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Times of War unofficial expansion v2.2 (UPDATED 3/10/07)

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Needs T&P?: Yes
*****Rise of Nations--Times of War unofficial expansion pack*****

This mod tweaks and adds a number of features to RON-TaP:

*The Entire World CTW campaign has been modified and modelled after the second CTW Tourney hosted by Rise of Nations Heaven (http://ron.heavengames.com). The campaign contains the following features:
-100 territories, increased from the previous 59.
-Sea links and continental boundaries have been redefined, and each territory has been assigned a geographically appropriate tileset.
-Every wonder and rare resource is placed in their geographically appropriate locations.
-The map does not contain supply depot territories. Army pieces are alotted based on the amount of conquered territory.
-Government choices are persistent throughout the campaign, and are selected during the appropriate age.
-The leader names will change in accordance with the current age (names are loaded from Civ_Name.xml)
-The number of rounds have been increased to 30 from the previous 22.

*Russia is added as a playable nation to the New World CTW campaign, starting in Alaska.

*A CTW script, "House", enables a population-increase system where each built house increases the population limit by 3.

*A script for quick-battles and the Entire World CTW, "Civ_Name", assigns each nation a name appropriate for the age they are in (this is also customizable):
(1-3)Bantu->(4-5)Zulus->(6-8)South Africans

*Pre-gunpowder age artsets for the American civ have been changed from European-style to Iroquois-style for consistency with the Cherokee sub-nation provided by the "Civ_Name" script (currently only applies to building art).

*The rare resources that were formerly only available in CTW campaigns (bananas, beaver pelts, cattle, coffee, gold, gypsum, huskies, incense, iron, maize, olive oil, rum, and salmon) are now fully enabled with custom graphics and can spawn during scenarios.

*Most of the CTW unique units have been seamlessly integrated into regular gameplay under the appropriate nations. They have been enabled as follows:
Conquistadors: Spanish, Gunpowder Age, grafted over Dragoons
Elite Conquistadors: Spanish, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Carabineers
Bandeirantes: Spanish, Gunpowder Age, grafted over Arquebusiers
Elite Bandeirantes: Spanish, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Musketeers
Red Coats: British, Enlightenment Age
SAS: British, Information Age, grafted over Elite Special Forces
Galleon: British, Gunpowder Age, grafted over Frigate
Ship of the Line: British, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Man o' War
Imperial Guard: French, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Musketeers
Barbarian Javelineers: French, Ancient+Classical Age, grafted over Slingers
Patrol Boat: French, Modern Age, grafted over Cruiser
Junker: Germans, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Musketeers
Greek Mercenaries: Greeks, Classical Age
Barbarian Phalanx: Russians, Ancient+Classical Age, grafted over Hoplites
War Chariot: Persians, Classical Age, grafted over Horse Archers
Barbarian Archers: Mongols, Ancient+Classical Age, grafted over Bowmen
Guerilla Fighters (South American): Maya, Modern Age, grafted over Infantry
Guerilla Fighters (African): Bantu, Modern Age, grafted over Infantry
Guerilla Fighters (Middle Eastern): Indians, Modern Age, grafted over Infantry
Guerilla Fighters (Southeast Asian): Koreans, Modern Age, grafted over Infantry
Patrol Jeep: Americans, Modern Age, grafted over Armored Scout Car
Humvee: Americans, Information Age, grafted over Armored Cavalry
Ironclad: Americans, Enlightenment Age, grafted over Sloop

*A quick-battle script, "Extinction", enables a new game type for 8 players where all nations begin in the Ancient Age and can't advance in age until a team is defeated--culiminating in a showdown between the two remaining teams in the Information Age.

*A quick-battle script, "Assassination", enables a regicide-style game type where the Patriot must be protected from the enemy. If the patriot falls, that team is instantly defeated. Victory through city capturing is disabled in this game type. Enemy patriots can be spotted if they enter friendly territory; by nearby friendly scouts; or if they are garrisoned inside an informant building.

*Age advancement (during scenarios) has been disabled in the CTW campaigns.

*Wonder build age is based on historical accuracy and are restricted based on nation:
Great Pyramid (Classical Age): Egyptians, Nubians
Colossus (Classical Age): Romans, Greeks
Hanging Gardens (Classical Age): Persians, Inca
Terra Cotta Army (Medieval Age): Mongols, Chinese
Colosseum (Classical Age): Romans
Forbidden City (Medieval Age): Japanese, Chinese
Temple of Tikal (Classical Age): Mayans, Aztecs
Porcelain Tower (Medieval Age): Koreans, Chinese
Red Fort (Gunpowder Age): Persians, Indians, Mongols
Angkor Wat (Medieval Age): Indians
Versailles (Enlightenment Age): Dutch, Russians, Germans, British, French
Statue of Liberty (Industrial Age): Americans
Kremlin (Industrial Age): Russians
Taj Mahal (Gunpowder Age): Persians, Indians
Eiffel Tower (Industrial Age): French
Supercollider (Information Age): All
Space Program (Modern Age): All
Statue of Lenin (Industrial Age--not fully implemented): Russians
Courtyard Fountain (Gunpowder Age--not fully implemented): French, Spanish, Romans
Washington Monument (Enlightenment Age--not fully implemented): Americans, Egyptians
El Dorado (Medieval Age--not fully implemented): Inca
If a wonder exists prior to it's intended age (due to hardcoded placement in a scenario) then it will use a monument graphic as a placemark to maintain historical immersion.

*Government choices are restricted based on nation:
Persians: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy -> Socialism
Dutch: Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Indians: Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Americans: Republic -> Democracy -> Capitalism
Lakota: Republic -> Democracy -> Socialism/Capitalism
Iroquois: Republic -> Democracy -> Socialism/Capitalism
Mongols: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Socialism
Koreans: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Socialism/Capitalism
Japanese: Despotism -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Chinese: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy -> Socialism/Capitalism
Russians: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Socialism/Capitalism
Germans: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Socialism/Capitalism
British: Despotism -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
French: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Spanish: Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Turks: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Egyptians: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Capitalism
Romans: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy/Democracy -> Capitalism
Greeks: Republic -> Democracy -> Capitalism
Nubians: Despotism/Republic -> Monarchy -> Socialism
Bantu: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Capitalism
Inca: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Capitalism
Mayans: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Socialism
Aztecs: Despotism -> Monarchy -> Socialism

*A script, "TOW", is included that can be modified by the user to allow multiple scripts to be run simultaneously during quick-battles.

*The follow balance tweaks have been made:
-Biplanes can now travel 33% farther.
-The Commando sniper ability cast time has been reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
-The Commando sabotage ability cast time has been reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
-All units in the game now only increase the population by 1 point.
-The ICBM blast radius has been reduced from 20 to 15.

Updates (v2.2)
*The Chinese now use the Korean building artset (instead of the Japanese artset)

*Added missing file relating to the civilization government restrictions.

*Added missing file relating to the Russian name data in the New World CTW.

*When the Americans conquer North America in the the New World CTW, it will correctly register as a victory.

Updates (v2.1)
*Added missing file relating to the wonder monument graphic that was causing the Entire World CTW to sometimes crash.

*Added missing files that were causing the CTW rare resources to not spawn during scenarios.

Updates (v2.0)
*Added new Entire World campaign based on the second Rise of Nations Heaven CTW tournament.

*Added the Assassination script.

*Enabled most of the CTW unique units for regular gameplay use.

*CTW-specific rare resources have been enabled for spawning in scenarios.

*Leader names will change in the Entire World campaign to reflect the age that the nations are in.

*A monument graphic has been implemented for instances in which wonders are placed in a scenario prior to their intended age.

*The House script is now fully functional in Cold War scenarios.

*Biplanes can now travel 33% farther.

*Reduced the Commando sniper ability cast time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.

*Reduced the Commando sabotage ability cast time from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.

*All units in the game now only increase the population by 1 point.

*The ICBM blast radius has been reduced from 20 to 15.

*The Marble rare resource can now be utilized in CTW campaigns.

*Added a check in the Extinction script to ensure that the ending age is Information Age.

*The Civ_Name script will no longer execute during barbarian scenarios.

*Fixed an issue where the House script would alot a higher population cap than intended when peacocks are farmed.

*Age advancement in Cold War scenarios has been disabled.

*The Temple of Tikal wonder is now buildable in the Classical Age.

Updates (v1.2)
*Fixed a problem where the Extinction script was unable to execute because it wouldn't recognize you were starting in the Ancient Age.

*Optimized the Civ_Name script so that it will be usable in multiplayer (no longer gives "too many opcodes" error).

*The Civ_Name data strings are now fully customizable using the Civ_Name.xml file. By editing this file, the user can assign any name of his/her choice to any civ, during any period of time. Leader names can also be added in a similar fashion.

Updates (v1.1)
*Fixed a script error that could cause the CTWs to crash.

Additional Notes
The sub-nation system introduced via the "Civ_Name" script, which effectively "adds" nations to the game by partitioning each original civ into several civs spanning a few ages, could be utilized by modders for working around the hardcoded nation limit in RON such as by adding unique units appropriate for each sub-nation or changing special powers via scripting. An associated XML file (Civ_Name.xml) is included that contains prepared string data of the civ names and leaders, but is easily customizable should the user wish to do so.

As should be evident by the changes I made to wonder and goverment prerequisites, I place a large emphasis on historical accuracy. An unintended consequence of this is that some balancing issues may be introduced, although honestly I haven't experienced anything severe during testing. Another consequence of the new wonder restrictions is that any game type using wonder points most likely won't be playable. I may release an update in the future that provides the option to revert to the original RON prerequisites for wonders and government branches.

For those wishing to do so, I grant permission allowing any component of this mod to be adapted, altered, or improved for use in another mod. However I do not wish for the entirety of the mod to be recompiled under a different name or author. If a component of this mod is used elsewhere, a simple nod to Com_Trooper (that's me) would be nice when doing so.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Thecrayfish Nice com_trooper, good work
jammerculture heythis seems really cool and exactly what bring new life to RON. I have found a bug though. When trying to attack russia from the ukraine my game crashes. I am playing as the Romans on tough difficulty. They have one suporting army in belarus. I can make any other move but whenever I try to attack Russia (the move I want to make) the game crashes. Please help
File Author
jammerculture, I recreated the situation that you described (Roman, attacking Russia from Ukraine, with support from Belarus) but unfortunately I was unable to recreate the crash you are experiencing.

Some more information may help--did you try attacking any other capital countries before you attacked Russia? And what age were you in when you attempted to attack Russia?
jammerculture Ok I decided I would not attack Russia right away and I went ahead and did some other things. I conquered the Germans, then the Persians. The world has advanced to the gunpowder age. By now my empire surrounds the russian emppire so I try to attack again. Same thing. The green bar at the bottom of the screen fills halfway and then freezes, the music as well. After getting back to my desktop I see a window that says gathering exception data, then it gives me the screen in which it says Rise of Nations was forced to close would you like to send the iformation to microsoft.

Would it be helpful if I posted this information?? It seemed like gibberrish to mebut what do I know.

PS the original crash occurred in the medeival age

On a hunch I decided to start a new game. I chose the Germans since they were closest to Russia. I went straight for Russia. On turn three as the world just entered the classical age I attacked russia. Same effect.

[Edited on 09/19/06 @ 10:34 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the info you provided, it helped me locate the problem. Apparently there were some graphic files that I forgot to include in the zip (although they existed on my own computer), and the game was crashing when it was unable to find the necessary graphic. Anyway just unzip the updated mod and you should be good to go. Sorry for the inconvenience.
jammerculture Hey thanks alot this fixed it completely. Great speedy response.

Also, I would have to say hat this mod is by far my favorite one ever. I always liked Don the Dimes but it was always a little too big. Yours is perfectly balanced and has brought new life to my favorite game of all time. So thanks alot
Romanlord well i dont think you should put babylonians before persians because they had sepret countrys. You should put the medes they ruled persia before the persians.
File Author
Thanks for the suggestion Romanlord...but in the quick research I did on the Medes, it appears they existed around the same time as the Persians. For the ancient age I needed a culture that was quite a bit older (prior to 1200 B.C.) so I chose the Babylonians. I realize that not all of the nation lineages I chose are culturally contiguous (for example, I chose the Cherokee as the predecessor of the Americans even though they are completely different cultures). In such cases I based it on geography instead of culture.

In any event, the good news is that you can customize the civilization branches to your liking by editing the Civ_Name.xml file so adding the Medes should be no difficulty if that's what you prefer.
Loquacious So this sounds AMAZING. That's why I downloaded it. Unfortunately, once I begin playing it crashes before I can even get to the main menu.

It says something about a fatal error and just quits when I click "OK". I'm running this on a Mac OS X 10.4.7... Is there anything I can do?
File Author
Hmm unfortunately your crash message isn't really specific enough for me to offer any good advice. It might be a good idea to restore your backups (I hope you made backups...) and try copying the zip contents one at a time, until a crash occurs. That would at least indicate where there is a problem.

[Edited on 10/03/06 @ 09:34 PM]

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