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Download File (6.84 MB)
6.84 MB
Republic of Chile
Four Sequels to Operation Switchblade
by marce61
4.8 (1)
1163 0 10
Download File (1.85 MB)
1.85 MB
Pirates of the Caribbean
2 scenarios about a great adventure where you take the role of a pirate captain and is magnificent ship and crew, in search of the treasures and mysteries in the Caribbean Sea, fighting the European French, British and Spanish colonies and fleets.
by King Walker
4.8 (10)
8980 0 18
Download File (987.85 KB)
987.85 KB
DAWN of the DEAD: Joe Returns!
The dead are walking the streets, and they are hungry. As they kill, those they kill get up and kill. Soon the entire city is swarming with flesh-eating zombies. Now it's up to Joe to save the world again!
by Meat Puppet
4.8 (2)
3892 0 12
Download File (767.74 KB)
767.74 KB
The Battle Of Cairo
A fictional WW2 scenario were Rommel won in El- Alamein. Now he must capture the city of Cairo from the British so that he can reach the oilfields of Arabia.
by Le_Grande_Puba
4.8 (2)
1786 0 12
Download File (940.54 KB)
940.54 KB
1814-The Battle Of Toulouse
Lead the British under The Duke of Wellington to battle Against the French in Toulouse
by Le_Grande_Puba
4.8 (4)
1978 0 4
Download File (459.74 KB)
459.74 KB
Waterloo: The Battle
Fight the great battle of Waterloo for the british side under command of the Duke of Wellington!! Historical battle with unlimited armies in both sides.
by King Walker
4.8 (4)
3498 0 10
Download File (143.81 KB)
143.81 KB
Hector of Troy V2
The same scenario with a correction of the script that i found.
by King Walker
4.8 (1)
1818 0 1
Download File (368.36 KB)
368.36 KB
After the Apocalypse Part 2
Los Angeles has been hit by nuclear bombs and the government and Army have collapsed. Leading a band of survivors, you start a new nation among the ruins. However, other warlords also want the crown of LA. Lots of goodies, events. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.8 (1)
3228 0 7
Download File (477.57 KB)
477.57 KB
The Battle of Alma
A major battle fought in the Crimean War. The scenario is historically accurate and needs the "Empires Rise Again" mod to work properly.
by KingRoy1
4.8 (1)
1162 0 1
Download File (187.52 KB)
187.52 KB
Black Hawk Down
Your Rangers and Delta teams must hold out in the middle of Mogadishu surrounded by hordes of Somali militia. Get your relief column into the heart of the city, rescue them, then punish General Aidid! RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.8 (1)
2608 0 4
Download File (111.78 KB)
111.78 KB
Wagon Train USA
Get the wagon train and settlers to Carson City through hostile Lakota territory, then force the Lakota to make peace by taking their capital. Designed using the RON Thrones & Patriots Scenario Editor.
by Meat Puppet
4.8 (2)
1744 0 3
Download File (1.44 MB)
1.44 MB
Lead German divisions into Stalingrad and seize Soviet objectives with air and artillery support. Four missions on one map, all involving savage street fighting. File download includes guide to creating your own RON scenario script. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.9 (4)
4469 0 11
Download File (1.04 MB)
1.04 MB
Black Hawk Down Version 2.3
The Battle of Mogadishu. With a small force of Army Rangers landing from Black Hawk helicopters, you raid the Olympic Hotel in Mogadishu looking for General Aidid. The raid quickly turns into a disaster. Great action. Lots of goodies, events. RON TaP
by Meat Puppet
4.9 (4)
6567 0 22
Download File (747.69 KB)
747.69 KB
Time SWAT: Jesus in Jerusalém
It’s the year 2045, the time jump to the past is now possible. You command a SWAT team that controls irregulars jumps. An unknown Islam force, is trying a jump in to the past to kill Jesus Christ! Your mission is to get him out of there.
by King Walker
4.9 (4)
3397 0 24
Download File (4.43 MB)
4.43 MB
Napoleon Ultimate Battle
A Napoleon Scenario featuring 8 nations, hero units, and Unique Units found in the CTW campaign.
by motter28218
4.9 (3)
3481 0 22
Download File (854.85 KB)
854.85 KB
300 - The Battle of Thermopylae
Play as King Leonidas while leading the defending Spartan and Greek forces at the “Thermopylae Gates” to stop and delay Persian troops from invading and conquering Greece, just like in movie “300”.
by carcf2002
4.9 (6)
6950 0 15
Download File (2.22 MB)
2.22 MB
Reign of Fire
A fictional tale of a Hero in a Kingdom of haste and destruction, join his quest in search for the story of his ancestral and pass more than 20 mission to accomplish the prophesy of The One, fight Emperor and became the releaser of the Reign of Fire.
by King Walker
4.9 (9)
8567 0 52
Download File (350.86 KB)
350.86 KB
Ypres, 1916
This scenario is about the infamous battle of Ypres, Belgium, where British, Canadian, Indian and French soldiers fought the troops of the German Empire which where trying to conquer the city.
by tomba
4.9 (2)
2279 0 2
Download File (372.51 KB)
372.51 KB
Operation Castor
French Colonial forces are besieged by Viet Minh guerrillas in N.W. Viet Nam
by probed1969
4.9 (2)
1930 0 5
Download File (178.77 KB)
178.77 KB
Siege of Constantinople city
A scenario about siege of constantinople city, in which you play as Turks sultan Mohammed.
by terror1974
4.9 (2)
3413 0 2

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