mod and use of the editor to create scenarios for the mod.

Wadis10, Scorch6294, Army_of_One, Coldwar Warrior,the Great Valdemar, Edilberto, MrYaR and Smarty (Martin R.) are already part of the team.
Anybody wanna join the project is wellcome.

The idea is to use years instead of ages:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (Informatio Age - an ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons and units what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

(Edited) Nations involved are:
- 1.Finland - (replacing Persians)
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - (dutch)
- 3.India - (indians)
- 4.United States of America - (americans)
- 5.Bulgaria - (replacing Lakota)
- 6.Canada - (replacing Iroquois)
- 7.Poland - (replacing Mongols)
- 8.New Zealand - (replacing Koreans)
- 9.Imperial Japan - (japanese)
- 10.Republic of China - (chinese)
- 11.Soviet Union - (russians)
- 12.Nationalist Germany - (germans)
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - (british)
- 14.France - (french)
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - (replacing Spanish)
- 16.Neutral Nations - (replacing Turks)
- 17.Egypt - (egyptians)
- 18.Regno d'Italia (tr: Kingdom of Italy) - (romans)
- 19.Norway or Scandinavia - (replacing Greece)
- 20.Hungary - (replacing Nubians)
- 21.South Africa - (replacing Bantu)
- 22.Romania - (replacing Inca)
- 23.Australia - (replacing Maya)
- 24.Brazil - (replacing Aztecs)

More edited:
- New Governments:

- 1.Finland - Despotism; Democracy;
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - Republic; Monarchy;
- 3.India - Republic; Monarchy;
- 4.United States of America - Republic; Democracy; Capitalism.
- 5.Bulgaria - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 6.Canada - Republic; Democracy;
- 7.Poland - Republic; Democracy;
- 8.New Zealand - Republic; Democracy;
- 9.Imperial Japan - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 10.Republic of China - Despotism; Democracy;
- 11.Soviet Union - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 12.Nationalist Germany - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - Republic; Monarchy; Capitalism.
- 14.France - Republic; Democracy;
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 16.Neutral Nations - Republic; Monarchy;
- 17.Egypt - Republic; Monarchy;
- 18.Regno d'Italia - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 19.Scandinavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 20.Hungary - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 21.South Africa - Republic; Monarchy;
- 22.Romania - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 23.Australia - Republic; Democracy;
- 24.Brazil - Republic; Democracy;

Research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 year.

More arguments to talk about:
- Buildings.
- Units involved.
- Researches names.
- Resources available.

You can download the last version of the mod at MODDB:

Waiting for your effort,
Nicola a.k.a Nikox

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posted 07-14-11 02:03 AM EDT (US)     251 / 472       
Good job Wadis10!!
Now we can use scorch62-94 models
posted 07-14-11 07:48 AM EDT (US)     252 / 472       
Well hopefully I'll be useful)
posted 07-14-11 11:39 AM EDT (US)     253 / 472       
@ Wadis10
scorch6294 sent me more models, just send me one mail when you're ready to work on them.

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posted 07-14-11 07:36 PM EDT (US)     254 / 472       
I'm ready to work on the additional models once you upload them. I did the panther model as well, however on both tanks I can't get the turrets to turn in game, when they try to it warps the model strangely. Does anyone know how you physique the model so you can have a rotating turret? Also, are there any good tutorials on reducing polycounts?
posted 07-14-11 08:20 PM EDT (US)     255 / 472       
In unitgraphics, there is a section with RESTRICTION entries, which from what I have heard enable certain nodes to rotate between two angles, allowing for example tank turrets to rotate and horse archers to shoot at units beside them. For example here is the panzer entry:

<RESTRICTION name="PANZER" node="4" minangle="-180" maxangle="180"/>

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-14-11 08:46 PM EDT (US)     256 / 472       
Yes that's the thing, I put the restriction for it on, but when the turret tries to turn the tank warps really weirdly. It's some flaw in the model I think.

I rigged the Tiger II tank and this time I matched it up with the churchill model that BHG provided and this time the turret seems to be turning. I will do this for all future tanks.

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posted 07-14-11 10:05 PM EDT (US)     257 / 472       
Yeah, it's a good idea to use those models that BHG provided. However I have no idea of what I am going to do when it comes to the Rise of Kings models, especially since I have no idea where I can get 3ds Max 5 and I need models for a few ships too.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 07-15-11 01:38 AM EDT (US)     258 / 472       
@ Wadis10,
I sent you one e-mail at your yahoo address with all new models.
Tell me if you got it.

Are you going to adapt the panzer II model as well??
I have some trouble to adapt animations at it...

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posted 07-15-11 02:41 AM EDT (US)     259 / 472       
I don't have a yahoo address, that must have been uthum or something. Try this address:

Also I will have another look at the panzer II model I think to try and get it working better.

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posted 07-15-11 02:23 PM EDT (US)     260 / 472       
you have added what some of my model?
posted 07-15-11 07:03 PM EDT (US)     261 / 472       
Hi scorch6294,
here is a screenshot of your PanzerII AusfL Luchs adapted for RON by Wadis10:

It's needing few changes to apply animations at it, but at least now Wadis10 knows how to export your models to the game.

@ Wadis10
I sent you the models. Check your mail...
posted 07-16-11 04:07 AM EDT (US)     262 / 472       
Yes I got the models and I will start working on them tomorrow. I will start to upload them as I rig them.
posted 07-16-11 03:47 PM EDT (US)     263 / 472       
Well done. I still do and you jagdtiger jagdpanther
posted 07-16-11 04:00 PM EDT (US)     264 / 472       

I'm so busy;;;
Sorry Late reply
I have 1Good news, and 1 Bad news....

First~! Bad news...

I lost My building Files.....

Second, Good News!!!!!

I have Texture file, IS-2, KV-1, Kv-2, p38t, ISU-152,
M3A1 Stuart, somua, M-48, elefant, T-70, M-24, PanzerV, sdkfz251rocket, last jpanther.

But, It's not BH3 files..;;
but Wadis10, uthum876 can fix it, and make BH3 files

Does files **.nif (nifskope)

If You need my collect files,
contact me.(especially Wadis10, uthum876)
posted 07-16-11 07:03 PM EDT (US)     265 / 472       
Is it possible for you to export the files in .3ds or .obj format?
posted 07-17-11 00:17 AM EDT (US)     266 / 472       
Wadis10 ~!
Yes~! I can export .obj files,
but, I will give original files.
(becauses risk minimum.)

Plz give your E mail address
posted 07-17-11 01:01 AM EDT (US)     267 / 472       
Ok, please send them to and I will have a look at them and try and put them into RoN.
posted 07-17-11 01:32 AM EDT (US)     268 / 472       
Ja Das its Gutt~!!!!!
I send it right a way~!!
posted 07-17-11 02:50 AM EDT (US)     269 / 472       
posted 07-17-11 06:29 AM EDT (US)     270 / 472       
@ powermlmlml,
It's really a pity to don't have your buildings in the mod.
The screenshots about your models are too small to can say anything about them. If Wadis10 found the way to export them we'll see how they look in game.

@ scorch6294,
Your Jagdtiger looks really great, good job!!

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 07-17-2011 @ 06:35 AM).]

posted 07-17-11 06:58 AM EDT (US)     271 / 472       

posted 07-17-11 10:39 AM EDT (US)     272 / 472       
@ powermlmlml,
thanks to post bigger images
How I can see you're working good on 3D models, now we need to wait news from Wadis10 to know if there's one way to export them to the game.
Do you think to draw other models?
As in a positive case it will be usefull to have you and scorch6294 working on different models, should not be a big trouble and I think we can easily find an agreement on it..
posted 07-17-11 03:18 PM EDT (US)     273 / 472       
Guys make sure your models are somewhere between 300 or 500 polys. I would say not more than that or the game would lag, unless you have good, powerful computers.
posted 07-18-11 03:54 PM EDT (US)     274 / 472       
I found a website where I can copy some building.

The Reichstag:

General buildings:

Does anybody know how the BOUNDINGVOLUMES work and how can I set the right volume for a building??

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 07-18-2011 @ 04:15 PM).]

posted 07-18-11 06:56 PM EDT (US)     275 / 472       
Wow! What website is this?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
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