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Topic Subject:new World War II mod
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posted 04-14-10 04:46 PM EDT (US)         
Ok folks, ready to start a new mod.

host image
The name is "1939-1945 Second Great War" and of course it's focused on World War 2.

It will be playable as normal mod and in the CTW version.

The CTW version will be installed overwriting RON core files this to can play of Army of One's (Legend017) WW II CTW campaign mod and use of the editor to create scenarios for the mod.

Wadis10, Scorch6294, Army_of_One, Coldwar Warrior,the Great Valdemar, Edilberto, MrYaR and Smarty (Martin R.) are already part of the team.
Anybody wanna join the project is wellcome.

The idea is to use years instead of ages:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (Informatio Age - an ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons and units what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

(Edited) Nations involved are:
- 1.Finland - (replacing Persians)
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - (dutch)
- 3.India - (indians)
- 4.United States of America - (americans)
- 5.Bulgaria - (replacing Lakota)
- 6.Canada - (replacing Iroquois)
- 7.Poland - (replacing Mongols)
- 8.New Zealand - (replacing Koreans)
- 9.Imperial Japan - (japanese)
- 10.Republic of China - (chinese)
- 11.Soviet Union - (russians)
- 12.Nationalist Germany - (germans)
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - (british)
- 14.France - (french)
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - (replacing Spanish)
- 16.Neutral Nations - (replacing Turks)
- 17.Egypt - (egyptians)
- 18.Regno d'Italia (tr: Kingdom of Italy) - (romans)
- 19.Norway or Scandinavia - (replacing Greece)
- 20.Hungary - (replacing Nubians)
- 21.South Africa - (replacing Bantu)
- 22.Romania - (replacing Inca)
- 23.Australia - (replacing Maya)
- 24.Brazil - (replacing Aztecs)

More edited:
- New Governments:

- 1.Finland - Despotism; Democracy;
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - Republic; Monarchy;
- 3.India - Republic; Monarchy;
- 4.United States of America - Republic; Democracy; Capitalism.
- 5.Bulgaria - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 6.Canada - Republic; Democracy;
- 7.Poland - Republic; Democracy;
- 8.New Zealand - Republic; Democracy;
- 9.Imperial Japan - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 10.Republic of China - Despotism; Democracy;
- 11.Soviet Union - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 12.Nationalist Germany - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - Republic; Monarchy; Capitalism.
- 14.France - Republic; Democracy;
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 16.Neutral Nations - Republic; Monarchy;
- 17.Egypt - Republic; Monarchy;
- 18.Regno d'Italia - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 19.Scandinavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 20.Hungary - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 21.South Africa - Republic; Monarchy;
- 22.Romania - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 23.Australia - Republic; Democracy;
- 24.Brazil - Republic; Democracy;

Research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 year.

More arguments to talk about:
- Buildings.
- Units involved.
- Researches names.
- Resources available.

You can download the last version of the mod at MODDB:

Waiting for your effort,
Nicola a.k.a Nikox

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posted 05-11-10 09:39 AM EDT (US)     126 / 472       
Dark Rebel,
If you're able to make a SS officer from an ancient age model you'll gain a lot of respect.
You asked to start to paint infantry skins, this is not meaning to put some color somewhere, you can do it with a fantasy mod. In a mod that try to have an historical accuracy you must be accurated too realizing your works.
So first you need a reference model, look for pictures, drawings photos about uniforms, there are several on the net.
One example:

To find the right model in RoN you need some informations about equipment too(are they using rifles or machine gun?).
Then you can look at the scenario editor placing all infantry units nearby or check other mods to find the right model and related skin on which you'll work.
Or you can use the volksgrenadier model for all of them and try to have something to distinguish all these units when they are in game.

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-11-10 09:51 AM EDT (US)     127 / 472       
if i chose to use say the Volksgrienader model i can't use it more than once can I?
well i will start research today this doesn't "seem" like alot of work is it?

ok i think i see so if they have a rifle you go to riflemen and skin them with like the volksgrienader skin or is it possible just to mess around with the skin and such?

well the riflemen skin for german side should work for a base outline for the grienader

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posted 05-11-10 10:03 AM EDT (US)     128 / 472       
If the unit is using a rifle, maybe it's better to use the german rifleman model...

or there is also the inf_german.bh3 model available, or the assault infantry model, you see you've got alternatives

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-11-10 10:07 AM EDT (US)     129 / 472       
well what if the units jacket insn't just plain gray but it had camo i can edit that and the face right?

Thr upload from image shack if i were to use model one i would select the german riflemen and pust the model 1's skin onto it right?

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posted 05-11-10 10:10 AM EDT (US)     130 / 472       
it's a test, let me see what you think is right, the lonly thing what I'm asking is something to distinguish them when they are in game...
Dark Rebel
posted 05-11-10 06:07 PM EDT (US)     131 / 472       
aight last question i swear!
so i find the unit file and open it with gimp and there should be the picture of the model there right?
posted 05-11-10 07:15 PM EDT (US)     132 / 472       
Dark Rebel,
this is not the right thread, I'm looking for people who can help me, I'm not looking for people who need my help to learn how to mod an unit.
Maybe it's better you start reading something in the library:
See you after few monthes when hopefully you'll be a little more skilled in it.

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-11-10 08:11 PM EDT (US)     133 / 472       
well, Nikox that is not nessisary cuz i just took a li'l mod lesson and it isn't that hard have a bit more faith in people

hey is it alright if i put a german flag on the german units it is a small flag on the back

i am almost done with 1 desert skin for the SS submachine gunner

Not meaning this to be a thred i took some pics of the desert skins so how do i get them to the net?

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posted 05-11-10 11:49 PM EDT (US)     134 / 472       
Dark Rebel: Try here, You can upload image there. or Are you talking about Skin file?

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posted 05-12-10 05:35 AM EDT (US)     135 / 472       
To Coldwar Warrior,
I uploaded in syncplicity the 1.2 units list, I updated only infantry units in the last sheet and right now I set all units coming from the war academy, but all axis units should come out from the training camp and I didn't choose which ones can come from Recruitment office yet.
I'll be glad to know your idea before to go on

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-12-10 09:18 AM EDT (US)     136 / 472       
it is a screenshot from X-Fire thanks Army of One!
i also did the artic skin for the grienaders they are black with white and 2 shades of gray for them¤t=rontp-20100511-193220-1-2-1.png&t=1273671441076

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posted 05-12-10 10:52 AM EDT (US)     137 / 472       
Hey Dark Rebel,
I know I'm a pointer, but I've never seen flags on WW2 uniforms, at least not on germans desert uniform:
Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-12-10 07:53 PM EDT (US)     138 / 472       
Yeah soldiers generally don't have their nations flag on the back of their uniform, and as nikox, said, in ww2 there were no flags on a soldiers uniform in ww2. You did pretty good job though , considering this is your first skin. I would suggest though that you gray out the uniform a bit (using the hue and saturation tool under Colors, the colors are kind of neon. And here's a tip for future skins: If you want to change the color of the uniform, with out using the pencil or paintbrush, use the colorize tool under Colors on the menu. If you have any skinning problems in the future, I'll be glad to help

nikox: Which idea are you talking about? The marine base?

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posted 05-12-10 10:22 PM EDT (US)     139 / 472       
Hey Coldwar Warrior,
I'm talking about new infantry units as there are some free room left, the ones with a light green color are my suggestions (forget about desert rats, we'll use just the 8th army) and most are not assigned.
I added a Fortification Engineer as you suggested, but just for japanese, do you think any other nation will use it?
The War Academy will be just for allied nations and the Training Camp for axis side, marine base just for americans, dutch (KNIL marines) and great britain (Royal Marines) and all other nations has got the recruitment office where units as National Guard can be created.
I thought to have the M2 browning in the marine base and keep the M1919 as regular machine gun.
I hoped to get news and maybe some idea from Nationgears and Wadis10, but right now I didn't get any answer.
Dark Rebel
posted 05-12-10 11:33 PM EDT (US)     140 / 472       
kk no nations flag and thanks for the tip coldwarwarrior i will get to work on it but first i made a artic skin for the grienadiers or (however it is spelled)¤t=rontp-20100512-065000-1-1.png&t=1273721599961

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the "colorize" thing with all the stuff in it wel it changes the color of the whole unit is it possible to select 1 part of the unit it would make it much more simple

Nikox; let me make a deal with you ok?
you want your mod to be good ok i will just update this message for li'l information or i will just figure out all the glitches and take 10 times as long.

Skins: ok so i made the main shirt color gray and made a darker gray vest with a litghter gray color for the artic skin which needs a touch more editing before it is ready!
i will probobly be using alot of skins from call of duty games such as desert skins research and such...

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posted 05-13-10 01:03 AM EDT (US)     141 / 472       
Hey Dark Rebel,
I don't know where you've got yours winter uniforms, but they're a little bit far from pictures what I've found:

This is a scale model, but anyway you can see the jacket was a dirty white and trousers were a brown pattern.
You said you wanna learn and I encourage you to go on, but this is the wrong thread to do it.
In the last two pages there are 12 messages posted by you, in this way there are more things about you than stuff about this mod.
Can you pls open your own thread??

To Coldwar Warrior,
units list updated to 1.3, every unit is placed in the right building.
Just 2 kinds of infantry units missing, can you help me to find which ones and tell me where I can create them?
Edited: Can you realize two recon aircrafts (axis and allies) using the bi-plane model??
More, do you have time to write in the units list the year of production in the left column nearby each aircraft?

To everyone,
what about placing a radio tower nearby airbase??

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Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-15-10 03:50 PM EDT (US)     142 / 472       
Nikox: Well the fortification engineer could be used for all the nations. For the Japanese could have the wooden bunker and the others could just build a trench. About the marines, The Axis have their own version of marines, the Germans have the Kreigsmarines, for example. I kind of want the marine base to be a standard building, as I was planning to have it be the building for patrol boats and/or submarines. About the radio Tower: I like the idea of it, but it should be a little bigger and not rusted. About the recon planes: I cant find any army recon biplanes at this time. I know there are plenty of Navy reconnaissance biplanes, but I was thinking we could have those launched off submarines, and battleships.

Dark Rebel: To color a specific piece, use the lasso and go around the piece you want colorized. Then colorize it. Another thing you could do is colorize the entire image, the copy it. Undo everything or (open up another of the same file) and press paste, then erase everything you don't want. But Nikox is right, you really should be asking these kind of questions on another thread.

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posted 05-15-10 11:52 PM EDT (US)     143 / 472       
to Coldwar Warrior,
the units lists is updated to 1.4.
Now there are all available infantry units, if we wanna add new ones we have to replace an existing one.
Edited: I added german tanks as well, to show their developments in war years. Have a look at it, we can use the same system for some aircraft as spitfire or bf 109.

About the marines, all four marines units with the entrench ability are assigned to allies, if we wanna have the germans Kreigsmarines we can have it replacing a normal existing unit.

About the marine base, to have it as a standard building for more countries we need to use a slot in the wonders table for it, as all militar slots are occupied. Check the table of buildings.

About the radio Tower: I tryed to have it a little bigger and not rusted. Are we using it from the beginning or are we using it as an age upgrade available later??

About the recon planes: I thought to cut off one pair of wings from the bi-plane model, but I don't know if it's possible.
Example of recon aircraft:

Edited: Coldwar in your last message I guess you spoke to Dark Rebel and you wrote Nationgears as a mistake
Btw, Nationgears, where are you??

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-16-10 02:10 PM EDT (US)     144 / 472       
Nikox; i got the artic skins done can't post em right now though and btw the artic skins with the faded jacket and everything don't look very artic but it is realistic
btw, can u guys stop telling me to get a new thread cuz i got everything figured out.

[This message has been edited by Dark Rebel (edited 05-16-2010 @ 02:12 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-16-10 04:38 PM EDT (US)     145 / 472       
Yeah my bad.
The list's on syncplicity right?

About the Radio Tower: Yeah I like the idea of it. What would it do as an upgrade? Increase line of sight?

Biplane: You can't get rid of the lower wing unfortunatly, I tried making a monoplane out of it before and erased the brown wing, thinking it would just erase the top, but it accounts for both wings and the tail, the lighter part is the bottom of both wings.

About the buildings: That's fine with me. btw, I forgot to send this with all the other skins before, but I have, barbedwire, hedgehogs, and ramps. If we include these, I'm thinking they could have a tiny range, causing damage only if its "ran into", kind of the way the mine field would work.
posted 05-16-10 11:15 PM EDT (US)     146 / 472       
Hey Coldwar Warrior,
yeah, I updated the units(1.4) and buildings(1.1) lists on syncplicity. Now the recruitment office is for all countries and germans have the marines base too.

About the Radio Tower: I mean to use it from the first year or we have first an airbase without radio tower and later it swaps to the new one with it, but I guess everyone got radio in 1939, isn't it?

About barbedwire, hedgehogs, and ramps: If we include these we have to cut off a wonder. I uploaded some new nice wonders coming from One_dead_villy "Rise of Napoleon" mod (I guess you already seen them), I prefer to use the free slots to have some new wonder and use the barbedwire and hedgehogs as an alternative skin of minefield. Maybe we can simply change the name and call them "explosive obstacles".

I re-organized syncplicity mod folder to have all skins separated and I uploaded some new infantry skin too.

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posted 05-17-10 06:23 AM EDT (US)     147 / 472       
There are still several spare spots in the military and economic building sections to put the barbed wire and hedgehogs. If you don't have the Space Program and the Supercollider you've got two slots there. I tried in vain to get a minefield working a couple years ago, but it would always result in exception errors. I don't think the game liked an invisble building. I like the radar tower on the airbase.

While we're on the topic of wonders, it would be good to compile a list of desired wonders. Also, I think the courtyard fountain should be replaced by a war memorial, national monument, leaders statue, or something similar.

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posted 05-17-10 07:22 AM EDT (US)     148 / 472       
to Wadis10,
we are sharing all data using syncplicity program, but we'll need your e-mail to join you at it.
If you won't write your e-mail here we can contact you by IM programs as MSN Live or X-Fire.
Right now you can download all files checking in uthum876 thread, I posted a download link for a zip file with all actual data.
Edited: about minefield, none said it have to be invisible, it can be an empty farm field with a flag on it firing at the range of 1 to nearby units.

To everybody,
uthum876 answered me (you can read about it on his thread) and I think it's a good idea to join all our efforts to build a good mod.
Personally I don't care if the mod is called "Blood Red Down" or "1939-1945 Second Great War" or whatever, I don't even care about if the autor is someone else.
What I care about is that it will be a really well done mod, working as standalone and as implement of WW2 CTW campaign.
I hope this is the idea of all of us.

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-17-10 09:20 AM EDT (US)     149 / 472       
Wadis10: Do you mea like the American World War two memorial to turn that into a wonder? or something? Because that shouldn't be too hard
posted 05-17-10 01:36 PM EDT (US)     150 / 472       
New Wonder, Reichstag:

to Coldwar Warrior,
this is a test, you'll find it in syncplicity under the Main files - mod\buildings folder, it's needing to have country color and third reich flags Can you look at it pls??

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