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Download File (579.58 KB)
579.58 KB
Alexander the Great at Issus
Alexander the Great fights his first pitched battle against Darius III, King of Persia. This is a field battle like no other you have ever played in RON before, using a customized wargaming system adapting RON to ancient field battles. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.6 (3)
1529 0 4
Download File (451.85 KB)
451.85 KB
Custer's Last Stand
Custer thinks he has the Sioux in his grasp, but stumbles upon a force much larger than his. His command is massacred within an hour. Can you change history by defeating the mighty Sioux Nation led by Sitting Bull? Lots of scripted goodies. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.6 (3)
1681 0 5
Download File (169.64 KB)
169.64 KB
War of Troy
Lead the great Greek army down to the streets of Troy
by King Walker
4.6 (1)
2227 0 9
Download File (153.35 KB)
153.35 KB
Night of the Living Dead
A strange meteorite has hit the city, turning almost all of its inhabitants into the living dead. With a small band of soldiers, citizens and scientists, you must escape the city and reach sanctuary, then come back and destroy the zombies! RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.6 (5)
3204 0 3
Download File (104.65 KB)
104.65 KB
Gladiator! Part 1: The Arena
Under the watchful eye of Caesar and thousands of Roman citizens eager for some good entertainment, fight for your life against four other nations in a large arena. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.6 (1)
1601 0 1
Download File (292.55 KB)
292.55 KB
Operation Unceasing waves3
This scenario is related to ongoing civil war in srilanka between Tamil tigers and srilankan government.
by prabakaran
4.6 (1)
808 0 3
Download File (78.28 KB)
78.28 KB
Pacific War
Watch Pearl Harbor get bombed into the Stone Age, then fight your way across the Pacific island by island until you capture Manila and set the stage for the invasion of Japan. Designed using RON TaP Scenario Editor.
by Meat Puppet
4.6 (2)
3271 0 4
Download File (189.6 KB)
189.6 KB
Hundred Years War
A Historical and Large scale scenario marking the start of the Hundred Years War.
by Kronos55
4.6 (1)
9038 0 12
Download File (1.06 MB)
1.06 MB
STALINGRAD 3: Red Army Rising
The 66th Soviet Army is reeling as the Germans take 80% of Stalingrad. But the Red Army is ready to counterattack. Lead the Russians in a savage, bloody all-out battle to reclaim the streets of Stalingrad--and become a hero of the USSR! RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.7 (4)
3428 0 6
Download File (302.55 KB)
302.55 KB
1944-St Mere Eglise
Lead an elite team of American Paratroopers in capturing German occupied France
by Le_Grande_Puba
4.7 (4)
1926 0 9
Download File (790.75 KB)
790.75 KB
Time SWAT: Aztec Gold
Join a Portuguese Time SWAT team quest in the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, 1519. where your mission is with the help of Mexican Recon team steal Montezuma Aztec treasures from under Spanish Conquistador Cortes nose under the assault to the city.
by King Walker
4.7 (3)
1498 0 1
Download File (1.8 MB)
1.8 MB
Middle East Conflict Campaign
11 Scenario Campaign About Middle East Conflict
by Le_Grande_Puba
4.7 (9)
7063 0 9
Download File (285.07 KB)
285.07 KB
Arthur: Battle of Hadon Hill
The time of terror arrived in Britain, with the roman pullout; the island faces a terrible destiny. A 3 mission scenario in the medieval age, here you play the part of Artorius Castus “Arthur” and is legendary knights against enemies forces, outsider
by King Walker
4.7 (3)
1723 0 3
Download File (288.28 KB)
288.28 KB
World War 2- El Alamein Battle
Fight with Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgommery and try to defeat Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in the histrical battle of El-Alamein
by Le_Grande_Puba
4.7 (5)
1892 0 3
Download File (861.2 KB)
861.2 KB
U-BOAT Wolves of the Atlantic
Take command of Kriegsmarine as Otto Kretschmer in this WW2 scenario and try with your U-Boats to help Germany win the war against the Allies! Take promotions and medals! Script contains surprises!
by spyridon
4.7 (2)
1920 1 10
Download File (480.13 KB)
480.13 KB
Fire from the Sky: The North Korean Threat
A fictional (?) scenario of how current events about North Korea and its nuclear tests can develop into a full scale nuclear confrontation. You can choose what side you want to play (North Korea or the Western Coalition)
by carcf2002
4.7 (2)
2295 0 1
Download File (539.02 KB)
539.02 KB
The Battle for The Sea 2
Re-enactment of the War World I battles at the City of Ypres
by marce61
4.7 (2)
943 0 12
Download File (393.77 KB)
393.77 KB
Time SWAT: Target Hitler
Is the year 2046, here you take the role of major Philippe Fossel, who wants to defy the Federation orders on irregular jumps into the past and rule an unauthorized suicide mission into Berlin 1933, with the propose of assassinate Adolf Hitler.
by King Walker
4.7 (6)
2208 0 5
Download File (835.02 KB)
835.02 KB
The Battle of Austerlitz v.2
The Battle of the Three Emperors. On the first anniversary of your coronation as Emperor of France, you, Napoleon, must crush a combined army of Austrians and Russians and solidify your control of central Europe. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.7 (2)
1723 0 9
Download File (178.48 KB)
178.48 KB
Stalingrad v.1.0
The Battle of Stalingrad. Play the Germans against the Soviets. Watch your flanks! Designed using the RON Thrones & Patriots Scenario Editor.
by Meat Puppet
4.7 (2)
2079 0 1

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