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Topic Subject:Ideas for RON2 if its made
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posted 06-03-06 02:23 AM EDT (US)         
If they made a RON2 i think that they should make it kinda futuristic. You can have space battles and land battles. maybe you can even fight alien civs and battle on diffrent planets. Even though they might need to wait for better computers i still think it would be fun.

~=~just give me all your cash ok. or do i need to do something to make you~=~
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posted 06-18-09 09:58 AM EDT (US)     51 / 83       

1. Library Research should be enhanced. In all of the Sid Mier's Civilization games, I like how you have to research the individual things. That is probably a bit complicated for RoN, but I think something like that should occur.

2. Game time should be lengthened. As much as I like being able to hop on my computer and play a quick game, its always fun to look forward to those long lasting scenarios in the Civ Games.

3. Game play should be slightly less intensive. While its always fun to be managing every aspect of your nation, sometimes its nice to look back for a moment and "let the game play itself."

4. Population Limit should be increased or eliminated. Yes, pop cap is a realistic feature, but at some points, it detracts from the fun of the game. 38 Studios should think of increasing the pop cap.

5. Colonization should be encouraged. There are many realistic aspects to RoN, but one thing that should definitely be changed is colonization. In RoN, as many of you know, it is essentially impossible to build cities outside of your territory, and I find this completely unrealistic because throughout history, colonization and mercantilism were key to the success of many nations.

6. CTW Campaigns should be changed slightly. By this, I mean that in the individual territories, cities and towns should be pre built. It makes absolutely no sense in a Cold War CTW Campaign to have to build the already geographically existing cities (in reality).

7. Trade (by this I do not mean trade with caravans) amongst nations should be changed. I mean, come on, only being able to trade resources? How about technology, contact with other nations, territory, and rare resources?

8. More nations should be added. Of course, this is a given. If I were 38 Studios, I would add the Celts, Vikings, Carthaginians, Portuguese, Babylonians, Zulu, Hittites, and Arabs. This may seem like a lot, but if RoN even stands a chance competing with Civ IV, then this will be needed.

9. The Alliance system should be modified. Throughout history, there were many cases when alliances contained more than two member nations. Perhaps creating pacts to compensate for this?

10. Diplomacy needs to change. Where are the trade embargos, open borders, and vassalage?

11. Scenario Design needs to be changed. In the second RoN, there should be some which way of making editing land easier and more time efficient. Possibly being able to load an image at which point the computer could read the image and create a replica, except in pixels.

12. Last, but not least, and as expected, new units, buildings, and features need to be added to RoN. More specifically, possibly creating a building called, "City Wall," acting as a defensive barrier to your city. Military strategy should become a bigger player in RoN 2 instead of becoming an economic and technological superpower and using all of your resources to nuke, invade, and capture your enemy in one swoop. Many times, I feel like the one flaw to RoN gameplay is the rush to research all possible technologies before invasion (or to do a "rush invasion" at the start of the game). In other words, RoN should become less of a "routine game" in which the player does the same general thing every time.

Overall, if you analyze what I have written, what you will realize is that the best Civilization based game can be created...

posted 08-20-09 07:42 AM EDT (US)     52 / 83       
I agree with you Sargonthegreat

Why do you don't create a new pack of realistic rules for RON T&P ?

You could doing that by modifiying parameters in xml for apply your dreamed changes...

After all RON T&P has all but realistic rules...

In my ideal it would be a slow pace game with realistic conditions...

Very few units to the begining for micro battles, increasing slowly to modern times...

Why do you not increase the game instead of focusing on a gived period ?

a game running from 10.000 BC to 2100 AD should be nice...
posted 08-26-09 00:33 AM EDT (US)     53 / 83       
Well, there's a lot that I want to say.

1. Of course, better, more realistic-looking graphics.
2. More nations, like the Portuguese, Swedish, and Canadians.
3. More population limit; I want to see massive Lord of the Rings epic battles and stuff.
4. A more apparent benefit from UU's. As of now, I don't see that much difference between each of the nation's UUs.
5. More maps. Gets boring playing on the same few maps every now and then.
6. Alliances with only two people in diplomacy? There should be more.
7. More realistic gameplay. For instance, tanks running over infantry, etc.
8. A more intelligent AI. Even at toughest, the AI is still very predictable. Basically, it would be great if playing against the computer was somewhat similar to playing against a human, though that's probably never going to happen.
9. Making nukes harder to get to, like, making them more expensive.
10. More taunts, 100 is just not enough LOL. Oh, and making the AI more "responsive" to taunts.
11. Make transports stronger or something. Gets annoying when the guy just sends a bunch of subs and kills my army in a few seconds.

That's about it. ^^
posted 09-19-09 02:35 PM EDT (US)     54 / 83       
Nations need to have speacial nation ships.
Carriers need ALOT more fighter'/bombers (and hold different planes, like torpedo and dive bombers).

Industrial Age Trench Warfare!
We need to be able to build trench systems!!!
(the entrenchment abilities kinda look bad).

WWI, WWII conquare the world campaigns.

Zeplin bombers/ airial aircraft carriers.

Tactics change over time (Ex. enlightenment age: units form columns, but modern age: units run for cover).

DO NOT LOSE THE REALISM. That is why Empire Earth III failed so much!
posted 09-21-09 09:45 AM EDT (US)     55 / 83       
I doubt that they'll make RoN II, but hopefully they do.

In the mean time, let's see how many mods this community can crank out to add new versions of RoN. While Osiris (the Ancient World Mod) will not release for our pre-expected Christmas date, it should be done sometime in 2010. This may seem like a large amount of time to wait, but it is a gigantic mod that completely reworks RoN, and thus it takes time to develop with only a team of two. If anyone is willing to actively help with the mod, please send me an email at
posted 10-09-09 10:14 AM EDT (US)     56 / 83       
If there was going to be a WW2 campaign, I hope they wouldn't leave out Australia or NZ, because they did play a pretty big part in WW2

I have some ideas.

A bit where you can disable units for a quick game, such as wonders, I like playing games with unlimited resources and at the start it just seems like one massive race to see who can build the most wonders.

well I only had one idea. But instead of Australia having the power of the outback.. Power of urbanisation might be better, because not really any of us live in the outback. Most on the coast and we are one of the fastest urbanising countries, well if that makes sense.

or maybe even bring out some of the campaigns from the first one, improved and from the aspect of a different country. e.g.

Oh and another idea would be if your general or hero died etc. Some of your men lose morale and start to fight worse or run away, this could make the gameplay better because well for an example sometimes in the games I play I like to put infinite resources on so it cuts down the resource gathering time, and theres more battles but when two enemies can gather armies at the tip of their finger for all the game theres constant battles and it leads nowhere so you could try and distract the enemy army then get another small army to kill the general which made it abit easier, same could work for your enemy.

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posted 10-27-09 07:41 AM EDT (US)     57 / 83       
1)about new civs :-

i support the vikings with the power of plunder! they will receive plunder whenever their units DAMAGE anything!

arabs-power of enlightenment
their temples (shudve been mosques) generate additional knowledge


the ppl in southeast asia deserves some civs too!

each nation should have at least one UU for every age. armed merchants and armed caravan of the dutch shudnt be considered as UU cz they can be cnsidered part of the nation's powers (i.e merchants and caravans can inflict damage)

3)barrack units
there should have 5 types of creatable units pre-enlightenment age instead of 4. currently there are LI,HI,archers and scouts. i suggest addition of spearmen to replace HI function as anti-cavalry, and HI should be bitterly expensive, all-damaging infantry unit

plus, the HI of earlier age shouldnt be called hoplites cz it should be greek UU

4)ww1 campaign
i support ww1 campaign! there should be a significant change from cavalry into light tanks during the course of the campaign, as in the real history

5)new wonder
i suggest a new wonder for modern age - United Nations HQ.
its power includes providing free economic aid to the nation building it if it is under attack, and receives free decoys which would act as 'peacekeeping force' that may divert the attacking force. ok sounds lil bit ridiculous now. haha

6)unique research
i love the idea of having to choose either despotism/democracy at the senate, so how about expanding this function a lil bit?


granary research: make food productions faster, or make unit (which uses food) creations much2 cheaper

military research: make units inflict more damage, or make unit production faster

7)expand the conquer the world campaign:
we start with a zoomed-in map; e.g germans begin with a small territory in berlin, and have to unite all of germany before expanding into europe; later have to unite all of europe before expanding influence to the whole world. vassalage can be done throughout the campaign, and cross sea invasions will automatically starts with a naval battle first, and the transfer to a new map of coastal landing

please, add in cut scenes for important occasions, such as fall of an enemy's capital etc
posted 10-30-09 02:35 PM EDT (US)     58 / 83       
I'm not sure whether each nation should have one UU per age, but I do think that more UU's would be pretty cool.
posted 10-31-09 07:08 PM EDT (US)     59 / 83       
The Austrian Empire should be a nation, given how they were one of the European Great Powers.
posted 10-31-09 10:30 PM EDT (US)     60 / 83       
I would argue against that and combine the Austrians, Germans, and Prussians all into the Germans. All were so similar and thus can contain traits of each other.
Random Username
posted 11-22-09 04:23 PM EDT (US)     61 / 83       
City/Economic Ideas
Housing Districts: These would increase your population, maybe by 10, and look like clusters of houses. You'd build them in Cities. City size would be determined by the number of Housing Districts.

Products: These would be manufacturable goods, created by Citizens (tasked to a Workshop or Factory, perhaps?) that provide benefits to a unit or building, but can only be equipped on one. They would cost Basic and Rare Resources.
You could also sell Products on the World Market for good money.

New Resources - Textiles and Energy: Textiles would represent any cloth or similar textiles, and be used on units (for their clothing). Energy would be used to keep Buildings "running": continuing to function. To generate Energy, you could either "transform" Oil into Energy or make "green" energy plants like Wind Farms or Nuclear Power Plants.

Stock Market: The Stock Market would be a building you can construct (with a limit of one) in any city, and would have a special ability: you could "buy" Corporations that sell different goods, like Basic/Rare Resources or Products.

For example: Player 1 (Americans) builds a Stock Market and buys a Corporation, which he names Player 1 Co, and can then buy stocks in different products (in this example, Oil) and buys Stock. If market demand increases, the price of stock heads up and he gets free money for every piece of Oil stock he has. If it goes down, money isn't detracted from his reserve but he does have worthless stock.

New Resource - Happiness: Happiness would be a measure of the overall mood of your population, and could be gathered by Entertainers. Nations with high Happiness levels will be less susceptible to bribery and bribe easier, and the citizens will become more productive when gathering resources.

Advanced Religion System: Nations can, upon building a Temple, choose a "Religion" to follow, like a Government. Different Religions give different bonuses.
Other nations can choose to join the same Religion, and then enter a special type of alliance called a Religious Alliance. The founding nation can, if they build a certain Wonder (the "Central Temple") control nations this way by setting taxes on them called Tithes, which go to the Temple. This also makes citizens more religious (see "Reverence") but more susceptible to bribery by the nation who founded said religion.

New Resource - Reverence: Priests would gather Reverence, a measure of the religiousness of your population. Nations with high Reverence levels get increase benefits from their National Religion, and can spend Reverence on their Religion's unique unit.

Religions List (some ideas):
- Catholicism (Medieval Age)
- Islam (Classical Age)
- Judaism (Classical Age)
- Zargonism (Ancient Age)
- Classical Greek (Classical Age) (represents both Greek and Roman beliefs)
- Egyptianism (Ancient Age)
- Shintoism (Ancient Age)
- Confucianism (Medieval Age)
- Hinduism (Medieval Age)
- Mesoamericanism (Medieval Age)
- Native Religions (Ancient Age)
- Paganism (Ancient Age)
- Norse (Classical Age)
- Buddhism (Medieval Age)
- Protestantism (Enlightenment Age)
- Atheism (Ancient Age)
- Earthism (Information Age) (represents hippie-like beliefs of the 60s and 70s)
- Scientology (Information Age)

That's a very big list, but it's some examples.

Advanced Diplomacy: Trade Alliances and Protectorates

Trade Alliance - If two nations enter a Trade Alliance, Caravans trading between their nations generate twice as much Wealth, and both nation share Rare Resources.

Protectorate - If a large nation is an ally of a small nation, the small nation can become a "Protectorate". In exchange for protection, the small nation must pay a tax rate set by the large nation (automatically detracted from its Wealth stores) and the small nation cannot create a military or give it orders: the large nation must.

I - Prehistoric Age (before the Agricultural Revolution)
II - Ancient Age (Agricultural Revolution to founding of Greece)
III - Classical Age (Greece, early Romans, Celts, etc.)
IV - Imperial Age (Roman Empire)
V - Medieval Age
VI - Renaissance Age
VII - Colonial Age (replaces some of Gunpowder, all of Enlightenment)
VIII - Industrial Age
IX - Commonwealth Age (everything between the 1880s and WWI)
X - Modern Age (WWI)
XI - Atomic Age (WWII, the 50s-70s)
XII - Information Age (80s to present day)
XIII - Future Age (to 2100)
XIII - Global Age (see description)

In the Prehistoric Age you wouldn't have Cities: instead, civilians and military would be trained from female civilians, and you would only gather Food (from hunting animals, like in a normal RTS). You could research the Ancient Age from any unit.

The Ancient Age and Classical Age would be roughly the same as what they are. The Imperial Age would cover the Roman Republic and Empire, to its collapse in the 470s AD.

The Medieval Age would cover everything from the 470s AD to the 1300s AD (the 1300s seems an appropriate date for the beginning of the Renaissance).

The Renaissance Age is short, and represents the beginning of the Renaissance. Gunpowder is introduced, like in the Gunpowder Age. The Colonial Age represents everything from 1500 AD to 1850 AD.

The new Industrial Age represents innovations like trains, factories, and the war advancements like gattling guns and ironclads. America begins to shine here, and lasts from 1850-1880.

The Mercantilism Age is where, historically, when the "sun never set on the British Empire", and replaces the old Industrial Age: now you get the automobiles, airplanes, and so on, but still don't have bombers. Zeppelins are added in.

The Modern Age represents only WWI: no nukes, and some simplistic aircraft and tanks, but still "modern". The Atomic Age introduces nukes, but in the form of atomic bombs (and researchable nuclear missiles). This age represents WWII-1980.

The Information Age goes from 1980-2010. It is pretty much the same. The Future Age goes from 2010-2100, and has the "Future Technologies" and some powerful, but within-the-realm-of-science, units.

If you've managed to survive without winning past the Future Age, the Global Age is as different from the 11 normal ages as the Prehistoric Age is. Now, your resources are Carbon, Chemicals, and Knowledge, and works like this: anything "living" is Chemicals, anything "non-living" is Carbon, and Knowledge is used a lot more towards production. Non-Radiation Releasing Missiles (NRRM) do even more damage than ICBMs without counting against Armageddon.

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posted 11-22-09 09:16 PM EDT (US)     62 / 83       
I like it, a lot! Especially the religions idea. My only criticism is the ages for those religions are off a bit. I'd suggest:

- Catholicism (Medieval Age)
- Islam (Medieval Age)
- Judaism (Ancient Age)
- Classical Greek (Classical Age) (represents both Greek and Roman beliefs)
- Egyptianism (Ancient Age)
- Shintoism (Ancient Age or Medieval Age)
- Confucianism (Imperial Age)
- Hinduism (Ancient Age)
- Mesoamericanism (Medieval Age)
- Native Religions (Ancient Age)
- Paganism (Ancient Age)
- Norse (Classical Age)
- Buddhism (Classical Age)
- Protestantism (Renaissance Age)
- Atheism (Ancient Age or Industrial Age)
- Earthism (Modern Age) (represents hippie-like beliefs of the 60s and 70s)
- Scientology (Modern Age)

But I really like the ideas of Stock Markets, Energy, and Trade Agreements! (And 11 ages is just plain awesome).

Cyclohexane - it's what's for dinner!
Random Username
posted 11-22-09 10:07 PM EDT (US)     63 / 83       
I'm glad you liked it.

Here's suggestions for CTWs and Nations:

Israelis (in the Ancient Age they would be Hebrews, and progress to being Information Age Israelis)
Vikings (they did indeed exist back then)
The Vatican

Some others (not sure about ages in which they would have historically appeared):

World War I - Play as the Allies or Austria-Hungary fighting for Europe and the Middle East.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: None, as far as I can think of.

World War II - Play as the Allies or Axis fighting for Europe, Africa, and Pacific.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: None, as far as I can think of. As Allies, the United States must initiate D-Day (a very risky Espionage-like mission) before entering the war, and Axis must do the same, except in this case it is Pearl Harbor.

Greco-Persian Wars - Play as the Greek Alliance or the Persians fighting for Greece and Persia.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Narrow passes allow Armies to move into other territories. If you place an army at a pass your enemy must destroy it before marching through in an Espionage-like mission. This would resemble the battles like Marathon, Platae, and Thermopylae.

Roman Conquests - Play as the Romans fighting for control of their historical holdings (Gaul, Germania, Roma, Greece, Dacia, Arabia, Iberia, Britannia, etc.)
SPECIAL ABILITIES: At one point the Roman Civil War will begin, and you can choose to support Antony or Octavian. Who you choose will give you benefits, like a Government type.

Scramble for Africa - Similar to the New World CTW, but you're fighting for Africa.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: The slave trade. Not sure how it would incorporate.

Scramble for Asia - Similar to the New World CTW, but you're fighting for Asia.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Trading companies, like the British and Dutch East India Companies. Not sure how they would incorporate.

Tokugawa - Unify Japan as Tokugawa Eiyasu.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: I don't know. Espionage missions where you infiltrate enemy daimyo's castles to assassinate them?

War on Terror - Play as the Americans, European Union, Russia, Israel, India, or Al-Qaeda in a global fight against Al-Qaeda (in the case of Al-Qaeda, you must conquer the other nations).
Americans - You must keep a certain level of War Support or Congress will order a retreat from any operations and you won't be able to fight for 4 turns.
EU - Islam will spread rapidly in your territories. You must make a choice about freedom of religion: if you legalize Islam, the Radicalists will begin attacking you (putting you on the defensive), but if you ban it then there will be mass rioting by Progressive Muslims.
Russia - None. You begin in dismal economic conditions.
India - Pakistan, in the beginning, threatens to nuke you. If you fight the terrorists to much, problems with Pakistan may spiral out of hand and result in nuclear war.
Israel - There is no negotiation with Muslim nations, and you start out with every neighboring nation as your enemy.
Al-Qaeda - If you lose a territory, your conqueror must "sweep" the territory a second time to remove your presence. You can also slowly take a territory over by increasing your "Influence".
All sides - The United Nations governs America, EU, Russia, India, and Israel. You have to keep negotiating with them to carry out your goals.

American Civil War - Play as the United States or the Confederate States in a fight for the Continental US.
SPECIAL ABILITIES - None that I can think of. Slave rebellions will occasionally occur.

Viking Conquests - Play as the Vikings, attempting to conquer Europe and colonize the Americas.
SPECIAL ABILITIES - Instead of Espionages you have Raids, where you launch a raid. You start out with a certain number of troops and ships (more units are trainable from the ships) and, every time you destroy a building, gain Tribute. The goal is to make a net profit fighting.
ALso, you can't colonize America in till you conquer Vinland from the natives.

I believe if these features were to be added in, it should be as an uber-expansion pack, not a sequel.

EDIT: Forgot this.

Trains - Train Stations can be built anywhere. If you have two Train Stations in separate areas you can then construct Train Tracks between the individual stations, and build a Train to run along them.

Whenever a Train arrives, for a player-set window of time, you can load units on it and set them to disembark at certain stops. Trains would move many times faster than normal cavalry, and therefore be useful in transport. You could also construct a Merchant Train to generate Wealth, like a very fast Caravan.

Note that, if the Train collides with another Train or runs off the tracks (because a section was destroyed), than it and its cargo dies.

Train Crashes - Only Special Forces can blow train tracks. At any time you can order a Train to stop moving, or, better, order all Trains to stop moving (so that a moving Train doesn't collide into a stationary Train).

Oh, and here's a bit about the Prehistoric and Future Ages:
The Prehistoric Age would be for players who want to play from it to Classical: basically, an "Ancient Times" game. The other group of people who might play in that age might be interested in building their civilization all the way from the bottom: the first Homo sapiens.

The "Future Techs" wouldn't be available in the Information Age. Instead, all of these game-changing techs would be in the Future Age. The ultimate Missile would be an Instant Radiation Dissipation Missile (IRDM), which would be deadlier than an ICBM without counting against the Armageddon Timer.

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posted 11-23-09 00:22 AM EDT (US)     64 / 83       
I wouldn't do the Byzantines because they are essentially an extension of the Roman Empire. I definitely think that Sumer/Bablyon are essential and Carthage as well. You could easily throw the Celts in there too.
posted 11-23-09 03:29 PM EDT (US)     65 / 83       
I wouldn't call the Byzantines an extension of the Roman Empire, except politcally. If anything, they were more Greek than Roman.

Cyclohexane - it's what's for dinner!
EoB Heraclius
posted 11-23-09 03:38 PM EDT (US)     66 / 83       
Actually the Byzantines thought of themselves as Romans, its just that the other Europeans classed them as Greeks in an effort to disregard their claim to be heirs to Rome, hence the name of "Imperium Graecum" (Empire of the Greeks). The Byzantines themselves thought of themselves, in essence, as "Imperium Romanum" (Empire of the Romans). Of course, over time they became more and more Greek, as a direct result of the fact that the lands they ruled were mostly Greek.

The change came when my namesake, Flavius Heraclius Augustus, came to power in 610 AD. He is the man that made Greek the official Language of the Empire, replacing the Latin that had been the language since the founding of the Roman Kingdom, many centuries previous. Even with this change, when the Empire finally fell to the Ottoman Turks there were still distinctly Roman aspects in Government and Life in the Byzantine Empire.
Random Username
posted 11-23-09 05:38 PM EDT (US)     67 / 83       
Yes, Carthaginians.

The Celts are already in the game, represented by the Ancient-Classical British.

If such an X-Pack/sequel was made it would also be helpful to have a modding device where, instead of having to replace one, you can just "make" a new nation or CTW.

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posted 11-23-09 10:14 PM EDT (US)     68 / 83       
Yes, they regarded themselves as Romans, but they were a very different civilization from the Roman Empire, definitely far more Greek than anything else.

Cyclohexane - it's what's for dinner!
posted 11-24-09 06:52 AM EDT (US)     69 / 83       
paganism FTW recieves bonus when fighting a christian religion nation.

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
Random Username
posted 11-25-09 10:13 PM EDT (US)     70 / 83       
Forgot these:

I believe land and sea mines, suggested many times before, would be could. Maybe Special Forces and Submarines could lay them for a small fee.

I'm going to revise my age list. Also, I've come up with the Unique Units and Powers for the nations I listed: I'll post them in the Modding Section.

(Note: I made all of my Nation ideas within the realm of modding possibility. Also, I know a lot about history, but I don't know much about what they called their troops so in some cases, like Phoenicia, I couldn't come up with decent combat UUs.)
Jon Spartan
posted 03-17-10 10:04 AM EDT (US)     71 / 83       
Hi there!
I am a new member of our community...
I see this thread is all but dead.. Too bad...

Lets inject some life into it now , shall we?...

We all love:
More ages + more UUs + more graphics + more nations + more techs to research + religions + more espionage/ diplomacy.

i love:
Prehistoric age.
Future age.
Orbital Bombardment(space stations in a futuristic age post information age armed with kinetic bombardment projectiles... devastating Vs buildings cities n masses of units on the battlefield),
No cyborgs etc., for me just a little bit of sci-fi wont hurt but dollops would ruin it like empire earth 3. Zeppelins.
Trench warfare.
Nuclear subs with nukes AND cruise missiles( tomahawk uu for americans)

Thats about it for now... i will add more later

This is SPARTA!!!
posted 03-21-10 11:32 PM EDT (US)     72 / 83       
New Nations
Arabs-Power of Allah

Khmers- Power of Angkor

Mali- Power of Gold

Australia- Power of the Outback

These are absolute musts because these regions have a lack of representation.

Also possibly the Portuguese.
posted 05-14-10 11:17 PM EDT (US)     73 / 83       
I can't believe that this thread is still alive.
posted 05-17-10 07:12 AM EDT (US)     74 / 83       
i cant believe its not butter!

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
posted 06-22-10 01:01 PM EDT (US)     75 / 83       
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