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Topic Subject:Ideas for RON2 if its made
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posted 06-03-06 02:23 AM EDT (US)         
If they made a RON2 i think that they should make it kinda futuristic. You can have space battles and land battles. maybe you can even fight alien civs and battle on diffrent planets. Even though they might need to wait for better computers i still think it would be fun.

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posted 07-19-10 03:40 PM EDT (US)     76 / 83       
Hi guys! I'm a new member of this wonderful community, as I love Rise of Nations and loved the mods and scenarios on it. Anyways, I want to put some ideas down!

1. Allowed to build a space shuttle to other planets (Future Age)

2. Doomsday Device. You just gotta have that...

3. Enhance diplomacy so there can be vassalage and more intricate debates

4. UN?

5. Enhance AI and Multiplayer mode

6. Following the Hearts of Iron tech map, I believe that upgrading units to their full potential would be quite awesome.

7. Nations get a superpower (as in massive industry for Germany, Russian winter for Russia, etc.)

8. Ability to make your own Conquer the World Campaigns.

9. Special abilities for units (Destroyers lay mines, subs can launch nuclear missles, etc.)

Any other ideas?
posted 07-20-10 03:36 AM EDT (US)     77 / 83       
I need more realism and complexity!

Imperial Age between Enlightment and Industrial!
-Gatling Guns available as the predesessor to the Machine gun but way more slowly.
-Factories produce Wealth.
-Ironclad UU available to Americans.

Dark Age between Classical and Medival:
-Slows Knowlege production.
-No new Scholars allowed.
-Knowlege costs of research increased, but returns to normal at Medival.

More nations, nations change names as time passes.

Formations available:
-Phlanaxes gain extra attack and have some cool flanking moves.
-Calvary get the Charge ability if they are moving for 5 seconds. Their first attack after this is activated does 200% damage.

Some more realism suggestions:
-Tanks deal damage to all nearby hostiles if it is moving.
-Flanking Machine Guns deal more damage.
-A group of 4 Spies may choose to use the Propganda function, which places them in a small square and takes a few times longer than Bribe. When it's finished, all enemies in that square are bribed.
-Bombers deal more damage to infantry.
-All units take severe attrition damage when walking through a nuked area unless they are Special Forces.
posted 08-21-10 00:21 AM EDT (US)     78 / 83       
In general, they would need to have more realism and more elements from turn-based games in order to have a better RoN Two
posted 08-21-10 09:44 AM EDT (US)     79 / 83       
Agreed. Should BHG ever make a RoNII, they should really do an art style similar to Civ V's gorgeous Art Deco style.

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posted 08-30-10 02:29 AM EDT (US)     80 / 83       
-Realism! The big problems with RON are to do with realism in my opinion. I think they should have the gunpowder age building style in the Medieval age or even in the Classical age for Greeks and Romans. Also if you look at the Roman UU line, they have Praetorian Guards in the GUNPOWDER age!!

-They should make a more realistic CTW map with far more territories because by the start of the medieval age there are usually only 10 empires left. What I would do is make sure capitals can't be taken in a few turns but instead require a full-scale invasion. Also to make this a bit easier to handle there are more armies to overrun the enemies with and then you can have a overrun limit per turn. Also there needs to be a WWII CTW!

-We have got to the stage where we want more units for each nation and ages that nations are especially powerful during. Maybe elite UUs at the fort.

-There should be units that if are a certain distance away from an enemy they will do a melee attack. And when units attack buildings they just do their normal attack. If you've played AOE 3 you will see that the units throw flaming torches at the building. In later ages this could even be replaced by grenades!!

-make commandos a lot more useful: quicker to snipe and sabotage.
-Improve the AI: make them able to use aircraft carriers and commandos to their advantage.

-new nations: Canada, Israel, Australia and existing nations could possibly have their name and building style changed so when the nation name reaches an age where it was never called by that name (eg. Aztecs in the modern times should become Mexicans) and the building styles should change too. Or they could make an extreme game with every country that has a history that includes earlier times.

- Easy modding and scripting (the stuff has too much computer language, it should instead be like the scenario editor (excluding the script) where all you do is put units and buildings on map. That way there would be no thread spamming or annoyed people who have really good ideas but don't have the scripting knowledge

- A setting for a massive map where your cities grow automatically and continuously depending on how many buildings you already have in it and could help increase the population limit. There would be a limit though. There could be military bases that include the different buildings and they can grow to allow more defensive buildings. New units would be transport vehicles like planes (can only land at airbase) and transport ships that can transport an amount of units but less than the battleship but they would be faster. You could also transport troops with battleships. Transport helicopters could take troops to and from the heart of the battle. Bigger city radius and they can fit more economic buildings. Granaries can be built outside of cities and have a small radius for farms. Fights with many more soldiers and fighters and missiles can be very good in these battles. Walls around bases or even cities.

Wow that was alot of writing

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posted 03-19-11 03:15 AM EDT (US)     81 / 83       
I don't know if this thread is already dead by now. but I wanted to say that most of your ideas above could be great.

I have myself some ideas that IMO could be great

1. make units fight in battalion. Okay maybe not as epic as in total war but at least as in BFME II. This would create much more immersion into battles.

2. more base building! the city building as it is now is great. but it could be more fun to be able to:
a) either create your own city like in AOE with houses but with more depth please.
b) or keep the same system as it is but make the cities much bigger in size. at least you have a visually attractive city instead of a square size cube city.
- i would love to see enemies running in my city (Think total war).

3. IMO resource gathering is perfect. Don't change anything except for aesthetic reasons of course.

4. WALLS!!!! we should be able to built defensive walls, not of those kind that would crumble at the first attack of a sword. i mean walls that could resist intensive siege attacks. if possible create garrison-able walls.

5. Outpost 2 has a very cool space program. we should be able to send satellites and orbital system into space like in OP2. we only have to think of the bonuses it would provide (some kind of mini-wonder bonuses)

any comments?
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posted 03-20-11 08:09 PM EDT (US)     82 / 83       
WTH is up with you all and Canada/Australia? It makes no sense why they get suggested all the time but nations like the Argentines don't.
posted 03-21-11 10:17 PM EDT (US)     83 / 83       
How about a nation builder? I know you can already tweak the existing nations but I'd like something more user friendly and that gives more freedom with editing nation powers.
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