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World War IV

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1982 - Russia, Japan, China, and Persia form a treaty alliance named RACE, Regional Asian Communist empires.
1984 - Iraq is attacked by the U.S. for them bombing the San Franciso Bridge.
1987 - Iraq surrenders to the U.S.
1989 - Iraq and Iran Merge
1990 - Russia and Japan demand 500 million euros from the U.K.
1992 - The U.K. threatens to declare war on RACE and bring their allies into it if Russia keeps the demand and dont back down.
1997 - Russia backs off and the U.K. has formed hostile relations with RACE members.
2001 - Russian battle ships shoot down 18 cargo ships near british ports.
2001 - The U.K. demands payment and materials for reparations.
2003 - Chinese bombers fly over and bomb Oregon.
2003 - The U.S. Dropped a hydro bomb on the capital of China and threatens to go to war after inflicting the estimated 230,000,000 casualties whitch China alerts the RACE.
2003 - Russia threatens the U.S. for war, Japan slams American Harbors in California with bombs
2003 - The U.S. sends spies to japan and the spies assassinate the dictator during the "Habokuluman" Speech whitch was on the economics of Japan and technology uses in war.
2004 - Japan elects a new leader, The U.S. invades Iraq/Iran and inflicts 23,093 casualties until Iraq/Iran begs peace in October.
2006 - Iraq/Iran go into a debt and ask RACE for aid.
2006 - RACE gave enough aid to get Iraq/Iran out of debt.
2006 - RACE invades Africa and takes all the money in the African Reserves leaving africa in an even poorer society.
2007 - RACE declares victory over africa and brings all soldiers homes.
2007 - Russian spies set off demolitions in the U.K. War ministry offices.
2007 - The U.K. war ministry crumbles to the ground and the emergency ministry is opened.
2008 - U.S. Elections occur.
2008 - The U.K. declares war on RACE and brings their Allies, France into it.
2008 - RACE wages war and off target russian bombers bomb a suburb in Germany
2008 - Germany discusses with Russia and Russia refuses to appologize.
2009 - Hillary Clinton wins the elections over Republican Huckabee.
2009 - The U.S. signs a Declaration of Support with the U.K. and France.
2009 - The U.S. declares war on RACE.
2009 - Germany declares war on RACE.
2010 - The Attacking countries allign and form GATO Global Allignment and Treaty Oranization
2010 - GATO invades RACE.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TheBlackAdmiral Royal Communists? I think you got your politics a bit wrong. Communists are against any form of Monarchs.
ErnoFCG 1990, they demand euros. I don't think you would fine many Euro's in the 90's xD
Lion Eater
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
Playable but not gonna be much fun with no starting units

Balance: 4
everyone has no units can't get more balanced then that

Creativity: 1
a few cities a a basically blank map you get 1 point for the flawed background story

Map Design: 1
There is nothing no obvious countries just a few cities dotted on a map with badly chosen names.

Story/Instructions: 1
There is no story with the game.

Additional Comments:
There is no realism with this map just cities and nations on a blank map
Map Design1.0
Playability: 4
It was pretty fun

Balance: 2
Completely unbalanced

Creativity: 1
Who hasn't thought of WWIV and it's a pretty plain scenario

Map Design: 1
It was an extremely plain map with random, dotted cities.

Story/Instructions: 1

Additional Comments: Take some time making your maps, and analyze other scripts from other scenarios. If you want to see how to write a good script, you should download my Northern Ireland scenario. Overall, you have potential, you just have to take more time and learn how to write a good script (use an atlas while making a map).
Scarab25 garrett1294, DO NOT make any more scenarios until you have listened to what El Cuidiallo Franco is saying
TheBlackAdmiral something I always do is look at Wikipedia before making a map. It helps getting in the details that make a scenario more fun.
GeneralBlucher I agree with TheBlackAdmiral, Wikipedia will serve much the next time you make a esenario. First, NEVER WAS COMMUNIST Japan, China is a PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC NOT AN EMPIRE, and Persia now called Iran . Moreover, Russia in 1980 was still called the Soviet Union, Russia was named after the year 1999. Russia is Capitalist, but the Soviet Union is Communist.

I have translated all with Google Translator. I do not speak English.

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Map Design1.0
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