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Rise of Nations: The Second World War Part I

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Rise of Nations: The Second World War *Readme*

This is the readme file for my (Wadis10's) RoN WWII mod. This mod is still in beta and not all nations are finished or can be played. Below is a list of playable nations at this stage.

Australia (Iroquois)
Britain (British)
Dutch East Indies (Aztecs)
Finland (Maya)
Nazi Germany (Germans)
Italy (Romans)
Imperial Japan (Japanese)
Sweden (Lakota)
USA (Americans)
Soviet Union (Russians)

A unique feature to this WWII mod is that age advance is retained, albeit modified. An official WWII game goes for Ancient to Modern Ages, however in Info age (1946+) new experimental units become available (such as many jet fighters). Units become available in their respective ages and age advancement takes a very long time, usually the game in finished before 1945. Nuclear Missiles are very expensive however the USA receives a 50% discount with the 'statue of liberty' wonder. Only Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, USA and Britain can research Nuclear Weapons, however if another nation captures a missile silo off one of these nations they can research nukes. Only Britain, Japan and America can get aircraft carriers.

Wonders are only available to the nations that built them in real life. A lot of the 'new' wonders look very cheesy at this stage and I hope to touch them up later (they're a screenshot out of google sketchup)

There are too many people to credit for this mod, if I left someone major out please tell me and I'll add them in. This mod was based off PanzerX's WWII mod for original RoN.

ODA and Unit35
Panzer X
Coldwar Warrior
pvt jenkins117
Kamikaze Seagull
nice dictator
Matthew Cook
Sam and Elijah Weightman
etc, etc


To install, follow these instructions:

1.After downloading ALL the parts of the mod unzip each part into the same folder. Then open the hjsplit.exe file in the final part (part 5) Then press 'join' and navigate to the first part of the mod (it should end in .001) and it should find the rest of the parts and join them together. If you are having trouble with this program I can upload a version that can easily be unzipped with 7zip.
2.Copy the folder 'WWII' (this will be inside the zip file) once all parts have been rejoined
3.Paste it into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\mods (if the mods folder does not exist create it)
4.If you want the new sounds, then you will have to overwrite the original RoN soundfiles.xml, don't worry though, my version is fully compatible with the original game (I think). This step is optional: in WWII\data copy the soundfiles.xml to Rise of nations\Thrones and Patriots\data
5.Go into RoN, there should be a new option in the mods dropdown menu called 'RoN WWII TP'
6.Follow my instructions and report any bugs.
7.Enjoy the mod!


This game is not balanced, but tries to be balanced realistically, so USA, Britain, Russian and Germany are the best nations in the game. Germany gets quality and Russia gets quantity, etc.
Remember this mod IS NOT COMPLETE, although I may use up all of unitrules.xml before I finish. And yes I know Sweden wasn't in WWII, I just made it because of Axle's Skins.


There are many new buildings in the game, such as houses, offices and barbed wire. There are also several new barracks and auto plants for the Germans and British where more units can be made.

If you find any bugs please report them on the forum so they can get fixed.

EDIT: Last updated Wednesday 1st October 2008, please re-download.
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File Author
I will try updating it in a few days, I may try reinstalling RoN because I may have a file that you don't. I haven't played a quick battle game for ages but I have been playing this mod on multiplayer and there has been no issues there. I have a feeling it could be the Russians so try playing without them in the meantime. I'll fix the b-29 in the release in a few days.
Jakarta_Java Why every time i tried to open the zip file to extract it my computer says the file is
not valid? or it's just my computer?
DeutscheTsar Hey is dere any way 2 play this on campaign mode? If so, how??

[Edited on 09/29/08 @ 06:05 AM]

File Author
You have to rejoin all 5 parts of the mod with the file re-joiner utility included in part 5 of the mod. The Readme is also included in part 5 so have a read over that.

As for use in CTW, I haven't tested it or modified any conquest files so I don't know whether it'll work. You could test it by replacing all the original game files, but I don't think it would work.
wwII_nut Yeah, it crashes at the exact same time evry game i play, no matter what. 30:32 yeah, that's exactly when it crashes....... but otherwise, nice mod!
File Author
Does it crash even when there is no Australia in the game? The exception bug I've found is in the Australians, I think it may be the Australian version of the Lee tank. When I tested Germans vs. Russians on Great Sahara there were no bugs but I will have to do more testing.

EDIT: The problem is the Australian Sherman tank, i'll try to fix it.

EDIT: The problem should be fixed now, please re-download.

[Edited on 10/01/08 @ 05:30 AM]

Coldwar Warrior I think it might be also one of the australians later war tanks. I recall researching some 1944(or 1943) tank for the Australians and the game crashed.

A few more suggestions for your mod,
You should add the B-25 mitchell, the B-23 Dragon, SBD Dauntless(don't take the one from WW2 Amer yet, I need to tweak the skin) and give the Americans the lightning!
You should also include for nations the Mexicans, Vichy French, Slovakians, Dutch, and possibly the Hungarians and Romanians

[Edited on 10/03/08 @ 04:31 PM]

File Author
If it was the Sherman I fixed it, the scale was messed up. It didn't crash when you researched it, or when you tried to build it. It only crashed when the sherman was made. So you could have researched it earlier than you built it but there could be other problems.

And yes I'll be adding a lot of the units you mentioned eventually especially the lightning. I'll make Canada and France next, for France I'll try to give them an option to choose Free France or Vichy France at the Senate and their units depends on which government they researched. I want to do those other nations eventually too.
Coldwar Warrior Possibly. When you make the vichy frnch be sure to make yellow and red lines around the engines. If it would help, I will post an assortment of Air Force symbols and to the site.
nemesszili You could add Paratrooper planes,of course,with paratroopers,and a REAL Panther!
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