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Ron Advanced

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Needs T&P?: Yes
RoN Advanced. Requires Thrones and Patriots and latest patch.

Update 7/4/12

Thanks to the most recent comment, I finally know how to change the pop cap for the New World scenario. Here is the updated download with this limit changed to 325 for Europeans. Max population for all other modes is changed to 500, as requested. This will be the final version of this mod.

To install the changes in the New World scenario, copy and paste the file in the New World changes folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\scenario\scriptlibrary

Ive never done this before, so bear with me.

Alright. I have created a mod for RoN TaP, a mod taking the game to a whole new level. This mod does not add anything new, per se,
but It changes almost everything about the original game. While it would take far too long to list all of the changes, I'll give you the highlights.

Much larger scale economic system. Citizens now only gather 3 resources per gatherer, but the amount of workers you can support is approxamately tripled.

15 farms per city, with another 5 per city level. Tripled the number of miners that can be on a mountain. Many many more trees.

Woodcutters huts have a larger radius. Most techs now require Knowledge and are more expensive. Library techs are more expensive and take longer to research.

Airbases now can hold 20 aircraft, Aircraft carriers, 10. Each oil well gives less oil and refineries are less effective.

Population cap is now 400. Garrison sizes are increased and defensive building HP is increased. Defensive buildings are stronger.

All tech and troop train times slowed. Ramp up cost reduced for troops and eliminated for citizens.

Rare resources and Wonders are more powerful. Wonders are now more expensive and take longer to build.

Reaching the industrial age is more important than ever. All industrial age units and beyond receive large boosts to range and attack.
This includes naval and air forces. Final economic upgrades at the Granary, Lumber Mill, and Smelter are not availble until the industrial age.
Missles are more expensive but are also more powerful. Special forces units are more powerful. Splash attack given to certain units. Bazooka, tank, etc.
Artillery range increased in all ages, more powerful against troops. They are now very important to use in land battles. Splash damage increased.

Civilization bonuses are now more powerful. Citizen train time is increased.

Mod works well with all conquer the world modes, especially the cold war.

Aircraft is more powerful, and given more splash damage.


Most of the mod changes take place in the industrial ages and beyond. Games tend to be longer and bigger, and ages advance slower.
Included is the help file that will give you the lowdown on all of the changes.


Installation is simple. Simply extract all files.Copy and paste all files in folder into Thrones and Patriots Data folder. Overwrite all files when asked. Default path is C://Program Files/Microsoft Games/Rise of Nations/Thrones and Patriots/Data
Edit:Warning, installing will make the original game unplayable, so backing up your files is advised. Simply copy the files that the mod will replaces, and paste them somewhere safe.

Im not sure how to make this usable from the mod drop down menu, if someone knows how, please tell me.

Afterwards, simply start up the game and the mod will be fully installed.
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Rating: 5

Additional Comments: Great work on the mod! It is definitely a large endeavor to complete such a work. I must say, this does add an element of realism to the game.

If you are interested in working on another comprehensive mod, we could sure use someone like yourself. Please post your email, and AIM or MSN if possible. We're basically making a mod that highlights the earlier eras of history ranging from the latter half of the copper age, through the greek hellenic and hellenistic ages, the rise of rome, and the latter part of the iron age.

Anyhow, great work!
Elite Spartan
Rating: 5

Completely the best mod I found, as far as I can tell. This brought RoN to a whole new level!

Additional Comments:

It seems that this hasn't been updated or anything in a while, though it doesn't need to be. I'm starting my own realism mod, and I had originally started that by experimenting with this one. My mod is called Hyper Realism (still in beta, v. 0.5), but it's roots truly are from RoN Advanced.

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