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ODA RoN Mod Utility

Author File Description
One_Dead_Villy ODA RON Mod Utility version 1.02 Beta
File size is about 4 Megs.
Screen shots: http://ron.heavengames.com/library/articles/ODARoNModUtil/ODAModUtil.shtml

1) Mod, Scenario and Script Installer
- Simply point the utility to the folder containing a mod, scenario or script and it will install it into the proper game directories. The file folder has to be uncompressed however.
- For Mods, if you are using pure file replacements, this utility is smart enough to figure out which sub-directory it goes into, without you having to organize your files. You can create your own directories to organize them however.
- For unit graphics mods, even if you didn't bother to make it a patch3 mod, this utility will automatically create a unit_graphics.xml so that it will be compatible with patch3 mods.
- If you didn't provide an patch3 style info.xml file. This utility will also automatically try to create one based on the name of the folder, and if there is any instruction texts. Try to pull out as much of a description, and the author of the mod to create an info.xml file for your mod. It will look for any lines in the text file that has the lines "Author", "description", "version" etc to set up the info.xml file, it also understands French.

2) Patch 2 style Mod Manager
- This utility will shuffle in/out Mod files, and make backups of the original.
- All you need to do is install it as a patch3 mod and this utility will handle the rest.
- The Mod Manager also shows a splash screen on this utilities' Mod Manager screen if there is any picture file named "splash.*" or "info.*" in that mod's directory.

3) Patch 3 Mod Creator
- This utility also has a work screen for Mod developers to easily fill out information required to create a patch 3 mod info.xml file needed to register the mod into the game.
- From this screen you can use the file searcher to copy over xml file and art resources into the mod folder and automatically organize it so that it will be compatible to a patch 3 mod style for you to work on.

4) Unit Rules Editor
- This Utility has a work screen to edit unitrules, which controls the behaviour and game rules for units. Unit rule attributes which are coded such as OBJ_Mask, Flags, tribe_mask are automatically interpreted so you dont have to figure out what they mean. Yes it Expack compatible!!
- For other's the utility will show a help text to tell you what each attribute is for by reading the built in help from the game.
- You can start your unit rules mod by loading up the default from the game, then start editing. If you had set up your mod from the Mod Creator screen. Save the file when you're done and it will automatically be installed as part of your mod ready for testing.
- There is also a variety of copy/paste/move and filtering functions for organizing your unit rules mod. The filter function also allows you to create custom lists of a subset of units for you to concentrate on rather then having to scroll around long lists for the ones' you want to work on. This is important because you can apply new mod values to groups of units at a time.
- The Game uses the "GRAPH" attribute as the key ID for a unit, when you change this in a mod. This utility provides you a way to easily make unit_graphics compatible by mass unit graphics node creation or if you want replace the old unit references in the unit graphics to the new ID you assign. (Be careful however other XML files may require the same kind of mass changes but at least the work is done for you for unit graphics with this utility).
- This work screen also provides an exporter which for each entries in the unit rule correlate them with the unit graphics file, and out put the result to an HTML file. This facilities allow you to say output an html file that shows each unit in the unit rules and what each unit uses for its texture file.

5) Unit Graphic Editor
- This utility has a work screen to edit unit graphics, which controls the look and animation of the units.
- The utility provides the ability for you to preview the texture skin, without having to go out of the utility.
- This utility also provide the mod creator with a batch unit graphics mod creator. If you imported a bunch of unit skins or models. It can be quite a task to assign each to a unit graphics entries, if you didnt name everything exactly like the original files you want to replace. This facility attempts to rank each texture mod file you have with how close they are to a unit within the unit graphics file. This is presented in a list where you can confirm or alter the unit texture assignments. Then all you have to do is push a button and all your textures are assigned to a unit graphics xml entry.
- This workscreen also allow you to add terrain variations to each unit.
- There is also a variety of copy/paste/move and filtering functions for organizing your unit graphics mod. The filter function also allows you to create custom lists of a subset of units for you to concentrate on rather then having to scroll around long lists for the ones' you want to work on. This is important because you can apply new mod values to groups of units at a time.

6) XML Viewer
- This utility also has an XML node viewer that you can use to view any xml file, and if there is an error in the XML file, will tell you which line number and position it occured. This will be useful for debugging. (Eventually this will be a full freeform XML editor).

Release Notes
You may need to download the .NET Framework version 1.1 if you don't have it on your system. The .net frame work is around (20 megs) and you can grab it at the follow address:http://tinyurl.com/95zt
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Sobekeus OMG! No more headaches!
File Author
After some initial feedback. Ive made a small update and the upgraded the file to version 1.01 beta. No change as far as overall functionality. But now:

1) if you have a file improperly named without a file extension, the program wont choke.

2) change the install mod to take the folder file verbatim (and not use the mod creator screen to determine if to append a version number).

3) changed the open mod option to be available in all tab screens except the xml viewer.

4) change the open mod option so that it will automatically load the original game files instead of retaining the currently loaded file when the newly opened mod does not have a unitrules or unitgraphics xml defined.

[Edited on 04/10/04 @ 01:34 AM]

File Author
Just another update, now version 1.02 beta fixes a bug that caused the utility not to recognize the game directory when it was installed on the non default directory.
tokrot Just a general feedback, there's no 1.02 beta to download. The download is still the old 1.02 s/w with default RON program problem. Thanks!

[Edited on 06/29/04 @ 12:28 AM]

Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Well I don't know what to say about the utility because it can't intialize when I try to open it. The utility errors out and won't open. Please help.

I try to install skins into ron but I can't ever to seem to get it to work. Thats why I wanted to intsall this utility so it could do that stuff for me. I am new to this so I don't know how to really do this.

my email is rynopeacho@yahoo.com
if someone could help me mod RON I would one happy camper

[Edited on 07/01/04 @ 07:50 PM]

Guitar I am new here so this might be a stupid question, but have decided to ask so..

Well, when I open the mod untility it is always trying to search ROF on harddisk C, not D where its installed. In the next version, you should add an option to change the install location of ROF.
File Author
to Guitar:
Go to the "Mod Creator" tab. You will see a label line that says "Game directory",and the diretcory the game is installed in (normally C:Program files....etc). to the right of that line is button "Browse". Click on that to redirect the util to look for the game in another drive or directory. Then click on the Files options and save configuration. That will make the util keep looking at the proper place. Also the util only works for the orginal RoN and not T&P. I am working on updating it ,for T&P when i have time.

to rpeach:
do u have .net runtime version 1.1 framework installed? what error are u getting specifically? as in does it produce any error messages on screen? also as for skin mods. it depends on how it was designed. ie) if it was just the texture file, or someone actually set the xml data to point to the new skin or someone actually set up the mod completely so that it is selectable in the mod menu. all but the last would require u do some work yourself to make it work.

[Edited on 07/06/04 @ 04:16 AM]

nikhil_p4 Download does not work.
Following Application Error when I try to run the file:
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."

Tried downloadind again, but same message.

Running Windows XP SP1
nikhil_p4 OK I reinstalled .NET and it works fine now. So for all initialization errors try reinstalling .NET. (or installing it if you tried the MOD Util without it!)
Deathmage does this utility have a tool to edit the expansion pack, the one i got doesnt allow it.
Is there an update for it. i can do it by imy own, i was just wondering if there was an update for this utility so i can mod the expansion : Thrones and Patroits.

If anyone know of a utility that can edit the expansion set for Rise of nation it would be helpfull, cause i want to edit the USA a little
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