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Topic Subject:Rise of Peace - city management mod idea
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posted 02-22-11 04:00 AM EDT (US)         
This is just an idea and it is at the back of my modding to do list so right now it is purely in the ideas stage so I have no real plans of developing it any time soon but feel free to develop or use this mod idea for something.

Rise of Peace

This is a city management mod where rather than focusing on battles with another nation, you will be focusing on managing a city so it becomes a thriving metropolis, rather than a giant slum. The city will grow automatically, the quality will depend on your population and resources. Like a normal city, people will wander the streets and cars will drive about. Once you have a port, ships will wander the seas and once you have an airport, planes and helicopters will travel above the city. Having a large population is bad when you don't have the resources to support them but the more people in your cities, the quicker you city spreads and develops and having a certain population will unlock technologies and wonders.


The game is centred around happiness and there will be a happiness rate to measure how well you are doing. When your city is happy, you can access new buildings, your citizens will work harder because they are happy, and sometimes they will give you a monument, or a wonder if your town is very happy, that provide happiness, resource and other benefits. Happy cities also don't have as much crime. Happiness is produced by a good housing to population ratio, certain buildings such as the stadium as well as monuments and wonders, and also the technology you have so for example, solar power plants are better for happiness than coal or oil power plants, though solar plants do not produce as much.

Unhappiness is a major problem. When your people are unhappy, there will be increased crime and work rate decreases. If your nation has reached a certain level of unhappiness, mostly peaceful protesters will take to the streets, who act as a good warning sign for what is to come if you fail to meet their demands. Next comes the riots. Riots are made up of citizens as well as rioters (kind of like militia), and if things get worse, a few armed protesters may appear too and they attack buildings and citizens that get in their way. Apart from some building damage, riots don't do too much if you don't provoke the rioters and start a fight with them. After that comes open rebellion where thousands of protesters, rioters and armed rebels will come in waves at police stations and government buildings. Rebels can be especially damaging and once rebellions start, there will almost certainly be fatalities. Unhappiness is caused by factories, a bad population to housing ratio, which also causes disease and crime, and also if you don't have the money to successfully upkeep buildings they will fall into disrepair.

There is also a ratio in cities between the poor, the middle class, and the rich, which affects happiness as well as the housing quality in different areas. The ratio begins with quite average levels with the majority of people being middle class. How the ratio works out will depend on resources and on some of the policy decisions you make as a mayor. For example you might get asked by some upper middle and upper class people to lower their taxes while increasing them for the less fortunate because they will give you a monument.


Quality is a term that is mentioned with regards to city areas. Basically, high quality commercial buildings produce more, while high quality factories produce less unhappiness and pollution as well as producing more resources. High quality housing generates happiness while poor quality housing produces unhappiness. There is also a thing called maximum quality, where at that point sectors cannot reach a higher quality level, which can then be increased with technology.

City Areas

In your city, there are three different types of areas:

- Residential. This is the housing of the people of your city. The quality of residential areas usually depends on a population to resources ratio. Having a high amount of resources compared to population means that the average housing will becoming larger and more luxurious until you are building mansions all over the place. If you have a large amount of population compared to resources, slums will be produced, which churn out disease, crime, and unhappiness. Like a normal city, the housing will vary in different areas. Housing is generally poorer near factories while the large houses will appear in the suburbs. Housing is also affected by the rich to poor ratio. In the centre of the city, or near commercial areas, the residential areas are usually apartment blocks, away from commercial areas there are large suburbs while outside the city there are farmhouses.

- Industrial. The industrial sector produces all resources apart from wealth. Factories decrease happiness though due to pollution, and they will decrease the quality of nearby housing. Crime may rise in these areas too. The quality of the factories can be increased by having parks nearby and by the Scientific Institute and their quality overall is increased by science techs. High quality factories produce more but do not generate much unhappiness or crime. Inside the city factories look like the vanilla oil refineries and factories and in the outer parts of the city they take the form of farms, woodcutters camps and oil wells and platforms.

- Commercial. The commercial sector of the city starts at the city centre and throughout a game new sectors will emerge around the city. The commercial sectors produce wealth, and have quite a neutral effect on happiness. A new financial sector will just have a few small office buildings and won't produce much but it will grow over time and basically the more wealth a sector it produces, the larger it gets and the better quality it becomes and when it gets larger it produces even more wealth. The quality of commercial buildings can also be increased with buildings like the city hall.

Also a concept that appears if you are doing poorly financially is that all areas will decrease in quality and if you do not have enough money to maintain commercial or industrial areas they may "shut down", meaning that while they produce unhappiness and crime, they produce no resources.


With regards to the main technologies (in Rise of Peace they are researched at the town hall), there are a few changes:

Industrial: Increases the quality of factories. Also increases the overall effectiveness of power plants

Civic: Increases the number of town halls you can build in the region and expands your regional territory. Civic techs also help to increase happiness, reduce crime, and increase residential quality.

Commerce: Increases the commerce capacity of your city and increases maximum quality of commercial buildings. All commercial sectors produce more wealth.

Science: Decreases the cost to research technologies and makes them research faster (in this mod all techs are extremely expensive and take ages to research). Increases maximum quality of factories.

Each technology requires a certain population level to be researched so you don't get awkward cases of there being a city made up of a couple of skyscrapers and a couple of farms and nothing else.

Other topics to be covered:

- Decisions, events, and governments
- Relationships with other towns
- Realistic systems including crime (which includes vandalism, murder, robbery and gang warfare), disease and fires, minor disasters such as a small building collapsing, a small ship or plane crashing or some crazed murderer on a killing spree.
- Disasters (earthquakes, epidemics, tornado, huge fires, toxic accidents, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorism, volcanos, oil spill, shipping or plane disaster etc.)

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-22-11 06:01 AM EDT (US)     1 / 37       
Sounds interesting, and really new !
Just wondering if the game engine will be adapted to a city-builder... for exemple, undestructible forests might be a pain. Or, even more silly, the low zooming out allowed could be disturbing for gameplay.
A great idea, though, I'm eager to read what's next.
posted 02-22-11 11:54 PM EDT (US)     2 / 37       
You may notice that it actually follows a similar pattern to sim-city. With the zooming out, there may be some way to change how much it can zoom in or out. With trees, there will probably not be a logging industry so close to a city so factories are the main resource producers. However when cities expand, forests might automatically disappear if too close to the path of the city.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-23-11 02:17 AM EDT (US)     3 / 37       

While the city grows its residential, commercial, and industrial areas automatically, it is your job to place the main buildings. The non-monument buildings are:

- Town Hall

This is the building you start with, right at the centre of your city. This is where the big decisions are made that help progress the city. It acts like the vanilla library in the fact that this is where you research the main techs (military is replaced by industrial) which unlock some new buildings and provide benefits for the city. Improves quality of nearby commercial buildings.

- School

Your main form of education in the city. It produces knowledge (a requirement for most techs) and this is where you research the vanilla university technologies. Schools are relatively expensive and most residential areas need a nearby school or else you will start losing happiness.

- Lumber Mill

These buildings enhance wood production and here you can get useful technologies to further enhance wood production. They produce unhappiness and will degrade residential areas nearby so it is best to put them in the industrial area.

- Smelter

These buildings enhance metal production and here you can get useful technologies to further enhance metal production. Produce unhappiness and will help degrade residential areas nearby so it is best to put them in the industrial area.

- Granary

These buildings enhance food production and here you can get useful technologies to further enhance food production. Produce unhappiness and will help degrade residential areas nearby so it is best to put them in the industrial area.

- Park

These are small, cheap structures that produce some happiness and reduce a bit of crime in the area. If you have parks in commercial and industrial areas it will decrease the chance that they will shut down and in residential areas, houses near parks will be of better quality.

- Stadium

These are more expensive than parks and unlike parks they do not have an effect on the crime rate or on the quality of nearby areas but they produce much more happiness and produce small amounts of wealth.

- Power Plant

These buildings do not provide you with a resource, but they are extremely important as they are needed to spread power across the city to allow the other buildings to produce resources. Power plants have a radius and areas inside that radius will receive power. Areas outside a power plant's radius will not function and will generate increased crime and unhappiness and will decline in quality so a residential area without power will degenerate to a slum after time and a commercial or industrial area won't produce resources (other buildings such as the school that enhance or gather resources will also stop working though they cannot be degraded in quality unlike areas) and after a while without power they will become abandoned and if you do get power to that area, the buildings will spend a long time to get back to their original state. Of course, power plants cannot run forever so after a while they will have to be replaced. There are three different types of power plants:

Coal Power Plant: These are cheap, supply power to a large area, and do not have to be replaced often, but they do produce unhappiness and degrade residential areas if there are any nearby. With enough resources, they can be upgraded to oil plants, which create less unhappiness, last longer and affect a larger radius.

Nuclear Power Plant: These are more expensive and have to be replaced more often than coal plants but they do not generate as much unhappiness and supply power to a larger area. However, nuclear power plants are much more prone to toxic disasters. They can be upgraded to nuclear fusion plants which are more effective overall, except they are more expensive.

Wind Mills: These are cheap but have a small radius so you will need them all over the place to have any real effect. However there is no chance of wind mills causing a disaster and they survive for a long time. They can be upgraded to solar power plants which, despite being somewhat more expensive, have a much larger power radius, create no unhappiness at all and are more cost efficient.

Here is how they rank in different areas:

Cost Efficiency -
1st: Coal Plants
2nd: Nuclear Plants
3rd: Wind Mills (singularly they are cheap but the amount needed to effectively provide a city with power is huge)

Largest Power radius -
1st: Nuclear Plants
2nd: Coal Plants
3rd: Wind Mills

Longest Lasting -
1st: Wind Mills
2nd: Coal Plants
3rd: Nuclear Plants

Least Unhappiness Caused -
1st: Wind Mills
2nd: Nuclear Plants
3rd: Coal Plants

Least Prone to disasters -
1st: Wind Mills
2nd: Coal Plants
3rd: Nuclear Plants

- Airport

The airport is very expensive and it generates unhappiness if built near residential areas but it provides extra population and it also supplies you with a lot of wealth. Growing your population is important because if your population doesn't grow enough, the city will stop developing. Pretty much you need a certain amount of people compared to the area of your city before you can further develop commercial and industrial areas. The higher the happiness in your city and the higher the amount of wonders and landmarks there are, the more people will come to your city and the higher the rate at which your population will grow and also since the more people there are coming to your city, the more money airports generate.

- Port (maps with water only)

These huge complexes provide all round bonuses for the city, though they come at a massive cost. Fishing boats appear and will wander about lazily while massive container ships and oil tankers push past with determination to get to their next stop. This means the Port provides food, oil, metal, wood and wealth. However, they are extremely expensive and generate unhappiness.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-23-11 05:56 PM EDT (US)     4 / 37       
Are you planning to take into account all the "invisible" facilities, such as sewers, metro, etc... and how ? I'm actually concerned about the user's interface. In SimCity, or any similar city builder, you can switch views ; do you think you can make this happen in Rise of Peace ?

Also, I thought that in order to add interest to it in comparison to a standard city builder, you could allow the player to build multiple cities at once and generate trade between them.

By the way, did you get my mail with all the buildings ?
posted 02-23-11 08:12 PM EDT (US)     5 / 37       
i already have that title for one of my mods, and the idea is pretty similar. if u look at my project desk you will see.
posted 02-23-11 11:01 PM EDT (US)     6 / 37       
I think there should just be above ground view. Yes, having the ability to control a region rather than just one city would be interesting and also if you choose to have other nations in a game they act as neighbouring regions as you try and have the most prosperous region. Also you can trade with the other regions and if a disaster affects a neighbouring area, you can choose to give aid to them.

Also there are keyboard numbers you can press to receive notifications so for example one number would tell you which areas have a bad level of crime, one would be for health, one would be for quality of the areas etc.. Also you will receive chat messages telling you when important things happen eg a disaster.

Also I have a few examples for scenarios to come with the mod:

- The Olympics: Your city is polluted and many buildings are of poor quality. Clean up the city, gain enough happiness to create a Olympic Stadium, and create a certain number of normal stadiums.

- Rebellion: The former dictatorship has been overthrown, but protesters and rebels in support of the dictator to take to the streets in a city already ravaged by violence. End the violence by increasing happiness, capturing the rebel leaders, and rebuilding the city.

Feel free to share some scenario ideas with me.

@ ColonelMolotov, I did get the buildings and they look brilliant!

@ AA64, yes I have seen that mod idea and I must admit I got a few idea by looking at your thread for it. Do you want to help me develop this mod?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-24-11 03:34 AM EDT (US)     7 / 37       
Emergency Services

- Police Station

This is the first of the emergency service buildings. An essential building, it decreases crime in the area that it is built and has the ability to deploy squads. Also, policemen and patrol cars will wander about the area where the station is and will respond to any emergencies. Basically, if a normal policeman attacks an enemy protester, criminal or rioter, the enemy unit will be "arrested" when it gets below half health. A jail (more info coming soon) is required for arresting people and rebels cannot be arrested. Squads are for proper emergencies where a few patrolling policemen can't do the job. The available police units are:

Policemen. The main police unit. Has a weak melee attack that may take a couple of hits before they get a criminal arrested and can travel in patrol cars.

Armed Officers. These police units are armed with a pistol and they can get a criminal arrested with one shot. Can travel in both patrol cars and armoured vehicles.

SWAT Team: These paramilitary soldiers are more focused on killing or badly wounding criminals rather than just arresting them and they can detect hidden units. This makes them ideal for counter terrorism (terrorists are pretty much cloaked units with bombs) and for fighting rebels. However you should be careful to only use SWAT for these events rather than for simple protests because their attacks are strong enough to kill units in one shot so they are incapable of arresting units meaning that they will just massacre protesters, which causes major unhappiness (killing criminals, protesters and rioters will decrease happiness but killing rebels and terrorists doesn't have a negative impact). Can travel in armoured vehicles.

Riot Police: These guys have an attack weaker than the armed officers but stronger than the normal police, making them capable of arresting units. The difference with these guys is that they have tons of hitpoints, making them useful for protecting longer ranged but weaker (in terms of hitpoints) units such as the armed officer and the SWAT team. Can travel in armoured vehicles.

Patrol Car: This vehicle is very fast, can carry police and has a good amount of hitpoints but it has no attack

Armoured Vehicle: Much stronger than the patrol car but is slower. This vehicle can carry the armed police units

Police Helicopter: Fast and extremely resistant to gunfire but it has no attack. However it serves as a brilliant scout vehicle since buildings don't slow it down and it can detect hidden units.

The squads are:

Ground Squad: Made up of policemen and patrol cars
High Speed Patrol: Made up of armed officers, patrol cars, and helicopters.
Riot Squad: Made up of armed officers, armoured vehicles, and riot police.
Counter Terrorism: Made up of SWAT, armoured vehicles, and helicopters.

- Prison

When a criminal is arrested, he goes to jail. Police are always arresting criminals, though you may not notice it happening a lot of the time. Although prisoners will disappear from the prison after a while, when your city grows, so do the amount of criminals, meaning that you may need multiple prisons. Prisons cause unhappiness and degrade the quality of nearby residential areas. Also having prisons means that if you are unlucky, there is an event that happens when prisoners will break out of the prison and cause mayhem until you bring over some police to get them back in jail.

- Hospital

This is the only building where units garrisoned inside will heal, and it does it at a good rate. At this building you can create ambulances which are fast vehicles that can transport injured units only (to prevent people using them as police transport), one at a time to the hospital so they can begin a recovery. Also you can train paramedics who can heal multiple people in his radius at a slow rate. If there is a disaster or a disease outbreak, a good strategy is to have paramedics at the scene, because if a unit is badly injured (or if they have the disease), their remaining health will begin to drain but a paramedic at the scene will make the rate of hem losing health slower, giving you extra time to send them to the hospital. Then you should start transporting the worst injured in ambulances (which have a healing ability of a similar rate to the paramedic that only affects the person inside the ambulance) to the hospital, where they will start making a full recovery. Hospitals are quite expensive but they increase happiness.

- Fire Stations

This building of course is where you get firefighters, which are units used to put out fires. Fires continually damage buildings so until the fire is put out, the building will continually lose health. Perhaps there is a way to have fires disappear if a firemen puts it out but still retain the amount of damage it had when the fire was put out and keep that health level until a construction worker fixes it. The more firemen on a building, the quicker the fire extinguishes. Also a fire may spread to other buildings so you do have to be quick. You can also build fire trucks, which are more expensive but are better at putting out fires and can carry firefighters inside them.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-24-11 04:01 AM EDT (US)     8 / 37       
I love the idea of preparing your city for Olympics ! Maybe you could add a few "natural catastrophes", such as some athletes taken hostages, Munich-like ? That would add an interesting challenge as well.
posted 02-24-11 01:41 PM EDT (US)     9 / 37       
sure we can work on it together, i have thought of all sorts of things like making civilian units as well as police,firefighters etc..... i also thought of making well known gangs and other groups of that sort to fight against. i already made many skins for units and buildings. i thought about making fire trucks out of mrls and firefighter units that repair buildings so they are no longer flaming. also i have been working on construction workers and vhiecles that build instead of having civilians do it. i made alot of police and swat units and i also made asian versions of the police buildings and vhiecles. i even made alot of pointless/funny things such as a car dealership where civilian cars can be made and a pet store where civilians can be made that are accompanied by thier pets, like a parrot and several types of dogs..etc. there is alot of other stuff i already made and i have alot of ideas, so if u want any just ask.
posted 02-24-11 11:18 PM EDT (US)     10 / 37       
I will go a bit further on fire fighters and paramedics too in the next release.

With scenarios, I was thinking that perhaps there could also be some big disaster scenarios:

- Earthquake (could be based off a real earthquake): Your city is shaken badly by a high magnitude quake that destroys buildings and starts fires across the city. You have to rescue trapped civilians, put out fires across the city, and rebuild what has been destroyed and bring the city back to a normal state.

- Bombings (based off the London 7/7 bombings): your city has been targeted by terrorists and your job is to find and arrest them before lives are lost.

Any more scenario ideas?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-24-11 11:48 PM EDT (US)     11 / 37       
No but some of the ideas seem appealing enough, for Rise of the Moderns: I was planning for a French Revolution event or something like that but nothing can be done, no, not until I get my work solved and Rise of Kings running again :P
posted 02-25-11 03:46 AM EDT (US)     12 / 37       

Monuments are special buildings that you can unlock along the way. Monuments usually require a certain amount of happiness, resources, or population to unlock though you sometimes can get them as a gift for doing something and usually they are there just as a nice building which costs you nothing when you unlock it but it provides happiness. So pretty much it gives you extra happiness for free! Right now I can't really think of anything and I am thinking of merging wonders with monuments so there is only one section. What do you guys think? Do you have any wonder/monument ideas?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-25-11 07:09 AM EDT (US)     13 / 37       
How do monuments work?
posted 02-25-11 05:25 PM EDT (US)     14 / 37       
Well I have decided to scrap monuments and instead just have wonders, which may contain elements of monument buildings. Most wonders are unlocked with a certain amount of happiness, or a certain population (another reason why population growth is important). Wonders provide different benefits, though some wonders do have their downsides.

Here is a list of the wonders I have decided to include so far:

- Town Hall (you start off with one and can build extra ones once you have increased your city limit)

This is the building you start with, right at the centre of your city. This is where the big decisions are made that help progress the city.
Benefits: Increases nearby commercial quality, creating a nice commercial sector to surround the town hall.
Downsides: Future town halls cost a lot.

- Statue (Requires a population of 25,000)

A small statue that looks nice in front of the town hall.
Benefits: Provides extra happiness
Downsides: none

- Mayor's Residence (Requires a population of 50,000)

A large house with a nice garden. Best placed in residential areas.
Benefits: Increases quality of nearby residential area, a good way to create a wealthy suburb.
Downsides: none

- Courthouse (Requires a population of 100,000)

A great building to place in central city residential and commercial areas.
Benefits: Lowers crime inside a large area around the courthouse.
Downsides: none

- ??? (Requires population of 1 million)

A super secret building, so secret I don't actually know what the building should be. Seriously, any ideas for this building?

- Olympic Stadium (Requires a certain amount of happiness)

An amazing structure that may give you the chance to host the Olympic games in your city.
Benefits: May give you the chance to host the Olympic Games (an event that brings many people to your city and provides you with tons of money and happiness); Produces large amounts of happiness and small amounts of wealth too.
Downsides: Extremely expensive!

- Stock Exchange (Requires a population of 200,000 and a certain amount of wealth.
A large building that works best in the centre of the city.
Benefits: Increases quality of nearby commercial areas and generates a lot of wealth.
Downsides: Very expensive.

- University (Requires a certain amount of knowledge)

A huge complex of buildings that looks nice in the suburbs.
Benefits: Provides lots and lots of knowledge.
Downsides: none

- Scientific Institute (Requires even more knowledge than the University)
A large super advanced structure that works best in Industrial areas.
Benefits: Makes all techs much cheaper and quicker to research; produces large amounts of knowledge; improves quality of nearby industrial buildings, helping to create an advanced industry.
Downsides: Costs a heck of a lot of resources to create.

- Military Base (requires a population of 100,000)
A military complex that should be placed well away from the city. Infantry and armoured vehicles patrol the area and they can't arrest, only kill, another reason why this building should be placed away from the city so they don't kill unsuspecting criminals since that produces unhappiness.
Benefits: Can train Military Squads (made up of infantry, armoured vehicles, tanks and attack helicopters), giving your nation an extra chance of survival in a rebellion.
Downsides: Reduces happiness, decreases quality of nearby areas significantly, and increases crime in nearby areas.

- Maximum Security Prison (Comes as an offer from a neighbouring city when playing with multiple regions)
A large prison that goes well with the military base since the military units patrolling the military base will help in the event of a prison break since having them kill escaped prisoners doesn't bring much unhappiness and prisoners escape in large amounts that police would have trouble dealing with anyway.
Benefits: Has a large space for prisoners meaning that you might be able to get rid of other prisons. The neighbouring region that offers you the prison gives you lots of wealth too.
Downsides: Heavily decreases happiness and nearby building quality. Prison breaks are so much worse when they happen at maximum security prisons.

- Shopping Mall (Requires a certain amount of happiness)
A nice large mall that works best in industrial areas but looks nice when it is close to residential areas.
Benefits: Produces wealth, increases happiness.
Downsides: Increases crime in the area

- International Airport (Requires 2 domestic airports and ap population of 200,000)
A huge airport that looks nice when built next to domestic airports.
Benefits: Increases population dramatically and provides large amounts of wealth. It acts like a domestic airport but on a much larger scale.
Downsides: Decreases happiness and degrades quality of residential areas if there are any nearby. Very expensive!

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-27-11 00:07 AM EDT (US)     15 / 37       
A bit dated, but:

Some interesting ideas -

- Christchurch Cathedral
- Eden project
- Smithsonian
posted 02-27-11 01:04 AM EDT (US)     16 / 37       
Well wonders are not supposed to be specific such as Oxford University as instead you would just have "University" but certain landmarks might appear in certain scenarios. there could be certain landmarks available depending on what city you choose to develop. Perhaps rather than nations such as the Romans and the Germans, there could be cities, such as Paris, Berlin and New York.

So do you have any more scenario ideas? I was thinking that most should be based off real events so the Olympic Games scenario could be based off the Beijing Olympics, the bombings scenario could be based off the London 7/7 bombings for example.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-27-11 04:37 AM EDT (US)     17 / 37       

A new concept for Rise of Peace:

Wartime economy

While you may not be sending troops and armies out to fight and die, one part of Rise of Peace involves creating wartime industries - your industrial output must remain sufficiently high enough for a time until peace is declared. Beware however as a broken war economy will result in an enemy army marching in to annex your city.


Rise of Sun Zi (c. 200 BC): The King of Wu has built a new city, Gusu, as his capital. Your task is to build up the city and its defences as fast as you can. Your main problem is basically hitting population and resource targets as a prelude to war with Chu.

Londinum (c. 100 BC - 200 CE): You are facing off against several rival communities near the Thames Valley. Keep building up, because each time your score falls, the enemy villages will expand further. Your task is to have the biggest city before a timer ends.


Venice (c. 1400CE-1700CE): Keep Venice in working order as long as possible. You must ensure that the environment is protected, so as to ensure the strength of your merchant marine. Bear in mind that in this scenario, land is scarce, so choose wisely. An economic collapse will result in violence, then finally occupation by the French.

Paris (c. 1820-1840CE): it is the 19th century, and Paris is bursting at the seams. In order to advance forward, you will have to expand your city as quickly as you can - cramped conditions will do no good as there will later on be riots, terrorists, disease and even building collapses. Your task is to survive these.

Cowboys vs Indians (c. 1870CE): As a magistrate overseeing the birth of a new town in the wilderness, you are currently creating a new city in the desert, but you are menaced by Indian tribes. Build up your city and your resources as quickly as possible, so that reinforcements can arrive before it is too late.


Earthquake scenario (19-20??CE): (can be San Fran, or Tokyo, or even Christchurch!)

London 7/7 Bombings: unsure how this could run.

I however can suggest further ideas like:

People's Revolution (c. 1920CE)

Revolution is in the air in China! as the governer in charge of one of the "fan kwei lao" factions ruling Shanghai, it is your job to keep order and ensure racial harmony between the whites and the Chinese of your concession territory. You will have plenty of trouble on your hands: the communists. If the Communists cause too much trouble in Kuomintang-held areas, it will affect your prestige and racial tensions in your own concession with dreadful consequences.

Siege of Malta (c. 1943CE)

Malta is under siege, due to the Second World War. In order to win, you must ensure that your people's morale is kept as high as possible and the ports intact until the Allies arrive with supplies. There is no combat, save with Italian aircraft and German submarines and destroyers which will continuously shell your harbours. Special buildings: aerial defence, mines, and submarine netting. Try to maintain food and health as you can in order to keep incidents down to a minimum.

Cold War Berlin (1952 CE):

Play as either the GDR or the Bundesrepublik. It is like Paris, except that happiness is key in ensuring that you have sufficient scientists coming in. Luring refugees from either side is the only way to obtain new techs. Both sides are vulnerable to a variety of problems: stock market crises, riots, and even wars in faraway Hungary and Czechoslovakia which will affect the GDR's resources. Be warned, however: you must maintain good relations with the other German government, otherwise you risk starting a war.

Kuala Lumpur-Petaling Jaya, Wawasan 2020 (2003 CE):

The corruption scenario par excellence. As part of the Malaysian government's Vision 2020 scenario, resources are running out, and traffic snarls are becoming more frequent. You start off with near to meagre resources and high corrpution, and your task is to stave off two problems: traffic chaos in 2012, and water shortages in 2016. Mass transit might be the right way to re-route traffic, but beware as not listening to key developers may cause problems later on - ie, you might have fewer resources once the realtors withdraw their support and resources!

(t.b.c. As you know I am fighting for my life but I can give some help whenever I can. How is Rise of Kings going?)

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posted 02-27-11 04:06 PM EDT (US)     18 / 37       
Making this mod work with the Ancient and Medieval eras would take a lot of work and in my opinion there wouldn't be too much of a point. Lets just say this mod is supposed to be set in the Information Age for now.

I do really like your Malaysia idea. But how should I incorporate water supply and traffic into the mod? The water supply could work like a power plant, giving water to a certain radius and making buildings require power and water or else they won't develop.

I also like the revolution in Shanghai scenario though perhaps there is a similar scenario in the modern times that we could use instead.

Another idea:

Mogadishu - Mogadishu has been torn apart by civil war and by endless violence for the past few years. Recently, Ethiopian soldiers have managed to get the internationally recognized Transitional Federal Government back in power of Somalia. However the city has become a battle zone between Somali government troops, warlords, militants and guerrillas. Not all combat is against you as there are competing warlords who start up fights against each other. As the mayor of Mogadishu, your job is to restore order. Your main tasks are to wipe out resistance to your government by capturing territory held by the different warlords and rebels and destroying their strongholds; raise the population and happiness of your city to a certain point (thousands have fled Mogadishu in the previous wars); restart the city's industry by providing the city with power and water, and by building more important buildings such as smelters, granaries, lumber mills and schools; and to make the waters by Mogadishu safe by using patrol boats to get rid of pirates. Since civilians in rebel territory are part of the rebel nation, you have to be careful when fighting rebels because killing unarmed civilians will greatly reduce happiness in the city. You will have some police stations and a military base at the start to help you retake the city.

About Rise of Kings, progress is still pretty slow and I am still trying to sort the lancer out since it seems I cannot use ODA's model now so I have to transfer the skin to the royal companion model and the royal stratiotai. Also to add realism to the mod I have decided to add another peasant unit - the skirmisher levy. They have a mixture of bows and javelins. They are fast moving and they have a good range despite having a small amount of hitpoints as well as a rather weak attack but they do go well with the peasant levy and if used correctly they can be devastating against a professional army.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-27-11 07:18 PM EDT (US)     19 / 37       
Yeah, power should do the trick - or it can be a scenario-based choice whereby you will be forced to side with private sector actors, whose interests may not be conducive to yours.

The Malaysia scenario basically involves lots of corruption, and a prospect of pissing off the local capitalists who might then cause the economy to drop. Managing the nexus between corporate corruption and utilities is key: the capitalists want to build nothing but residential lots because that's where the money comes in from.

I haven't really thought these things out, tbh. Like the Rise of Kings CtW (hope you received all those files) they are mostly only afterthoughts that need refining further. I'll see how this progresses, because if it actually works out I might want some of the mechanics and scripts for Rise of the Moderns!

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posted 05-05-11 11:24 PM EDT (US)     20 / 37       

Are you still concentrating on this mod, or would you like to merge it with Rise of the Moderns? It'd be great once we finish A Wrong Turn, Rise of Kings and Rise of the Ancients - we can then start creating Rise of the Moderns.
posted 05-06-11 02:16 AM EDT (US)     21 / 37       
Rise of Peace (maybe not such an accurate name with all the riots and terrorism in the mod) is really a separate project idea that could be worked on in the future. I don't think that this mod would work with Rise of the Moderns because this mod aims to be a modern city builder game like Sim City rather than an RTS battle mod like Rise of the Moderns so unless you want to turn Rise of the Moderns into an ancient Sims City I don't think it would be such a great idea to merge the projects. Though Rise of Peace could enter other periods I guess.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 05-08-11 00:08 AM EDT (US)     22 / 37       
I find the idea of happiness quite an interesting idea. Would it be possible to have that mechanism in Rise of the Moderns?
posted 05-08-11 01:09 AM EDT (US)     23 / 37       
It would be very difficult to implement the happiness mechanism of Rise of Peace in Rise of the Moderns because the whole style of these two mods are completely different. However I have heard of a much more simple script you could introduce where if you don't gather enough resources or something like that, I think your citizens turn into enemy militia and then an enemy army is spawned at your capital.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
neco the emperor
posted 05-08-11 05:06 AM EDT (US)     24 / 37       
Super7700, good thinking. Bringing Rise of Nation a lot more depth could alter entire gameplay. However, a certain point raised me question on my mind; social or eco infrastructure is numerous and like all RTS RoN is allocated for warfare and wonder race. Brieflly;

1-) how the gamer would manipulate micro-macro control.

2-) COuld the infra structure or other kind of concpets, concerning civic lice, be adjusted through some sort of JSP interface like in Europe Universalis?

3-) Rise of Peace shall include Gulags, Concentration camps, or guerrila Hq?

If a state struggles to preserve pursuit of happiness, than there shall be agents of vilification and antrocity, against which the country fight.
posted 05-08-11 08:41 AM EDT (US)     25 / 37       
@neco: check ideas for scenarios above.

@Super7700: I'm gonna guess that such measures would have to be confined to the CtW, like in the Cold War CtW then. Still it'd be fun to think of what'd happen if we could manipulate, say, the amount of resources that you collect. For instance, your overall economic income could be determined by a so-called "happy meter"., which is affected by a variety of factors. For instance, if you are at least the 3rd best player in the game, the happy meter can be increased. Equally, having won enough battles and building or capturing cities can boost it further, as much as losing battles and cities.
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