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German WW2 Battle (What IF Scenario)

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is a What If Scenario

This is not an original or historical battle of WW2, but it does contain original ww2 units.

In this part of this scenario you will play as the Germans and go Vs the Americans. (Americans vs Germans will come out soon enough)

In these secenario you will have to figh your way trough no-man's land... while experiensing some entertaining random events.

Extra Information- Even tho most of your needed researches are given for you... you still have to choose your kind of government. (First 2 are instant) and you will also have to reasearch some library, and some other reseaches to help your economy.

Citizens are instant, there will be no Helicopters, and no spies.

TIPS: Although infantry are faster to train... they are weak vs tanks (I made the scenario units as realistic as posible) and infantry units can only make a good kill vs eachother, so it will be a good idea to make a good Armory army... and ARTILLERY is Always the Key.

I hope you enjoy this scenario even tho its a test for a future bigger/better scenario... and
***Please comment. ***

Thx you all again
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KamikazeSeagull Sounds cool!
KamikazeSeagull Strange... I lost in the first 3 seconds right after the script appeared. I didn't even get a chance to do anything. Either something went wrong while you were creating the scenario... or my computer has gone bazzerk.
File Author
Lol... I updated the file.. but it seems the first script i posted here for the scenario was the right one...

Got confused buddy... sry.. many files many tests to do this scenario

Thx for telling me by the way... Oh and its updated now ;)

[Edited on 07/14/06 @ 10:35 PM]

KamikazeSeagull Thanks!
probed1969 The plane you selected for the F4-F is actually more like a P-38.

Great job of scripting in the non-original units!

I don't understand the concept of the no man's land units being "The Dead".??

!!Spoiler alert!!
Why do enemy units appear out of thin air behind my lines? Is this a WW2 scenario or a fantasy scenario? I could understand them attacking (although how they'd get through no man's land is beyond me), but just appearing out of nowhere seems to not fit in this type of scenario.
File Author
Ya man you see... like i said before "This is a what If" Scenario, in other words, not real; and in this case.. it kinda fictional.

What no men's land really is... since that single place is were all war happend.. most were killed.... so its seen as the dead have awaken and attacked anyone (you or your enemy) so the "random events" that they attack you and you say appear out of nowere... Its more like they going and attacking youhoping to kill you (or calm you down) so that there is no more war and they can finally rest in peace.... *(and since you have atrition... its a lil more fun if they attack you with full hitpoints =) )

I also tryed to put the most famous.. or more used planes and units of ww2 so taht it seemed more realistic.. if i could actually put all planes and all units it would be fun but there is actually not enough good units.. or space in some cases to put them all.

Thx by the way for commenting.

Anyone else has comments?
probed1969 OK. I understand your thinking now, but it wasn't just the dead spawning behind my lines, it was the Americans as well.
File Author
See... instead of scripting... to move 1 spot.. to another.. to another.. than attack here... and do that... instead of wasting all that time and making script file huge ass hell (but would look good tho) i just make it apper were it should.. and tell you what happend... such as the battles... Trust me.. many scenario makes do that...
probed1969 "instead of wasting all that time and making script file huge..."

It sounds like you're saying it's more important to finish a scenario than to take extra time to make it stand out. I'm sure 'Argentina" took some time to complete and it showed.

Instead of thinking I want this to happen but don't want to spend the time necessary to accomplish it, rethink what it is you're trying to show. Is there a better way to do it? Is it necessary to my story? Does it fit with what the rest of the scenario is trying to accomplish?

As for the selection of 'realistic' units. My comment about the American planes was that choosing the F4-F was fine, it was the unit you selected to represent it that I felt wasn't correct.
LT Monty "No man's land" is a specifically WWI concept. WWII was far far more mobile than the First World War so a "no man's land" didn't really exist. Not even when armies dug in or had pre-prepared defensive positions, like the Russians did in the earlier half of the war or like the Germans did in the latter half of the war, did the fighting become static enough for there to be a stretch of land between both sides in which all the fighting was done (no man's land).

Saying it is fictional or anything like that won't deal with this problem btw as one would have to suspend disbelief far too much.

Having said that the scenario was fairly entertaining and the idea of the dead risning to strike at the combatants, although morbid, was rather clever (the true horror of war and all that).

If this were a WWI scenario it would fit
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