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Rise of Chazbot: Thrones and Patriots Remix 1.0

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Rise of Chazbot: Thrones and Patriots Remix 1.0

October 2006

Hello, folks. Chaz here. After mulling over the specs for the RoN/TaP units and buildings, it seemed to me that lots of them didn't make sense. So I re-wired 'em! :o)

Here's an example: straight out of the box, a three-man Anti-Tank Missile squad had about the same number of hit points as ...

... a Main Battle Tank.

Sure, it's three guys, and they can (in one's imagination) avoid some damage by taking cover, and by dint of (presumed) body armor.

But still: compared to a *tank*? That's just ridiculous.

MBTs are the kings of the battlefield (at least on the ground), and needed stats to show that.

So my goal was to improve units and buildings as necessary, mainly in the later Ages, but largely within the statistical parameters and precedents set by Big Huge Games.

So this isn't an attempt at true realism. If it were, then the Armored Cav would have to do 50-100 times more damage than the Conquistador, then I'd have to increase the hit points for the MBT and Advanced Battleship, then I'd have to make nukes do a million points of damage, and that'd just be too much work. :o)

Saw no need to re-invent a very nice wheel. Just wanted to "chrome it up" a little.

Also note that this remix includes Battleman's Improved Naval Warfare 2.0 patch, XenonDDR's flak ammo mod, and several improved unit skins from various authors featured here on ron.heavengames.com. I can't remember who created what, but everything I include in this mod is the best I've seen, and so big thanks to all our artists. :-)

(NOTE TO USERS IN GERMANY: some Modern Age German re-skins include swastikas. This is NOT an endorsement of Der Fuhrer -- only an endorsement of historical reality (and free speech). If installing this mod violates local laws, well ... you have been warned.)

For the highlights (which include sea and land Harriers, Ballistic Missile Subs, better variety of Jet Fighter Bombers, pop cap increase, re-distribution of Wonders throughout the Ages, more spacious Airbases and Carriers, and tougher/deadlier armored vehicles), check out the readme.

Hope you like this mod. It's been a blast to make, and I think it's equally fun to play. :-)

-- Chaz.
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File Author
Hey, folks,

Just discovered a bug that I introduced (ouch) that causes Howitzers to not always be available. The fine folks who run this site are currently reviewing version 1.1 of this mod, which takes care of this problem.

So, I'm glad to see people are already downloading my mod, but PLEASE wait until 1.1 comes out if you haven't already.

Or, for the more technically inclined who don't want to wait for 1.1, you can patch 1.0 to 1.1 yourself, by adding the "j" flag to the Howitzer entries (there are two, one regular and one German) in the unitrules.xml file, as below. If you need an XML editor, you might Google for Notepad++ or SuperEdi (neither of which I'm affiliated with).

NOTE: Spaces are added below in order to show approximately what the XML code looks like in unitrules.xml. DON'T add those spaces in your unitrules.xml; just make sure that in the FLAGS entry, both Howitzers have the flag shown below, which is jlmxr.

< UNIT >
< NAME > Howitzer < / NAME >
< FLAGS > jlmxr < / FLAGS >

(and so forth)

So ... sorry about that, guys. This is my first try at content creation, and I thought I had all the bugs killed. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you like the mod in spite of this bug.


-- Chaz.

P.S.: I'm working on a 1.2 update now, which will include *improvements* (no bug fixes, which I believe are all addressed in 1.1). One example will be anti-air capability for Attack Helicopters.

The biggie: I'm going to try to have *two* Carriers instead of one, one for Modern Age and one for Info. I'll try to add *light* armament to each vessel, too. Stay tuned!

[Edited on 10/04/06 @ 05:32 PM]

tarmo_flake Can you make a version selectable on Quick Battle Mods menu?
File Author
Hi, tarmo,

I'm not really sure how to do that (to make a version selectable on QBM). But if you could direct me to the instructions, I'll see what I can do. :-)

-- Chaz.

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