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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Blood and Iron, Germany 1860-1918.

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Blood and Iron, Germany 1860-1918.

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The German state of Prussia was the driving force behind the unification of dozens of German states into a single nation, which officially came about as the result of the 1871 Versailles proclamation following a decade of instability and war. The new German state possessed a large population of over 60 million citizens and one of the world's largest industrial bases, much to the envy and fear of it's weaker neighbours.

The shifting balance of power which resulted of Germany's emergence in world affairs prompted countries such as France, Great Britain and Russia to establish alliances to contain Germany. Germany and other European powers began arming and equipping vast armies and navies with modern weapons, such as breach loading artillery, battleships and machine guns. This superstitious and aggressive attitude made a major war seem inevitable, which eventually occured in 1914.

It was only during this war that the destructive power of modern weaponry was fully realised. Many older military elements, such as cavalry, were rendered useless, and victory could only be achieved after massive loss of life. Germany was to eventually surrender in November 1918 after four long and bloody years of war in which Germany lost over 2 million soldiers. Germany's opponents were hardly better off; Russia lost 2 million soldiers, France 1.2 million and Britain 750,000.

The emergence of the unified German state presented a new balance of power in Europe which was dealt with quite poorly by the nations involved. It was only after two highly destructive wars and subsequent political division and re-unification could Germany be peacefully accepted into Europe.

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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Had fun.

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5
Good idea.

Map Design: 5
Nice one.

Story/Instructions: 5
Enough instructions.

Additional Comments:
A very good scenario just like your other scenarios, but I think this is even better than the others!
Da Iguana
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
There is a lot of big naval and air battles and when an alliance is formed with Austria-Hungary another front is opened. As Germany, I take on the Dutch, French, and English, while Austria-Hungary protects my eastern borders from the Russians. It took awhile to get an alliance with Austria Hungary, I had to fight them in a brief war (which ended in a stalemate), and provide them resources.

Balance: 4
Well I'm not through playing yet so it's kinda hard to tell. Defeating the Rhine Confederation was a cakewalk, as was Holland and Belgium. But it might be a challenge to defeat the French forces on land and use my navy to stop British troops coming to aid them.

Creativity: 4
Interesting concept. There are some WW1 scenarios, but not any of this magnitude.

Map Design: 5
From what I can understand, this is an accurate map for western Europe.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well its WW1. Pretty interesting story if you ask me lol. I wish you would've used a little more scripting. However, I understand that would be fairly difficult considering the timespan of this scenario.

Additional Comments:
File Author
Thankyou for the reviews. I tried to make this scenario more than just a World War I scenario, although World War I is supposed to be the climax of this scenario. Prior to the emergence of the German nation state, Prussia fought two short and succesful wars against Austria and France in quick succession. I also tried to incorporate those wars into this scenario. As for scripting, I think it takes away an element of surprise and initiative from a scenario and detracts replay value.
Da Iguana yeah. as good as scripting is, it wouldnt work well for a big massive war. and i still havent beaten this! oil is so scarce lol! for a little bit of fun, i went into the scenario editor and played as the austria-hungarians. its hard because germany is very slow in taking over the rhine confederation.
Sujit How do i install the map

sorry my bad english
File Author
Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip folder into the Rise of Nations/Scenario folder. Then play Rise of Nations and select "Load scenario" in the single player menu. This opens a menu similiar to windows explorer, where you can be navigate your way to the unzipped scenario (.scx) file and play it. Keep in mind you must have the Thrones and Patriots expansion installed to even be able to see the scenario file in the Load Scenario menu.
spyridon Forgot to mention to keep working.
I like very much your ww1-era scenarios!
If you have time, you can have a look to my scenarios and you may also review them.
coola567 Why didnt you includ the war against Denmark?? That was the first war Bismarck fought in his attempt to unite Germany.
jazza2929 hey im having trouble downloading it, it downloads but when I go on to rise of nation it isn't there?
what folded do u put it in?
how do you unzip it?
Pineapple_Man I'm having issues getting this scenario goin'. I installed it correctly but when I try to load the scenario itself, it doesn't show any of the scenario files within the folder. I can manually go into the folder and see them though.
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Map Design4.7
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