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Fire from the Sky: Persia reborn

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Needs T&P?: Yes
In the near future, the Old Persian Empire, now the modern Muslim nation of Iran, is ready to make its move. With nuclear weapons being developed, the Iranian leadership firmly believes it can destroy Israel, and by doing so, accomplishing its long desire to “wipe-off” its natural enemy Israel and becoming at the same time one of the most powerful nations in the world. By capturing Israel’s capital, they would position themselves on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and only miles away from European and African nations reach.

The newly formed Western Coalition (W.C), led by the United States, is not willing to let this happen. With strategic positions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the W.C military is in alert to retaliate in respond to any attack to any W.C nation or its allies. If an attack occurs, they will have no choice but to invade Iran and capture its capital.

Other nations in the region are closely watching these events and considering their stance about the imminent confrontation between the W.C and Iran. As the commander of any of the two sides of the conflict, you will have to be careful when deploying your forces. You will never know who is with you and who is not!

Please be kind and comment on the scenario. Help me become a better designer by rating “Fire from the sky: Persia reborn”. Have fun.

This is a fictional scenario of how current events in the Middle East could develop in a full scale nuclear war, unleashing the long feared global confrontation. You can choose the side you want to play.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Axel_UK interesting,downloading...
Thecrayfish a great scenario, review on the way
Axel_UK carcf,this scenario is awsome,I saw you took a long time to do it,you made a very complex script,i took a look at it,and its very well done,do you mind if i use it as a base for my next scen?
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Very good Playability,no comments.

Balance: 5
I see you tried to put Iran and it's allies in the same level as the Western Coallition.

Creativity: 5
New kind of Map,although middle east battles are somehow an old subject in this site,you managed to make it completely different and above all New.

Map Design: 3
Average Map,I took a while to know where I was,a little bit confusing.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very Well Done,You managed to make it as a real world News,a realistic story congratulations.

Additional Comments:
I loved this map,you could improve your map a lot more,someone who do a scenario like this can easily make a wonderfull map,besides that,thats my idea of a perfect scenario,awsome!
File Author

Thanks for the comment and the review. Please feel free to use the script as a base for your own scenarios.

And for the RON Heaven community:

Please if you downloaded the scenario and played it (I anticipate you will spend sometime trying to defeat the AI no matter the nation you choose to play), please be kind and leave some feedback.

Please help me be a better scenario designer by telling me what you liked/didnt like about the scenario, the script or the story line.



[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 10:49 PM]

Stupid BOY um do u need the thrones and partriots expansion to play these?
SwinginBlade yeh, it says on the top of the page. The thing where it says

Needs T&P? Yes
siamesedream07 I need help from someone. I've been playing this with the Iranians now for 3 days, trying every possible strategy and I absolutely CANNOT achieve anything. Even if I do manage to hold off the initial American attack, they always preemptively nuke Tehran. Then the Russians come and I'm completely ****ed. What do I do?
File Author
The scenario is set on the "tougher level" no matter the nation you choose to play. However, if you defeated by the Americans (this case, the W.C), it means that if the next time you play the Americans then it is possible to win. Same if you play the Iranian.

No matter the side you choose, the military forces and the resources (and even the ally nations you have) are balanced. As any other "solo" game in RON, it is a matter of how fast you build your economy and the early conquests you manage to have.

If you play the Iranians, the first thing you need to do is to capture Baghdad early in the game AND HOLD IT. For this, you need to build a pretty big army soon enough. Once you capture Baghdad build barracks, auto plants and siege factories or whatever military units you wish, as long as this helps you retain Baghdad until the Egyptians join you and attack Tel Aviv.

After this, launch from Tehran an attack to Kabul and retain it. This will take important territory from the W.C lowering its economic capability and increase yours.

Unless you are able to destroy all W.C's missile silos before nuclear capability, a nuclear attack on Tehran is inevitable, so dont build to much stuff in the capital. Instead, build your economy and your armies (you have 300 popuplation cap) on the other nearby cities and when nuclear threat is over, go back and rebuild Tehran. At this point, you should have an army long enough at Baghdad to present a real threat to Tel Aviv (which has been attack by your allies the Egyptians).

Rememenber, Riyadh (in Saudi Arabia) is an important economic center of the W.C. Conventional missile attacks of its infrastructure will weaken W.C's economy.

I hope this helps. Some time soon I will post the strategy for the W.C.


[Edited on 08/04/06 @ 12:45 AM]

gaguy1967 Pretty good game.

Decent map and the game is very challenging to play as the West and I found it impossible to play as Iran
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