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Blood Red Dawn Battlefield 1943

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Blood Red Dawn Battlefield 1943


-Double Click and follow the directions to install the art.exe file.


This mod is a World War Two realism mod and it is a successor to previous battlefield 1943 mods created by me.

*Nations in this release:


UU's: Grenadiers, Tiger Tank, U-Boat, ME-109, SS-Schutze, Maschinengewehr 42

*has desert skins


UU's: Imperial Rifles, Zero, Chi Ha, Type 96 Heavy Mortar

-United States

UU's: GI's, M4 Sherman, Mustang, Rangers

*has desert skins
*has jungle (works on most jungle maps)

-Great Britain

UU's: Tommies, Churchill, Hawker Typhoon, Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber

*has desert skins

-Soviet Union

UU's: Katyusha Rocket, T-34, Strelok, Il-2 Shturmovik


UU's: Carro Armato Pesante, Fanteria, Macchi, M-37 Breda, Black Shirts

*has desert skins


•New smoke graphics adapted from WW3 TAP.
•New realistic ordinance system adapted from WW3 TAP. Explosive ammunition are more realistic.
•New more realistic Naval Warfare inspired by Battleman's "Improved Naval Warfare 2.0" modification.
•Popultion limit is 600.
•Realistic unit stats .
•Balance issues fixed. Vehicles, aircraft and naval units now take up more population slots. These units take longer build. Some of these units are also a bit more expensive. Their stats have been altered as well (ex: tanks are much more slower as well as battleships). Make sure you build a balanced army!
•Brand New art and graphics (desert units!).
•Brand New sounds.
•New Units.
•New Icons (I will make changes to certain sketchy icons in later releases).
•Improved "Fuhrer" patriot & new icon for "Communism" government type.


-More updates with new content and nations are planned.
-This mod will overwrite the following art files: iface_units_02, iface_units_02_half, and iface_govs. Therefore I suggest you back-up those files in order for you to restore the game to its original state. The first 2 files can be found in your rise of nations “art” directory, the last one can be found in the rise of nations T&P “art” directory.
-For advanced users, I recommend that you play this mod on the toughest difficulty setting. The mod was mostly tested on that setting.
-This mod is Multi-player compatible only if all players have it installed
-Report any bugs, and enjoy!

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File Author
guys don't download yet, it seems that the other half of the mod was not posted. I'll try to resubmit everything again. Thank you for your patients.
Evolved Just to check, is it fixed yet?
masterdust WoW!!! I played this mod and boy did it feel like I was back in 1943. The art work for the menu icons and the units were great. I also liked the idea that your mod came with an installer package which made everything so much easier. My two favourite nations in your mod are the Soviets and the Germans.

I have some ideas though that i would like to share about the mod: The Germans in 1943 were as everyone knows, under Nazi rule. Is it possible also to have the Hitler Youth included in the German nation? They could be trained in the city along with citizens. The cost for producing the Youths could be food alone since food is sometimes the resource least used to do upgrades in later stages of the modern age. Also food is the one resource that sometimes remains in supply when your nation is on the verge of defeat in the game. In this way if the Hitler Youth is added it will make the mod a bit more realistic by showing that if the Germans are about to be defeated they can still produce Hitler Youth in mass numbers as a last resort such as they did in reality. Also the normal citizens in Germany were used as part of the Volkstrum militia. Can the name in the menu (for when the citizens change to militia) be changed for the German citizens to Volkstrum?

The Nazis,USA, Soviets and Japan, all wanted to acquire nuclear power however the mod have no nation able to research nuclear power. My idea is that these 4 nations alone be able to research nuclear missiles BUT make it VERY expensive and the research time VERY long!!! The Nuclear research for the USA was called "The Manhattan Project"


That page goes to a search on this site with Historical Skins #1,2,3,4. In one of them there is a Hitler Youth Skin and also there is a German SS Death Head unit skin. I tried to use that German SS Death Head .tga file from the Historical Skins, and replace your Shutze.tga file but it didn't look proper like the pic that came with the Historical Skin Folder. The SS tga file does look better however if I don't use it with the mod and simply rename it to volks.tga and copy it to the Thrones and Patriots art folder and play with the German nation.

I hope these ideas are handy to you. Please feel free to ask me anything if you don't understand. and Keep on rockin. Your mod was well done and I hope to see more of your work on here soon. Thanks!
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Spark941 hey i like that idea of hitler youth

would make it awesome
nemesszili Hi.I tried your mod and I think that's a REALLY GOOD mod.But,which I don't like in all modifications,there are no paratrooper planes!!!!I like actions behind enemy lines,so if somebody wants to make a good mod and impressive U can use this idea.Anyway,this mod is a leader.;)

Darko Sorry, but this mod doesn`t work...I don`t have any other mods installed, i just installed the 2 exe files from both of your posts, which includes BRD1 & BRD2...

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