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Rise Of Nations Tactical Power Mod

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Needs T&P?: No
This is the un-official Rise Of Nation V3 patch. With this program, all kinds of new units were created, we removed the population limit, we removed the farm limit, and so many other cool things that I am sure you can't wait to try it out :-D

If you are worried you won't be able to play Multiplayer with this mod, WORRY NO MORE. Why? Because this mod comes packaged with out state of the art GUI interface allowing you to EVEN CREATE YOUR OWN MOD. It also allows you to seamlessly switch between RON configuration settings. This mod also comes bundled with V2 and V1 or our mod as well so you are in for HOURS OF FUN.

Update : This mod does NOT work in T&P. So if you try to use this with T&P, it won't work. Run the original game with this mod. Don't worry, with the mod I can guarantee you will like it better then T&P.

Update : I am sure everyone one will be thrilled that as of May 15th 2009, V4 of the Tactical Power Mod is now in the development stages. If we succeed with our current development goals, the Commerce Caps should be increased. This though will require more research time then other mods and may delay the release of this for a few months. If you can help solve this problem, please leave a comment and let us know.

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brotheriv i can't get it to work? how do u make it work with the game, do you install it into the RON folder
File Author
To use the mod, click the RON Power Mod shortcut on your desktop, once the program has launched, click the "Version 3" button. If it doesn't work, you need the Visual Basic 5.0 framework.
Hanii Puppy I'd appreciate if you made it compatible with Thrones and Patriots - I can't apply it solely to the original Rise of Nations since I have the gold version. Also, would you be able to give an option to install it ourselves instead of through the program for people who can't or don't want to use it.

Thankyou ^_^
RONmodEditor Yes I have thought about making one for Thrones and Patriots and I might in the future, for now I will finish V4 of this mod. You also can run this mod with the gold version, I have it and it runs fine, just open the Rise of Nation folder and launch nation which will run just the RON not TP. And yes I can ask the RONmodteam to add just the flies with the installer

Update : As of June 30th I'm 80% done, but i have not increased the Commerce Caps, still have not found out how to yet so V4 will not have that. But I have add a few new units like the Bontey Hunters and Spetsnaz(only for Russia) so lookout for the update hopefully soon.


Update : the release date has been postponed because of new changes and and the like, but I may release a beta with the new units soon :)

[Edited on 08/03/09 @ 09:18 AM]

RONmodEditor I have made a change log for V3

-New Units-

Heavy Sniper Team -replaces Scout

Sniper -replaces Slingers

Hypersonic Missile -replaces Scout Korean

Tactical Nuke -replaces Javelineers

Ion Bomb -replaces Elite Javelineers

EMP -replaces Royal Atl-Atls

AC130 Gunship -replaces Atl-Atls

UAV -replaces Balamob Slingers

Tasr ICBM -replaces Umpakati

Hydrogen bomb -replaces Yangombi Umpakati

New Changes

Bunker -fires faster

Redoubt -fires faster and more powerful

More Farms per city

35 Aircraft can now be stored in a Airbase

20 Aircaft per Aircraft Carrier

All wonder values are 3 times as powerful

Unite pop is up to 1000

Unit Changes

Nukes Bigger splash and more powerful

ADV Machine Gun more powerful

bombers and Stealth bombers are more powerful

Attack Helicopter are more powerful

ADV Fighters are 2 times faster

ADV Battleships are 2 times more powerful

More News

here are some of the new units for V4 that are done.


S-400(only for Russia)

Spetsnaz(only for Russia)

Bontey Hunters


S.A.S(only for Great Britain)

Secret Nuclear unit

for those of you how are downloading this there are V1, V2, and, V3 in this mod. V1 has no new units just the changes, V2 has some new units and V3 has all of the above.

and please comments and suggestion I'd like to no what you think.
Special thanks to RONmodteam for the GUI and support.

[Edited on 07/04/09 @ 09:40 AM]

vk_30 Hello. I really like the description of changes for this mod. Right up my alley in terms of play style.

I have VB5 runtime installed, and T&P. Using Nations.exe (RoN rather than T&P splash screen), I get a "BHG RTS run time FATAL" dialog with abort, retry and ignore as options. Text is:

"Number of buildtypes in buildingrules.xml doesn't equal NUM_BUILDTYPES!
[Click RETRY to debug, IGNORE to turn this message off and continue]
Safe to Ignore: No."

Neither Retry nor Ignore cause the game to continue. It happens just after I click to skip the opening animation that goes through the various ages.

I tried going to Tools, Settings, and changing the executable from rise.exe to nations.exe. Same behavior.

Simple user error?

[Edited on 10/02/09 @ 12:08 AM]

vk_30 Never mind. I noted that the paths in the .bat files were using the default install dir for the mod, whereas I'd put it in a subfolder inside the RoN dir, so, I re-installed using the default path and all worked fine.

It makes long games a lot more fun! I often find there's a lot of slogging and death of units in long games after everyone reaches the Information Age, and that population limit is a PITA. With this mod, whoever builds economies better has a larger advantage, and I like the new units. Still exploring. Lots of new missile types.

I used the unitrules.xml file to figure out the attack, hit points, range, etc, of all the new types of missiles as I couldn't find any docs. Is there a web site somewhere I can look at?

[Edited on 10/02/09 @ 12:08 AM]

RONmodEditor I'm glad that you like this mod vk_30, unfortunately we do not have a website, and I have not made a full change log explaining all the units attacks etc. That being said I will list for you the missiles strengths and weakness:

Hypersonic Missile: fires farther and faster then the cruise missile but does not have as much splash damage.

Cruise Missile: slower than the Hypersonic Missile but does more splash damage and better for short range attacks.

Tactical Nuke: A smaller nuke About the size of the old nukes.

Ion Bomb: destroys only units leaving only buildings behind. (on a side note some buildings like the airbase my be destroyed do not know why)

EMP: does what in EMP does on the entire map.

Tasr ICBM: huge nuke only for Russia.

Hydrogen bomb: not as big as the Tasr but for all nations but Russia.

Now on to Some new stuff. I have changed all the Tanks but the T80 so that they can shoot farther with their attack being doubled as well as their cost, making much more fun tank battles.

I have also made the Rocket Artillery more powerful and much more expensive. and done the same for the Attack Helicopter which moves faster fires faster and is more powerful.

I am also testing out a Railgun battleship with a anti-ship unit.

Last but not least comments and suggestion


[Edited on 10/11/09 @ 01:43 PM]

cmquinn I am running on a 64 bit vista system and when I try to run the program on the desktop it gives me a runtime error 76 notification. Would this be because it is looking in program files for my Rise of Nations stuff instead of Program Files(x86). I really want to run your mod any help would be appreciated. I also have the gold edition if with TaP installed if that changes something.

[Edited on 02/08/10 @ 06:17 PM]

RONmodEditor I am not sure why you are getting it. Do you UAC on? If so make sure that it has permission. That may be causing a problem. Now if it still does not work try getting the Rise Of Nations Tactical Power Mod 4.0 beta, which has only the files in a zip format. No installer.

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