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Advanced Industry

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Advanced Industry
Created by: KE_eKr3i6n
Credit to : Battleman for Naval Graphics
My website: http://ron.heavengames.com (I dont have a site anymore)

----- HOW TO PLAY -----
- Dont worry about a uninstaller, because this mod wont overwrite any of your original game files!
Use the two installers and install them to the default directory. If you have the game on a different drive besides C: make sure to change the letter.

- In the game select Advanced Industry on the Game Mods drop menu and Script drop menu. Start the game up, and enjoy!!

----- ABOUT MOD -----
- Diplomatic capitalism.

Author thoughts
- I made this mod for diplomacy games. I made the rare resources very strong for war purposes as well as alliance purposes. I enjoyed this mod so much that I had to put it out for others to play. This is gonna be the last mod I make, so I will continue to update this mod, with new ideas as they come. Thanks guys and enjoy! (MAKE SURE YOU LOAD THE SCRIPT WITH IT!!)

----- NEW UNITS -----
- Conquistador (Unique Spanish Ranged Cavalry IV)
- Elite Conquistador (Unique Spanish Ranged Cavalry V)
- Expeditionist (Unique Spanish Gunpowder Infantry IV)
- Elite Expeditionist (Unique Spanish Gunpowder Infantry V)

- Junkers (Unique German Gunpowder Infantry V)

- Humvee (Unique American Ranged Cavalry VIII)

- Imperial Guards (Unique French Gunpowder Infantry V)

- Spartan (Unique Greek Heavy Infantry II)

----- NEW RARES -----
All rare resources from Conquer the World Campaigns are in regular gameplay.
- Cattles
- Huskies
- Olive Oil
- Gypsum
- Beaver Pelts
- Gold
- Rum
- Coffee
- Bananas
- Salmon
- Iron Ore
- Maize
- Incense

- Rares 100% stronger properties!!
- +1 gold from each building built inside of a city radius.
- +2 additional farm can be built per each city improvement.
- Librarys give you +10 knowledge.
- Scholars are 300% more expensive.
- +25% commerce cap.

- Defensive building have 100% stronger attack, Redoubts has 200% and Red Fort has 150%.
- +50% population cap.
- (When victory is set to conquest only) To kill off a nation, you will have to take all of their cities and kill all of there units.
Invisible units such as spys, scouts and submarines, die when you have no more cities or buildings,

- Tech prices are 100% more expensive, building prices are 50% more expensive and unit prices are 30% cheaper.
- Units can always transport over water, even before having a dock.

- Terms for diplomatic relations have a ten minute window. Every ten minutes of gameplay you must refund wars and renew alliances or make new ones.
- Peaceful attrition is disabled, it still has some effect but very very little.

- Plagues will attack citys and kill military and civilians!! (All at random)

- Boats have a explosion graphic when destroyed.

- Custom diplomacy wont matter, because after 10mins you wont have the same team.

- With resources at 5x.

Very Expensive and Slow
- This mod was intended for Very Expensive and Slow technology, but can be played on all settings.

Elimination & Victory
- Both set to conquest.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
fatookit I like your idea of strengthen Forts and Rare resources, because they are too useless in the original game.
I hate that Forts disappeared immediately when Stealth Bomber is above is.
Ijtzoi It freezes when it says "Loading Mod".
File Author
it shouldnt freeze, whats your pc specs? it shouldnt take to long to load.
Ijtzoi It wouldn't really matter how long it should take to load... I'm not mistaking taking a while to load for freezing. The music and animations stop, and the cursor reverts to normal. I have to use Alt-Tab and Alt-F4 to close it.

I'm not sure what's causing it... fatookit seems to have been able to play it, and when my mods are glitchy it gives an error message, but not here. I used the script, and the second time I made sure I followed suggested rules. Except... I had a Gunpowder Age-only game... there are some mods that crash based on choosing the wrong age... or maybe I chose a bad mapstyle. Could either of those have caused it?

EDIT: Tried a game that spanned all ages. This time it minimized, and a window came up that said "Exception!" in the top blue bar, and "Gathering exception data...". Then that window disappeared and I got the "encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." thing.

[Edited on 06/16/08 @ 11:25 AM]

File Author
Are you using the expansion? BTW, can someone rate this? Is this any good? Should I update it?
lordliam I'm using the expansion and i'm having the exception problem as well, i'll try the original game and see if it's any different.
GeneralBlucher The mod freezes when it says "Loading Mod"! :(
Fix it!
So the gameplay seems fine. I am not sure about overall game balance. For games with slow and expensive research economic nations like british and nubians seem like they have a near insurmountable advantage if they can avoid being rushed in the early game. Side Note: Maize is unbelievably strong with scholars being 3x cost. Difference between 84 wealth cost for rest of game and some 200 wealth cost per scholar... huge.

I do get an exception error which causes the game to crash if I try to save, resign, or even quit the game.

Side Note: Are the teams supposed to be locked during gameplay?

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