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Rise of the Romans

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This was just a test for me, i was testing if i could correctly merge unitrules and unitgraphic xml files and see if it would work. (and it did) This is actually a merge of two other mods found on this website, the Alpini Mod, made by lightInfa, and the Ballista mod made by ODA. Give thanks to them. for more information on each individual or if you just want one- not both- Mod see ODA's mod and see LightInfa's mod.

and reviews- i don't deserve them- give them to lightifa and ODA...
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masterdust Well I think I got one of the mods installed in a combo mod earlier. I have 2 little requests for mods though. Is it possible to get the popular Cruise Missile submarine to launch a NUCLEAR MISSILE instead??? In the "Rise of Chazbot 1.31 mod" found on this site. These Ballistic Subs go to Americans, British, Chinese, Russians and French Only as upgrades to the normal Attack subs in the Info Age

My Second request is to have the Russians and maybe other armies that use Russian stuff have the Mig-17 in the Modern Age. The Mig-17s were classic jets during the Cold War era. I think the "Rise of Chazbot mod" mentioned above gives the Russians a Yak fighter in the modern age. My idea was, if possible, the Russians and their allies have the Mig-17 as an upgrade to their basic Modern Age fighter (Yak) after maybe a military or science research is done or something like that.

The Mig-17s then should be at least the fastest aircraft in the Modern Age and have a bit more armor than other Modern Age planes.
Pictures of Mig-17s

Anyways Happy New Year to you as well as all other modders. And please if anyone can... make a Nuke firing Sub. The Nuke fired can be a bit toned down ;-) And also the Mig-17 upgrade to the basic Modern Age Russian nation. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

[Edited on 01/06/07 @ 08:43 PM]

File Author
hey those are great ideas! thanks- and also this other mod on this website has the nuclear-sub for only the russsians- i think you'll find it in:


unfourtunately you need to replace files in that mod instead of a quick-battle selection mod.

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 12:10 PM]

masterdust I think i tried that same mod last night and I dont think the sub worked ... I will try it again and see what happens
masterdust hey I tried the mod you suggested above but the Submarine was the Russian Typhoon version however it did not fire any Nuke missile.. it fired torpedoes instead... it didnt even fire a simple cruise missile!!! Can u help?? can u make a separate mod for a nuke submarine mod alone?? what do i have to add to my .xml files?? Please help if u can n thanks.. I'm glad to hear u thot my ideas above were good.. I have NO idea how to mod anything or else I wud have tried to help but anyways I hope u take up the ideas and turn it into something good!
File Author
hmm... sure! i'll see what i can do.

i'll try making one in the typhoon class...

maybe this will work:

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 06:54 PM]

masterdust Hey thanks... hope you find a way to do it. I dont know if this is any help but the "Rise of Chazbot v1.31" already has a Typhoon sub that launches a cruise missile maybe u might just have to edit a line of code in there somewhere. And it already has that specific sub as special units for certain countries. Maybe u can use that as a start point of some sort if necessary. Anyways keep it comin!

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 08:38 PM]

File Author
wait i found a good mig photo- i just wanted to se your opinion:

masterdust Well its a mig all right. However only 2 problems I seem to notice. I think the main fuselage is a wee bit too long. Also, at least from the links for mig photos I provided above, there are drop tanks under the wings.
Notice the somewhat "chubby" appearance the mig has and the drop tanks under the wing.

Anyways I must say I'm glad you're working on the mod so YES we can go with that image you found. Lets see what the finished mod looks like and then maybe if it has any error or whatever, then we can edit it. Thanks for taking up the idea :-)Keep it comin!

[Edited on 01/12/07 @ 06:37 PM]

File Author
also i will probably make the mig before i make the sub because i cannot figure out how to integrate a nuke into a submarines attack... it could take a while to figure that out...
masterdust ok then no problem. Good luck with the sub. Thankx again. If its any help there is a download in this mods section, with Cruise Missile Sub instructions.


Maybe that can help in some way.. maybe replace the cruise missile rocket code with the nuke missile code for the submarine or something like that. I myself went looking to do something like that but I had no luck I didn't see any "nuke code" Anyways I hope everything with the mig is coming along ok. Keep it comin!

[Edited on 01/16/07 @ 10:37 PM]

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