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World War 3 (TAP) v. 2.9_file 2

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This mod is not complete.

This is the second part of the mod.

You can only play as these countries:

-Iraq (Inca)
UU: Republican Guard, Schud Missile, Katyusha Rocket, Conscripts

-Iran (Persians)
UU: Revolutionary Islamic Guard, IIGF Assault Brigades
Special Ability: nuclear power

-India (Indians)
UU: IA Regulars, Rajaputna Rifles
Special Ability: nuclear power

-Pakistan (Maya)
UU: PDF Regulars, SSG Commando, MG42 Machine Gun
Special Ability: nuclear power

-Sri Lanka (Egyptians)
UU: SLA Assault Infantry, Special Task Force

-Saudi Arabia (Dutch)
UU: SANG Assault Infantry, Royal Guard

-China (Chinese)
UU: PLA Assault Infantry, Red Guards, Type 37 Dragon Tank, Type-98 MBT
Special Ability: Capable of researching AI, nuclear power, Infantry created extremely quickly

-South Korea (Koreans)
UU: ROK Regulars, Katusas

-North Korea (Aztecs)
UU: KPA Assault Infantry, Typhoon X8 missile, Infiltrators
Special Ability: nuclear power, all infantry are stealth, infantry are also created quickly

-Syria (Mongols)
UU: Arab Legionaires, Hezbollah Fighters

-Israel (Turks)
UU: IDF Assault Infantry, F-16 Storm, Egozs, Humvee
Special Ability: nuclear power

-United States (Americans)
UU: Rangers, Assault Marines, M1A2 Abrams, A10 Warthog, F-22 Raptor, Stealth Bomber, Humvee
Special Ability: nuclear power, equipped with desert skins, nukes created instantly

-Germany (Germans)
UU: Bundeswehr Assault Infantry, Leopard 2 A5 MBT, MG3 Machine Gun, Eurofighter, KSK
Special Ability: equipped with desert skins

-Russia (Russians)
UU: Shock Infantry, T-90 MBT, Spetznaz, Hind Gunship, MIG-29
-Special Ability: nuclear power, equipped with desert skins, nukes created instantly

-United Kingdom (British)
UU: Fusiliers, Royal Marines, Challenger 2 MBT, Royal Harriers, SAS
-Special Ability: nuclear power, equipped with desert skins, recieve free LI whenever a barracks is built

-France (French)
UU: Reguilieres, GIGN, Super Etendards, Dassault Rafaele, Leclerc MBT, Milan AT missile
Special Ability: nuclear power, equipped with desert skins

-Italy (Romans)
UU: Carabineiri, Recoilles Cannon, Ariete MBT, Assaulto Fanteria
Special Ability: equipped with desert skins

-Canada (Greeks) UU: PPCLI, Cyote AFV, CF-18, JTF2, Leopard C2 MBT
Special Ability: equipped with Desert skins

-Australia (Spanish) *NEW
UU: ADF ANZAC's, SASR Commando
Special Ability: equipped with Desert skins

-Japan (Japanese) *NEW
UU: JSDF Regulars, JSDF F-2A

-Nigeria (Bantu) *NEW
UU: Hughes 300C Gunship, P-38 Light Bomber, Alvis Saladin, NA Regulars, Paramilitaries


-ICBM's created slightly faster.

-New Skins for Iran and India.

-Pakistani, Iranian, Italian, and German assault infantry have been issued FAL assault rifles.

-New tanks: Leopard C2 for Canada, Type-37 and Type-98 for China.

-Canada now has updated city names.

-Smoke graphics improved.

-Saudi's now recieve the M1A1 Abrams MBT.

-New icon and Camo skin for the Russian T-90.

-Some minor gameplay balances.

-Israelis recieve a new desert F-16....props to Axel for the sweet skin.

-Naval Warfare improved....advanced battleships can now effectively bombard cities!

-Submarines take longer to build and are now more deadlier.



-Supply wagons Heal your forces.

-AI disabled for all civs except China.

-Population limit increased to 600.

-Realistic battle system....eg. tanks can destroy infantry in one hit, jet fighters can easily clear out ground forces, helicopters useful versus all other enemies in addition to tanks...etc.

-Elite Special Forces have more craft.

-Naval warfare improved.

-Now when you enable the "No_nukes script" in the quick battles menu, your enemies will use cruise missiles. Beware they can be a hassle, so don't come complaining to me.

-Updated Leader names.

-Realistic names for vehicles and weapons systems.

-Flamethrowers, now have more armor.

-Wonders....Only the countries that actually buit those wonders in real life recieve them. For instance...only China can build the Terra Cotta Army.

-All the nations above are accurately represented. For instance the arab civs recieve citizen units that look arab. All of the skins are representative of their respective countries. All the countries recieve weapons systems according to what these countries currently field in their arsenals. For instance Countries that use soviet technology recieve RPG's and T-72 or T-80 tanks. Countries like Iraq, who have old military technology recieve Modern Age AA units...etc. Play the mod you'll see

*Next patch will include Venezuela, Sudan, and Sweden.

This mod features the same "engine" as my battlefield mod.

A word of warning: your computer might lag if you play big battles with like 8 civs because of the increased pop limits.


Credits: I would like to thank ODA and Unit 35 for their Super Etendard and Leclerc Models, Also I would like to thank Benemesius for the MIG star symbol skin. Also I want to thank ODA for his T-72 skin and panzer one model. Lastly, a huge thanks to Axel of Sweden for his amazing tank skins!!!


-Just pop it in your mods directory. Make sure you make it into one file ;).

art files and sound effects:

-go to my computer.
-go to your hard drive, on most computers its local disk C.
-go to program files.
-go to microsfot games.
-go to rise of nations Thrones and Patriots.
-go to the directory called "art."
-now copy and paste all of my art files into there.
-now go to the folder called "data," and copy and paste my "soundfiles" xml file into that folder. My soundfiles xml file is located inside my data file in the WW3 folder.
-now go back to the main directory and copy and paste all of the sounds I have provided into the folder called "sounds."

Now u should be good to go.

AND IF U WANT TO USE ANY OF MY MATERIAL PLEASE ASK!!!! I worked really hard on this mod, but I will be happy to let anyone use my skins and stuff if you ask only!

Lastly please report any bugs and leave ur comments!!!


Im going on Vacation for 2 weeks...so i just wanna say:

Thank you....

Thank you for all of your support...

Thank you for all of your kind words...

Thank you for all the encouragement...

Thank you for all of the inspiration...

It is all of you who have played this mod and shared your thoughts with me about it that have kept this project going.....so....thank you!!

Wow...its been a year since I started WW3 TAP....all the memories ...

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
awww no turks? we do have a military industry u know, not as good as the europeans yet but.. atilgan mounted stinger systems, ACVs & AIFV, milgem corvettes, t-155 firtinas, toros rockets, co-produce f-16s, and also involved in joint production for the JSF (f-35)

it would be really interesting for iran to get its own missiles or have hizbollah units

great mod!!!!

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments: Amazing Mod i havent seen one so well done i dont have patience but you must have had alot of patience! I make great mods i dont post them though i send them to my friends so dont expect me to post mine but these are better than mine! and ive been modding RoN T&P for 2 years! Can i use some of this for my next mod?
This is one of my favorite mods, but it is lacking in one thing that I have seen so far.

It's not very realist to see an abraham's tank take down a battleship so easy. Also the range is not realist versus the position of the battleship.
Yeah ! I finaly successfully installed the game and it is quite a great mod ! Men, you're really have to make a CTW Campaign for this ! It will be awesome !

thought i don't even know if there is a CTW campaign for this mod, so, if someone have a link to pass me on for such a campaign, this someone will take me to heaven ^^.

so, men i play your mod and i can't wait for the next version ^^ (and maybe for a CTW campaign ^^ who know's)
so, i give a five, but, it will give you some stuff that can be upgraded in the next version

1. make working the Scenario Editor : for some kind of reason some nation are bugged when i try to select them to make a scenario. it will be awesome if we can create our map with all the nations, not just with a few of them.

2. Like saying before, its not all the nations of today's that have a strong navy with aircraft crarrier, advanced battle ship, missile cruiser, etc. You can use a patrol boat for minor nations and others little ship. Also, you can make infantry units of minor nations like iran or iraq more stealth i mean by that that the army of certain country are not regular, like for afghanistan, there are pretty much of kind of guerillas-like units that are hard to spot for the a huge army (like the american for exemple)or even, if you can add a guerillas-like units to some of these country this will be cool.

3. new iface for units, some nation have the same icon when you try to build a units from a nation to an others. In the scenario editor this can be little bit confusing, so, replacing icon (i think you can mod them into the iface* files) for each nations to have its own set of iface will be pretty awesome

4. Some others stuff : You can also make more sound, new CTW campaign and you can make new skin for tank and armored vehicule

But that's just little modification that can make the game more realistic :

p-s : for the new skin, the age of tank mod have some pretty good skin at the information age for the tank and others units, have a look at it.

and i will repeat it again, once you've installed it, its the best mod ever of the info age ^^

see ya !

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