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The New European V9.57 (With Wonders)

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SSF Czaech
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Needs T&P?: Yes
this was made before Halo's. last time I checked it was what inspiried halo to make his own. enough about halo though.

This versions contains wonders. I will release a version without wonders for those of you who hate them.

NOTE: there are problems when playing as white and green.

Green: must not choose prussia
White: must not choose ottoman turks

also note theres nothing that can be done about this, its a stupid glitch in the script code. It shows up in all scenarios from time to time. Even Berlin's World Diplomacy has this glitch present. What Im referring to is the enability to build a certain unit type based on what colour chooses what nation.


The following are thigns that are a big leap from the original europe 1800:

Overall the goal of this scenario was to balance things more. as it was people were simply spamming light infantry and heavey cagvalry in the regular euro 1800. This is redundant and pitiful to see in my opinion. It takes almost all flavour from the gameplay. The improved stats of units aims to reward those who know how to use the other creatable units.

Light cav improved upon, is now worth building as a flanking unit

Overall all cavalry gained an extra 10 or so hitpoints. heavey infantry: fusifers, are much more useful in stopping enemy cavalry whereas light infantry are not (as it should be)

And I assure you that each new uu has been tested properly vs other units and balanced accordingly. only thing I can honestly say isnt completely balanced is the Russian Cossack and the spanish and portugese heavey infantry. I had alot of difficulty getting those to fit in properly

Ottman Turks:
-FastCheap spammable light infantry that are extremely weak
-heavey cavalry that are much more expensive than normal
-their light cavalry are very fast, but weak
-cannons with extra hp but have shorter range (max of 5)

-Junkers health and dmg signifiantly improved upon. But they now cost gold as well, and their price is much higher

-Infantry with +1 range

SPain and Portugal
-Can now build fire ships. used to give them a chance to compete with Britian on the sea. Fireships are are easily destroyed by enemy light ships and even heavey ships (when theres more than 1). careful use is required for success.
-Have increased stats of heavey infantry

I cant think of anything else rly, great Britain's Frigates now cost gold as well, but have increased stats.

Heavey ships for all nations now take longer to build than light ships.

All uu light ships have significantly increased hp

Added other uu units to minor nations and what not. The Sardanian cavalry has much improved armour and hp. (its the best cav ingame argueably) All cav got a buff basically lol, if you havent noticed what I said before. they still get torn down by heavey infantry but they can hold their own vs infantry.

I forget what else I was gonna say....o ya generals (monarch and president or w/e) have been added in the corner where Siberia would probbaly be. Implememnted for the players who like to take advantage of strategy...not just spam.....


Red Fort: the ultimate defense, only natiosn with uu cannons with a range of 8 can take it out withotu being attacked. (fort has max range of 7, the normal max for most cannons) It does however come at a large cost of money and in most cases if not carefully placed can be easily bypassed by the enemy.

Forts: Now has garrison abilities for more firpower, some goes for towers. So garrison troops in here! and if your enemy is stupdi enough to attack without cannons then hes gonna face consquences. granted a large army can still easily take out a fort even if it doesnt have cannons.

You can argue they r a waste of money. Personally when you got money to kill they r worth building in some areas. They increase your borders (their border push upgrades have been enabled) and increase the defensive capabilities of cities (doesnt help much but, doubles their hp. Nations with the Saladin's Palace wonder and temples at each of tehir cities are much harder to defeat. your looking at 2 or 4x the normal hp for each city.

If you dont take advantage of these, your an idiot. Nuff said.

Note about wonders: colloseum grants attrition dmg, kremlin gives you a spy. the statue of a man gives you an extra 50 population. and the Muslim training camp grants you mujahadines or regular infantry depending on your nation.

Future Notes: in addition to the version without wonders, 1 last updated version may be mad. hope you enjoy the scenario its been a long overdue post.
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