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Iraq mod - Beta 0.9

Author File Description
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Needs T&P?: Yes
Here is my new mod:


it features:
-3 civs : America, Al quaida (nubians) and iraq (turk)
-New planes for each civ, with skin
-New tanks for each civ, with skin
-New land troops for each civ, with skin
-New rules( popcap higher, oil faster (you're in Iraq, remember? ))
-New barracks skin
-New Redoubt range
-new help texts
And a nanologic change in MLRS explosion.

I am still needing:

-A beautiful model for the F-14 tomcat
-A Scud launcher model.
-A mirage-F1 model better than the tornado one.
-A anti-tank with a RPG-7 model.
If somebody could do these for me, it would be fine.

AND Documentation by internet

I recommend you to play this in the great sahara map, it look better.

IMPORTANT: read the readme

It's a beta, so report me any bug and say what you would like to have

To come:
-Only america will have missile launcher, the other will get SCUD launcher.

-No nuke.

-maybe a "Support" unit for the americans.

- Other units for Iraq

- New tribe.

Thanks to all testers, and to all modder, if I took there skins.


EDIT: I'm currently working on the Final version, but it's a lot of work. I've already fixed many bugs, but I won't update this one.
Wait at least Friday Afternoon(+ 24/72 Hours delay) So I can share the new.

i will not be at home next 2 days, but comments anyway.

I just warn you, in this one you have got 1/10th of the version I'm working on now.

Good game!

And Goodbye for 2 days
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edilberto is a mini-mod?..or three nations add-on for t&P?

terrorist nations is not good idea? is as a nazist or real-comunism nations? no etic for a game...for boys.

[Edited on 04/17/07 @ 03:53 PM]

File Author
I remember you that this is a beta mod

It focuse on the Iraq war, the 2d.

Since there is no yhousands of nations in or around iraq actually, I can't do much more than 6.

In his there are 3.

I don't understand very good this "terrorist nations is not good idea? is as a nazist or real-comunism nations? no etic for a game...for boys."

Can you repeat with simpler words(I'm French)

[Edited on 04/18/07 @ 01:09 AM]

edilberto I'm italian ;D
File Author
Can you give me ideas about new units.

Here is the whole for each nation:
(in the new version)


M1A1 & M1A2 abram
M3A2 and M3A3 bradley
B-52 E,F,G,H, stratofortress
F-14 tomcat -> F-22 raptor
Assault marines -> SEALS
USA support troops -> USA Hvy support troops
ADv. Mgun
MLRS ; ANTI-air missile
Ah64 apache longbow


BMP-2 -> BMP-3
T-72-> T-80
mig-29, Mig-31
iraqi infantry -> iraqi assault infantry
ADv. Mgun
M-5 howitzer ; anti-air missile
Old WW2 Bomber, Mi-24 HIND
iraqi heavy infantry

Al Qaeda

BMP-2 -> BMP-3
T-72-> T-80
Mirage F1
Al quaida troops -> Al quaida assault troops
ADv. Mgun
M-5 howitzer ; anti-air missile
Old WW2 Bomber -> Su-39
Desert sniper


Challenger -> Challenger 2
M3A2 and M3A3 bradley
B-52 E,F,G,H, stratofortress
Tornado IDS -> Tornado ADV
Assault infantry
ADv. Mgun
MLRS ; ANTI-air missile
Ah64 apache longbow

Has somebody suggestions?

[Edited on 04/19/07 @ 12:33 PM]

KamikazeSeagull Along the Wall!!?? you're back!!! yeah!!!

I thought you'd left for good! :p
TheBlackAdmiral You might want to include Koeweit and Iran too.
File Author
I'm planning too add Iran. Maybe I will add Kowait.

I must work a lot, so I will finish in 2 days, at least.

I think you will get it in 5 days.

Kamikazeseagull-> I can't stop playing RON, it was just a break

Edit: I will also modify some buildings and wonders

Today work done:

i made all the B-52, added the f-22, the hvy support.

I added the BMP-3, The mig-31, the t-72

I added the Su-39 to Al Quaida, in upgrade of the WW2 bomber.

I added the tornado ADV and IDS, The challenger 1 & 2

And the M3A3 in upgrade of the M3A2

I will continue this tomorrow. Good night!

PS: i just forgot: I've done a very good job :)

[Edited on 04/20/07 @ 01:26 PM]

File Author
I'm going to do the "further beta test".

The game is now Alpha.In ~2 hours,I'll submit it, and you will get it in 4-80 hours ( hope 4 :) )

I have done better skins.

2 hours after: It's done, I submit it. It surely contains minor bugs, but the overall works.

Wait and see

[Edited on 04/21/07 @ 04:32 AM]

master_general just a few ideas regarding the iraqis,
the assault infantry should be called conscripts or iraqi guard, the advanced troops should be called republican guard.

the british assault troops should be called royal fusiliers

just a few suggestions.

if you need help just ask
File Author
Thanks for your suggestions Master_general.

I'm not sure, but i think you can do model.

if you can, can you do a Scud launcher(with or without rocket)
It would be great
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