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Age of Tanks 2.4 (TaP)

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


I tryed to do a modern age mod where all civs and ages are available.
It's working, maybe it's needing few more changes ..any suggestion is wellcome ;-)

Thanks to: uthum876 for Blood Red Down on which this mod is based,
One_Dead_Angel for Rise of Panzers and all skins created.
Last but not least thanks to Wadis10 and to the great Valdemar!! ..with his wonderfull textures.
...and, of course, all modders at heavengames.com.

Version: 1.4 only for RoN: Thrones and Patriots

````To Install:````
- 1.4 version unzip and click on "AoT 1.4 mod installer.exe"

````To Un-Install:````
- Click on "Age of Tanks 1.4 (TaP)" entry in control panel or use the unistaller, you'll find it in your Age of Tanks directory.

***How to Load and Play Mod:***
^ Start RoN: TP and select a Quick Game
^ When you see the Game Rules, select "Custom".
^ Look at the custom options and find the tab that says, "Game Mods".
^ Load the "Age of Tanks 1.4 (TaP)" Mod by just clicking on it.
^ Select the other rules you want and start your match.

%%%%% MOD FEATURES %%%%%%:

More units for all 24 civs:
- 3 infantry built at the fort.
- 7 mech units built at autoplant
(1 armored car, 1 light tank, 1 medium tank, 1 heavy tank, 1 Tank Destroyer, 1 Assault Gun, 1 Armored Personnel Carrier)
- 3 artillery units built at siege factory
(1 Field gun, 1 Self-propelled gun, 1 infantry mortar + flakgun and supply wagon).
- Fighters, Bombers and Dive Bombers that act as fighters too.
- Submarine in modern age just for Germany, all other civs have PT Boat.

Changed governments rules at the Senate:
- if you start with despotism then you'll have monarchy and militarism (militarism instead of socialism!).
- if you start with republic then you'll have democracy and capitalism.
Not all civs can choose, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain and Italy have just despotism, monarchy and militarism.

Changed research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the Modern Age.

All ages are available but..
No more unique units till modern age! (only few ones are left anyway..)

Files over-written in "..\Thrones and Patriots\art\" folder:
iface_units_03.tga, iface_units_03_half.tga, iface_buildings_CTW.tga, iface_govs.tga.
They can be used outside the mod without seeing any change!

Easy-to-use Installer and Uninstaller inscluded!

New Buildings:
- 3 more bunkers what need to be garrisoned to fire.
- office and house building that act as tower (and can be garrisoned!).
- monuments that give wonder points.

What's new in Ver. 1.2:

- Correct the Nubians artillery graphic error.
- Correct the missing of desert camo for Tercio de extranjeros.
- new unit:
Dive bomber Re.2002 Ariete to Italy (Macchi now is the main fighter instead of Bf 109).
- Changed rules for almost all Dive bombers, so they can act as fighter too.
- Not for the IL2 Shturmovik as it's shooting torperdoes now.
- Changed rules for the Granade Man (ammo speed and recharge time).
- Reskin of the greyhound armored car for Lakota and Iroquois. Now it looks like a M20 utility car.
- Reskin of Liberator for non USA nations (+desert and snowy version).
- Mosquito desert camo.
- New skins for skoda LTvz35.
- 4 New icons: Advanced aircraft carrier, Re 2002 Ariete, Daimler(unused), Grenade Man.

What's new in Ver. 1.3:

- Wonders build age are now based on historical accuracy and are restricted based on nation:
Great Pyramid (Classical Age): Egyptians, Nubians
Colossus (Classical Age): Romans, Greeks
Hanging Gardens (Classical Age): Persians, Inca
Terra Cotta Army (Medieval Age): Mongols, Chinese
Colosseum (Classical Age): Romans
Forbidden City (Medieval Age): Japanese, Chinese
Temple of Tikal (Classical Age): Mayans, Aztecs
Porcelain Tower (Medieval Age): Koreans, Chinese
Red Fort (Gunpowder Age): Persians, Indians, Mongols
Angkor Wat (Medieval Age): Indians
Versailles (Enlightenment Age): Dutch, French
Statue of Liberty (Industrial Age): Americans
Kremlin (Industrial Age): Russians
Taj Mahal (Gunpowder Age): Persians, Indians
Eiffel Tower (Industrial Age): French
Supercollider (Information Age): All
Space Program (Information Age): All
El Dorado (Medieval Age--not fully implemented): Inca
Washington Monument (Enlightenment Age): Americans
Statue of Lenin (Industrial Age): Russians
Courtyard Fountain (Gunpowder Age): All except Russians and Americans

About wonders, I eliminated all non original graphics..

- modified the advanced aircraft carrier to solve a "gathering exception data" error message:
now it's similar at basic aircraft carrier.
This was done as I couldn't find the way to let it work as an upgrade and I would love to
have an aircraft carrier available for all nations in information age.

new units:
- M24 Chaffee (USA) as light tank.
- M26 Pershing (+ desert camo) (USA) as heavy tank.
- Marder III Ausf. M (GER) as tank destroyer.
- IS-2 (URSS) as heavy tank. Thanks Valdemar!
- SU-76M (URSS) as assault gun.
- SU-100 (URSS) as tank destroyer.
- Semovente M41 da 75/18 (ITA) as assault gun.

modified unit role/position:
- T34-85 now is an upgrade of T34-76.
- M18 Hellcat is now a tank destroyer.
- Achilles I C is now a tank destroyer.

modified modern age tanks and artillery units names to be more realistic.

modified informations age units power to be more balanced.

modified bunkers and civil buildings cost and help file description.

modified smoke graphics adapted from WW3 TAP.

New realistic ordinance system adapted from WW3 TAP. Explosive ammunition are more realistic.

correct fire sounds for bunkers and civil buildings when garrisoned.
correct sounds for small wonders.

new unit texture:
- PzKpfw V Ausf. A "Panther".
- Wespe (shorter cannon).

new buildings graphics:
- modern age missile silo has a V2 launch ramp graphic.
- information age missile silo has a new graphic, thanks to Valdemar!

What's new in Ver. 1.4:

new units:
- Carro Pesante P 26/40 (ITA) as heavy tank.
- Mk III Valentine (GBR) as medium tank.

new unit textures from Valdemar collection:

- PzKpfw VI Ausf E Tiger (+ desert camo).
- PzKpfw III Ausf F (+ desert camo).
- Matilda Mk IIA
- M1A1 Abrams
- M1A2 Abrams (+ desert camo).
- Leopard 2A2 (+ desert camo).
- T-80U MBT (+ desert camo).
- T-90S MBT (+ desert camo).
- T-98 MBT (+ desert camo).
- Challenger 2 (+ desert camo).

new 8 tank icons.

How tribes will be organized:

1 persians.xml - finland - axis - 5 Eindian
2 dutch.xml - netherlands -
3 eindians.xml - india - 5 Eindian
4 americans.xml - united states -
5 lakota.xml - new zealand - 3 Asian
6 iroquois.xml - canada - 4 Iroquois
7 mongols.xml - bulgaria - axis - 3 Asian
8 koreans.xml - Manchukuo - 4 Iroquois
9 japanese.xml - japan - axis - 3 Asian
10 chinese.xml - china - 3 Asian
11 russians.xml - soviet union -
12 germans.xml - germany - axis -
13 british.xml - united kingdom -
14 french.xml - france -
15 spanish.xml - spain - axis -
16 turks.xml - turkey -
17 egyptians.xml - egypt - 1 Arab
18 romans.xml - italy - axis -
19 greeks.xml - greece -
20 nubians.xml - hungary - axis - 1 Arab
21 bantu.xml - south africa - 1 Arab
22 inca.xml - australia - 2 American
23 maya.xml - poland - 2 American
24 aztecs.xml - Brazil - 2 American

I hope you'll enjoy it...
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globalhawk hi, iv installed the mod and its amazing!

But theres one question: i didnt find any difference between the capabilities of the American Nuclear Submarine and the conventional attack sub. And the nuclear sub is as visible to helicopters, battleships as the normal ones. im using mod 2.4.

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