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World Wars I & II

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is a scenario about the Wolrd Wars in Europe, you can play as either Holland & Belgium, Russia or Germany, other Nations featured are NATO, Great-Britain, France, Austria-Hungary and Italy.


Proto-Tiger, Tiger Tank, Nazi Infantry and Studder Machine Gun for Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Windsor Privates and Windsor Castle for Great-Britain.

Tsar's Guard, Sovjet Shock Infantry and Red Army Tank for the Russian (last two only available when Communism is chosen)

And many more..!!
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Dido Don't you guys have minimap PNGer?
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I think it's a little bit to easy specially for the hard core players out there. I myself am not a good player at all and I had no difficulty in winning. It took me long but I finally did it. Specially with the diplomacy options. Every time I could take down 1 or 2 enemies at the time by keeping peace with the rest. I was a little bit disappointed the diplomacy was not scripted as it seems it's the same in any Quick Game, making no sense in Allies forces attack each other...

So maybe it's possible to make the diplomacies fixed. Besides that it was fine!

Balance: 4
Perfect! I didn't found any sides to strong or to weak.

Creativity: 3
Well it's not like a WW scenario isn't been done before so it's not really creative. The map in general looked good and there where no glitches. WW things are popular and I like them as well but there is so many out there it's hard to stand out in creativity.

Map Design: 2
Like I said nicely done, only thing I was disappointed with is that the German city Berlin for example had these nice civic buildings and none other city had that.

Story/Instructions: 5
Well it's an modified standard Quick Game actually so it was plain what to do (Smack the enemies bottox). And I had no trouble finding out how to do that!

Additional Comments:
They are a few errors I would like to enlighten (not to pick on you but help you develop), there minor things non the less but I think they should be fixed:

- As you mentioned this is suppose to be at the time of World Wars in Europe so that's the era of: 1914 till 1945. But there where units in there from past that era (nukes, T90 tanks).

- Some of the City spellings are not in English but in the way a Dutch or German guy would spell them (this is not a big error but since the rest of the game is in English I think you should stick to the English naming).

- Sovjet is spelled; 'Soviet'

- The Netherlands and Belgium are not 1 nation, but I can understand you put them together since they are small nations.

- Venice is an isolated island city and not on the mainland.

- Milan is not the capital of Italy, Rome is. But I guess this is done since Italy isn't totaly on the map.

- NATO is all American nor is it located it in Scandinavia although I perfectly understand you took the Americans for them and placed them there on the map duo space reasons.

- I suggest making the Netherlands Orange of colour since this is there national colour fitting them better then NATO. And NATO could be blue or something.

- Maybe it's possible to change the Nations names: Austria-Hungaria to Axis (instead of German) NATO to NATO (instead of Americans) and Romans to Italians instead.

Besides those things a great job, keep making them you have a nice skill for mapping.
File Author
This scenario isn't scripted, because I didn't know how to script at the time of making. I'm thinking of redoing the scenario and adding a script, as well as more map design. A few things though:

- Venice doesn't fit on an island. Therefore it is impossible to not place it on the mainland.

- I took Holland & Belgiumas one to make a nation that at least stood some chance against the Axis warmachine. Also, they had to be in seeing that Belgium played a big role in WW1.

- Accidently, the period after WW2 was automatically included, since Germany was bound to fall sometime (unless the Axis win, which isn't unthinkable) and Europe would automatically be divided into East and West. I left it in because it is lots of fun, so the scenario strickly isn't 1918-1945 (even more so due to you being able to control Germans).

One thing though, I think that perfect balance (you said it was perfectly balanced) deserves a 5. Heck, no one will do better than perfect right? And I'm slightly dissapointed with a 2 for the map design, just because I didn't use a lot of civic buildings (I also did that to avoid the trap of making a city map.)

[Edited on 05/30/07 @ 03:33 PM]

mad777 Hi guys,

Can someone tell me why I don't have this folder "Rise of Nations/T. & Patriots/Scenarios/Customs" ? I really love to play the scenario, but I don't know how to make it work.

thanks in advance
mad777 Hi guys,

Can someone tell me how to use those files for scenarios? I can't make it to work. where to copy to and what need to be modified?

mad777 where should I copy those files to? I can't make it to work.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Fun, not too easy and not too hard. At least for me. Nice job.
Balance: 5
Nice balance. My only complaint is that russia's standing army is pretty weak. Russia should at least start out with a bunch of infantry.

Creativity: 3
Good idea to mix the two world wars, but they are two wars that have been done many times before. But that's probably because they tend to be the most fun to play...

Map Design: 4
Pretty damn good design. Can't really think of anything to complain about, except maybe the role of NATO and its bases. But it's not a big deal.

Story/Instructions: 3
Since its basically a free for all, none is really needed/provided.

Additional Comments:
Keep making scenarios. You have an eye for this stuff. If you can, develop some script for your next scenarios- then you would be one of the best on here in my opinion. Keep up the good work.
coola567 When i played as Belgium and Netherlands, i was some how at war with russia. Why?? They were both part of the allies. Also you could fix the diplomacy so you cant break alliances make peace etc. Otherwise looks pretty nice.
WARSAWPACT this is awseome.
File Author
Thanks for the comments!

I didn't know how to script bakc when I made this scenario, but now I do and I'm getting into RoN again, so you should be seeing some of my scenarios coming up soon.

(BTW, check out the History of the Entire World series, loads of fun ;))
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