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New Balence (8.8)

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New Balance overview

The inspiration for this mod came from noting that there were many interesting troops and tactical options in the game that were largely not utilized. Many games just turned into a technology race towards the ending age. Thus, the emphasis has been made on military actions. Economic structures are easy to plunder, wonders cost knowledge and plunder for 150% of the knowledge put into them, troop buildings are expensive and build troops slowly to emphasize the large standing army concept of many nations throughout history, and wonders, rare resources, and nation powers have all been watered down to provide a reasonably level playing field for all nations while keeping enough diversity to keep things interesting.

The mod is best played in multiplayer and starting with a small or large city. Starting with just nomads tends to sell nations such as the Dutch short (they start with a market building in small or large city option). Also, the AI seems to have difficulty with the mod in the sense that it doesn’t attack efficiently and at times will just fail to develop (if this is the case the development can be push started by attacking the computer). Forts and towers are more effective than the normal game to emphasize control of territory, but cannon seem to handle them just fine (when the cannon are supported with a protective army). The computer seems to like to just grind mounted and foot armies up against the forts. It is also critical to note that Docks are now a city only structure and thus must be built within the radius of a city, forcing a seafaring nation to risk a port city to naval bombardment.

This mod is continually play tested but most of the testing has been in the earlier ages since we have always started form the Ancient Age up to Information Age. Apart from the changes described above I have added in a few items not typically available in the standard game. There is the Patrol Jeep/Humvee vehicle that acts as a 3rd vehicle option in the later ages. It is basically a tougher version of the Armored Car, and a great way to spend Wood that is not typically used in the later ages as much (they cost Timber and Oil). Additionally, two buildings have been added to enhance the final governments, Lenin Statue and Washington Monument (for the respective governments). They both act as non-combative detection buildings that offer a city a detection range of 40 LOS.

There are numerous other changes that all are based on the concept of balance, I hope to create more in depth documentation but we are still finding minor things to tweak. Each version has about 10 sub versions (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) and now on version 8.3 it is obvious the amount of care that has gone into this project. Great care has been made not to create any secret super-units or super-tactics and if any are discovered I would love to hear about them so that they can be addressed. Ideally this mod should be playable with random nations and random map options and remain fair to all.

As a final note, you must create a folder called “Mods” in your Rise of Nations directory (not the Throne and Patriots sub directory) and place the “New Balance 8.3” folder within that “Mods” folder. Since this is a mod, the basic help files will not be accurate until the game is started, but once in the game most of the help files should display the correct modifications (Nation Powers, Unit Abilities, Rare Bonuses, etc.), so ignore the nation descriptions in the game creation screen. If one is burning to know the changes, this can be best done by copying and pasting the contents of the mod .xml files into MS Excel and do the same with the original, corresponding .xml files, this will give you a side by side comparison. For my purposes, I have a spreadsheet that gives me a very clear breakdown of the changes and allows easy modification. I look forward to feedback and hope this concept is enjoyable. I long for the day that game content is emphasized more than attractive graphics and effects.
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gwgardner I think your mod is exactly what I have been wanting. However, can it only be used in 'Quick Game' mode? How can I use it for 'conquer the world' for instance? Thanks for all the hard work.
File Author
This mod is only for Quick Game or Multiplayer.
Erksius Excactly what i needed. Works good.

Just needs a bigger population limit and a little modern era weapon tweak.

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