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Topic Subject:new World War II mod
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posted 04-14-10 04:46 PM EDT (US)         
Ok folks, ready to start a new mod.

host image
The name is "1939-1945 Second Great War" and of course it's focused on World War 2.

It will be playable as normal mod and in the CTW version.

The CTW version will be installed overwriting RON core files this to can play of Army of One's (Legend017) WW II CTW campaign mod and use of the editor to create scenarios for the mod.

Wadis10, Scorch6294, Army_of_One, Coldwar Warrior,the Great Valdemar, Edilberto, MrYaR and Smarty (Martin R.) are already part of the team.
Anybody wanna join the project is wellcome.

The idea is to use years instead of ages:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (Informatio Age - an ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons and units what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

(Edited) Nations involved are:
- 1.Finland - (replacing Persians)
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - (dutch)
- 3.India - (indians)
- 4.United States of America - (americans)
- 5.Bulgaria - (replacing Lakota)
- 6.Canada - (replacing Iroquois)
- 7.Poland - (replacing Mongols)
- 8.New Zealand - (replacing Koreans)
- 9.Imperial Japan - (japanese)
- 10.Republic of China - (chinese)
- 11.Soviet Union - (russians)
- 12.Nationalist Germany - (germans)
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - (british)
- 14.France - (french)
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - (replacing Spanish)
- 16.Neutral Nations - (replacing Turks)
- 17.Egypt - (egyptians)
- 18.Regno d'Italia (tr: Kingdom of Italy) - (romans)
- 19.Norway or Scandinavia - (replacing Greece)
- 20.Hungary - (replacing Nubians)
- 21.South Africa - (replacing Bantu)
- 22.Romania - (replacing Inca)
- 23.Australia - (replacing Maya)
- 24.Brazil - (replacing Aztecs)

More edited:
- New Governments:

- 1.Finland - Despotism; Democracy;
- 2.Netherlands & Dutch East Indies - Republic; Monarchy;
- 3.India - Republic; Monarchy;
- 4.United States of America - Republic; Democracy; Capitalism.
- 5.Bulgaria - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 6.Canada - Republic; Democracy;
- 7.Poland - Republic; Democracy;
- 8.New Zealand - Republic; Democracy;
- 9.Imperial Japan - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 10.Republic of China - Despotism; Democracy;
- 11.Soviet Union - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 12.Nationalist Germany - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 13.United Kingdom of Great Britain - Republic; Monarchy; Capitalism.
- 14.France - Republic; Democracy;
- 15.Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 16.Neutral Nations - Republic; Monarchy;
- 17.Egypt - Republic; Monarchy;
- 18.Regno d'Italia - Despotism; Monarchy; Militarism.
- 19.Scandinavia - Republic; Monarchy;
- 20.Hungary - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 21.South Africa - Republic; Monarchy;
- 22.Romania - Despotism; Monarchy;
- 23.Australia - Republic; Democracy;
- 24.Brazil - Republic; Democracy;

Research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 year.

More arguments to talk about:
- Buildings.
- Units involved.
- Researches names.
- Resources available.

You can download the last version of the mod at MODDB:

Waiting for your effort,
Nicola a.k.a Nikox

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posted 04-30-10 04:24 PM EDT (US)     51 / 472       
nikox sorry my com broke down so i couldn't get in touch. i was reduced to my other computer. it supported excel, word etc. no internet tho. so I've made much progress in the excel file.

coldwarwarrior can you send me the excel file that you have been working on? i want to see what you've got down.



EDIT: ppppplllllllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee bring me up to date! Although, I've given the garrison troop some thought and I've got to admit coldwar warrior stole my idea. But my own idea is that the Japanese garrison troop, if near a forest, will build a bunker that is a bit stronger than usual. (If It's possible anyway)

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posted 04-30-10 05:47 PM EDT (US)     52 / 472       
Nationgears: You on the team? if so i need your email. and come join my site too.
posted 04-30-10 06:23 PM EDT (US)     53 / 472       
Right now the "garrison infantry" or "fort fusilier" (axis and allies) is an unit produced just to garrison the several bunkers of Age of Tanks mod. I don't know if I'm able to realize Coldwar Warrior and Nationgears idea. Anyway we'll call that unit in a different way, maybe "bunker engineer".

I give you some number how RON engine is organized:
- 2 kind of citizens (axis & allies)
- 2 kind of scholar
- 4 kinds of general
- 1 spy
- 2 kinds of merchant
- 2 kinds of armed merchant
- 2 kinds of supply wagon
- 1 armed supply wagon
- 1 militia
- 1 minuteman (it can be hitler junger)
- 1 partisan
- 2 kinds of explorer (axis and allies, for nations without special forces)
- 2 kinds of commando (axis and allies, for nations with just a basic special force)
- 9 kinds of special forces (paratroopers: fallschirmjager, folgore, airborne commando etc.)
- 37 kinds of infantry
- 4 kinds of marines (units with entrench ability)
- 8 kinds of machine gun (more kinds can be created using "extra infantry units")
- 1 flamethrower (more kinds can be created using "extra infantry units")
- 38 kinds of heavy infantry
- 17 kinds of "extra infantry units"
- 39 kinds of armored cars or APC
- 38 kinds of tanks
- 16 kinds of artillery or mortar
- 6 kinds of AA battery
- 17 kinds of fighters aircrafts
- 4 kinds of bombers aircrafts
- 2 kinds of fighter bomber (created by Aircraft Carriers)
- 3 kinds of helicopters
- 4 kinds of missiles (V2 rockets etc.)
- 1 fishermen
- 2 kinds of Merchant Fleets
- 3 kinds of Transport Freighters
- 8 kinds of destroyers or cruisers
- 9 kinds of submarines or pt boats
- 11 kinds of Battleships
- 1 Aircraft Carrier
- 6 kinds of leaders (linked at governments types)
- 42 kinds of "free units" (what can be used for any role)

To Army_of_One, greeks can be integrated as neutral or indipendent nation, there are two ready nations available Netherlands & Dutch East Indies or Manchukuo, what do you think about it?

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posted 04-30-10 07:57 PM EDT (US)     54 / 472       
Nikox: Yeah, I guess so, I could just make them a territory with Battle if it can be done. And I was think about last Age. it could be 1946-1950. (If Germany ever did invade United States, I think it would take three to five year to invaded USA) More or less, Just idea anyways.

Don't forget start adding to the Syncplicity folder. Like the Nation, Dates, Art, etc.

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Coldwar Warrior
posted 04-30-10 08:51 PM EDT (US)     55 / 472       
Nikox: That's what I was thinking for the minefield. Title is epic.
btw, thanks for the pictures.

Army of One: The more turns the better! XD
Guess i should just send the campaign units I have right now to Syncplicity then

Nationgears:Unfortunately i didn't have the time to work on the data sheet yet, but I'll send it to you as soon as I can
posted 04-30-10 09:04 PM EDT (US)     56 / 472       
I thought about Nethelands is a more interesting country where a battle can take place with "Fortress Holland" to be taken and maybe france can have its "Maginot" line of fortifications just to avoid a direct invasion and oblige a player to invade france from Holland.
I'm still thinking on how to force a player to invade Norway & Sweden and reflect the long time it tooks german army to invade it, maybe splitting it in three or four territories and placing an interesting resource (oil or an extra army or both) just into the far north of it.
About 1946, we can call it simply "after 1946" and use the same units in the years to follow.
As showed on above post the number of available units is limited, just few new ones can be developed in that age.

Edited: to don't have all units available at the same time we can link their creation at the developement of new technologies (as example: "Me 262" only after "jet flight").

Don't forget about police units (gestapo for axis), I think it's nice to keep police buildings and units.

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posted 04-30-10 09:45 PM EDT (US)     57 / 472       
Nikox: Yeah, Norway and Sweden, I could do that, I look in to that. And Maginot, I wonder how that could work. maybe i could maxed territories defends or something.

Coldwar Warrior: I cant wait to see them.

By the way, I won't be on tell Monday.

Nikox: If you want to edit the Word War 2 Map and give more territory to Norway and Sweden, I try to add it to the World War 2 xml went i get back.

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posted 04-30-10 09:54 PM EDT (US)     58 / 472       
Army_of_One, have you seen the bunch of bunkers in Age of Tanks?? Maybe they can be placed in the brown territory between france and germany and lost when the capital (Paris) is taken.

Edited: enjoy your holydays, see you on monday

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 04-30-2010 @ 09:56 PM).]

posted 04-30-10 10:15 PM EDT (US)     59 / 472       
Yeah thanks,

That could work. I add new west France territory. Call it "Maginot Line" But anyway, We could just share same Syncplicity folder. just because I have lot space it. 6gb.

Edited: Never mind, I could just add my World War 2 campaign folder, with yours. I let it up to you just let me know. And Send invited to my email., I Don't use my yahoo email with it...

Edited Again: We can use both! =D Use my as back up for the file. what do you think?

Anyway, See ya Monday.

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posted 05-01-10 02:28 AM EDT (US)     60 / 472       

Where did you get those figures for the RoN 'engine'? I used any old unit spot for any old unit, however I left most 'root' units intact (e.g. bark, slingers, biplane). Were there crashes if you put units outside of their 'areas'. If so, that could be the reason ships and yak-9s crash the game in my mod.
posted 05-01-10 03:08 AM EDT (US)     61 / 472       
Dear Wadis10,
check the original unitrules.xml and count the units are in there and you'll get my diagram.
There is nothing new in what I'm talking about.
The RON engine is really sensible at it when the number of modded units is a lot.
Also care about their position in the row (one example is flamethrower) you must keep it as 82nd unit (if you have an xml editor check its path), same should be in unit_graphics.xml.
Care about the position of upgrades (where a unit is coming from and where it jumps).
All these things are the reason why my mod is working and your is crashing.
You have a lot of nice ideas in your mod if you join the team I'll be glad to insert them in this new mod and teach you all what I know about modding.

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-01-10 08:24 PM EDT (US)     62 / 472       
wo there's been alot of progress srry i wasn't able to join the team i am working on scenarios at the moment....
so when do ya guys think this will be done cuz i was wondering if i could use it for a CoD scen campiegn
posted 05-01-10 11:43 PM EDT (US)     63 / 472       
Hi Dark Rebel,
we are still at the beginning, Coldwar Warrior and Nationgears are working on a table of units.
If you wanna join the team, we are glad to have you in. Army_of_One is keeping our contacts, but he will be back on monday.
By the way, I wanna make you a question, is possible to use mod units in a scenario if they are out of normal table of icons?
I ask you it as I couldn't use my mod ( ) units to build a scenario as I placed all their icons outside the normal size of icons files.

Edited: Army_of_One, I drawed my idea for scandinavia, but I don't know how to realize it throw an xml file. You'll find it in the upload folder in sincplicity. The square in the north is the territory where I'll place the extra army and/or resources.
I made researches on Norway during WW2 ( - ). There were no tanks, no modern artillery, no anti-tank weapons and no effective anti-aircraft guns. But there were help from British, French, and Polish forces. Maybe we don't need to join Norway and Sweden in a unique territory (Scandinavia) if we can have other armies involved in battles. Or we can build the Norway army with units coming from these countries (ex.: Churchill BEF - British Expeditionary Force).

Army_of_One (and mod team), I edited the countries list, this should be last time I do it. Tell me if it's ok for you, if so we can go on with it. Numbers are the tribes positions in unitrules.xml.

Edited: To everyone working on mod, meanwhile we get a table of units ready I was doing some basic job as creating allies and axis citizens, generals (allied, axis, russian and japanese), leaders. Leaders are linked at a government type and maybe I've to reconsider government options. We can have six single governments without any developement(democracy, republic, monarchy, fascist, comunist and colonial) or three governments with a switch to a war economy (democracy, fascist, comunist).
What do you think about that??

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Dark Rebel
posted 05-02-10 12:55 PM EDT (US)     64 / 472       
alright nilox i will see bout your question i'm gonna dl ur mod right now hey btw for the new WWII mod i think there should be an install program that way the user doesn't have to find all the places to put the files
posted 05-02-10 01:07 PM EDT (US)     65 / 472       
Hey Dark Rebel,
I think we can count on you as part of the team, isn't it?!?
I thought to try to have two install programs, one to have the mod as standalone and one replacing original files to have it working with WW2 CTW campaign mod.
Only I'm not so good with this program, maybe I'll need someone helping me with it.

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 05-02-2010 @ 01:08 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-02-10 01:20 PM EDT (US)     66 / 472       
I uploaded the CTW files I promised except for the American loading screen, I need to redo it.

I also sent some late war skins, 262, shooting star etc. BTW, Nikox the model i used for the 262 isn't the best... what do you suggest we use instead?
posted 05-02-10 01:39 PM EDT (US)     67 / 472       
Hey Coldwar Warrior,
have you seen the new folder in syncplicity for WW2 images? I thought we can use it to collect drawings or pictures what we can use for icons or victory screens.

About Me262, if you find a jet model with open wings we can add two jet propulsors using the same feature used with stuka's wheels.

I'll be glad to know your idea about the countries list and governments types

Edited: as you love aircrafts here's a nice website:

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 05-02-2010 @ 02:07 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-02-10 04:30 PM EDT (US)     68 / 472       
Well I'm also sending a Ar234 blitz and a b29 (It needs a new model)

Also sending some early war American art from my preww2, and the carriers

[This message has been edited by Coldwar Warrior (edited 05-02-2010 @ 04:44 PM).]

posted 05-02-10 05:26 PM EDT (US)     69 / 472       
Coldwar Warrior,
lovely backgrounds!!
I can see your files in sincplicity, but I cannot download them. Can you try to autorize me, pls?

Thanks! Now it's working
Addons?? how can I use them??

More edited:
any instruction on how I can use all skins?!
(model, size, etc.)

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 05-02-2010 @ 05:49 PM).]

Coldwar Warrior
posted 05-02-10 07:36 PM EDT (US)     70 / 472       
Oh sorry bout that nikox! I'll send the data files tomorrow

here are the models:

262 -> Entendard model (addon uses yak model)
American zeppelin, ju-88, b-23 -> bomber_ger
ohka -> Cruise Missile model
Axis carrier (aka graf Zeppelin) hull -> Dreadnought model
other carrier hulls -> battleship model
carrier decks -> Aircraft Carrier model
t54 -> t80 model
torpedo bomber (aka Avenger) -> fighter_asian
shooting star -> mustang
Dark Rebel
posted 05-02-10 07:45 PM EDT (US)     71 / 472       
hey there Nikox,
About your question if you are asking if they aren't where you can place units then yes there is still a way to use them i can't think you meant it in another way...Well i will download your age of tanks and see what you mean oh the icons hmm give me sometime to work that out and find a solution.So i guess i am part of the team so is there a link to see what the skins for the units are like? Finally if i am able to work the icon thing out can i make a CoD campiegn using this mod i could really use it specially becuase of the ages being years this will definately improve things.
Question: Is there sposed to be a mod directory because when i installed Blood Red Dawn 1943 i just replaced the Thrones and Patriots tribes file and the Thrones and Patriots Data file???
Closing comment:When i installed the AoT and tried to open the installed it said i could not acess it or something idk what to do for that.

Rise of Nations;Axis & Allies: Ok so i have come up with a new idea,When this mod is finished i am probobly gonna use it for scen making. But i also now have a brillent idea that if u are interested when we are done with this we can all do. Since there has been Rise of Nations, Then Rise of Nations; Thrones & Patriots, I want there to be a Rise of Nations; Axis & Allies where the main focus is WWII now i have a quick question: Should we use this mod to make it or start a whole new project? There needs to be a main campiegn about the World War since i am new to modding i need help with it and all and i am not sure if i should post this idea as a topic on the forums yet i kinda wanna know what u guys think first. Since this mod isn't done yet I have an idea on what i am going to do with the introduction Scenario Using Blood Red Dawn for it as i have permission from the creator.


[This message has been edited by Dark Rebel (edited 05-02-2010 @ 08:25 PM).]

posted 05-03-10 01:50 AM EDT (US)     72 / 472       
to Coldwar Warrior:
- I couldn't find the etendard model, is it coming with a mod?

to Dark Rebel:
- I apologize for it, but my knowledge of english language is limited. Anyway if you're asking a permission to use Age of Tanks mod you have it. Feel free to use it as you like.
- This mod "1939-1945 Second Great War" is focused on WW2, the use of all 24 tribes is usefull to have it more flexible and without crash. Of course the six main countries (Germany, United States, Great Britain, Russia, Japan and Italy) will have a priority with a bigger layout of units and buildings.
- you wrote: "When i installed the AoT and tried to open the installed it said i could not acess it or something idk what to do for that" The installer is not a zip file, try to open it as "administrator" and it should place "Age of Tanks" in your mods folder. Check in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Mods , it should be there.
If you wanna try a manual installation here is a zip file of the mod:

[This message has been edited by Nikox (edited 05-03-2010 @ 03:10 AM).]

Dark Rebel
posted 05-03-10 04:13 PM EDT (US)     73 / 472       
Nikox, I am sorry i speak only english and i still have a hard time with it what i meantis i want to use our second Great war mod and maybe your age of tanks along with alot of other mods that i got permission from the authors to make practicly my own expansion pack for the game so can i have your permission for this mod?

Anyone, If you know how to do a counquer the world campiegn that would be useful!

posted 05-03-10 04:29 PM EDT (US)     74 / 472       
Dark Rebel,
I can speak for "Age of Tanks" mod and you can use any part of it you'll find usefull.
About this mod "1939-1945 Second Great War", as we are a team I need other partners opinion about that.
Anyway I think it will not be ready in a short time.
Dark Rebel
posted 05-03-10 06:21 PM EDT (US)     75 / 472       
Nikox, I think it is good you respect the other parters choice in the matter. Also i do not intend on using this mod for a while so i can wait
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