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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » 2015- In pursuit of Air Supermacy: Aerial Warfare of the Future

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2015- In pursuit of Air Supermacy: Aerial Warfare of the Future

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Needs T&P?: Yes
01 of October, 2015.
Russia has invaded Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
While tanks fighting tanks all along the front, you, the commander of the American Air Force Corps sent to defend the skies of the Baltic Nations, must eliminate any Russian plane entering the territory of your allies.
The Russians will send MiG-29s and Tu-22M into your lands, and you must scramble your F-22 Raptors and F-35 Lightning II Jets to engage and fix the Russian aircraft.
While the Russian ground forces is invading and taking allied towns, your role is simple:
You must hold out for 15 minutes.;
During that time, you will have 4 missions:
I. Defend your airbases (If you have 0/6, you will lose)
II. Hold out for 15 minutes,
III. Eliminate 6 Russian T90 Tanks
(the scenario is full of unique units)
IV. A secret mission you will be asked to do during the game.

-Inspired by Ironman's "Battle of Britain" scenario in 'Blitzkrieg'.

Have fun!
tomba, Israel
:D :D :D
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lordliam Hey, this was posted on my birthday! Thanks for the nice present! :D
File Author
lol Mazal Tov! (Happy Birthday!)
I hope you enjoy your gift! :D
Snoopah It is good, but I think you made a couple mistakes in this.

(1) My planes were completely superior to the Russian planes. I simply blew them out of the sky easily. Furthermore, when the huge Russian army attacked, I was able to crush them. If the Baltic AI was braver and actually used their army correctly, I don't doubt that they could have reclaimed all of their land and then turned around and conquered Russia.

(2) The ending was kinda boring (would be better if I got an army and had to counter attack or something).

Otherwise, good idea! Letting the AI take control of all but one aspect is great. Might be nice to have a scenario with you having the army and an ally having a village to supply you with resources or vice versa.
File Author
Thanks for your comments.. I will consider it in my next one.
I am working now on a similar scenario, which takes place in 1945- You will play the Japanese Air Force.
I hope more comments about this one will be released, because I need your oppinions to improve my next one
RTSDude999 Cool! I'm just wondering, will you put in kamikazes? It's probably gonna take alot of modding, but what's a 1945 pacific air war without kamikazes? I kinda agree with the earlier comment. The USAF in the scenario is near invinicible.

Anyways, tomba, did you see my youtube video on your 1985 Thermonuclear war scenario?
File Author
I don't think I will be able to put Kamikaze's in this scenario but you will have another cool things like unique units and an accurate map of Japan...
And yes I saw the videos you put in YouTube.. they were so cool! :D
File Author
And yes- I did the Russian Air Force very weak because they got only 4 generation jets- expecially the MiG-29.
However, the Americans got the new 5th generation jets like the F-35 (better for ground strikes) and the F-22 (a critical component for the future of US tactical airpower, this aircraft cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter.)
But pay attention- you cannot find an not-unique airplane type in this scenario.
The Russians got Tu-22M Backfire (bomber), MiG-29 Fulcrum (jet) and the Mi-24 Hind (chopper);
the Americans got F-22s (based on the advanced jet), F-35s (based on the 'Harrier') and B-2 Spirit (stealth bombers)
sargonthegreat Hey tomba, could you please register on the RoNH Forum if you haven't already?

We need all the extremely active members of RoNH to continue keeping the forum active, and with increased popularity, hopefully this will occur.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
You always make fun scenarios even if they are either impossibly hard or way too easy.

Balance: 3
I think the Russians could have been harder.

Creativity: 4
I give you a four because not many scenarios are made that involve warfare, but I don't give you a five because I've seen way too many, "WW III" Russia type scenarios.

Map Design: 4
No one can ever make a perfect map.

Story/Instructions: 5
As always, you had great great instructions!

Additional Comments:
Keep making scenarios! I always look forward to every one of yours. My only suggestion is that you REGISTER ON THE RISE OF NATIONS HEAVEN FORUM OR BE MORE ACTIVE IF ALREADY REGISTERED. Besides, great work!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Like always, could have reduced the lag a bit.

Balance: 4
The numerous but weak Russians was good contrast to the far superior American fighters.

Creativity: 5
Great story, reminds me of Ace Combat 6. Also, I've never seen an attempt in RoN to make a scenario mainly aerial, good work!

Map Design: 4
Very good and accurate map, how do you make them so big?

Story/Instructions: 4
I think destroying only 6 tanks is a bit too easy. But overall, the instructions were pretty straightforward and clear.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work Tomba!
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Map Design4.0
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