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Age of Tanks 2.4 (TaP)

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


I tryed to do a modern age mod where all civs and ages are available.
It's working, maybe it's needing few more changes ..any suggestion is wellcome ;-)

Thanks to: to Coldwar Warrior for his help (skins, idea, suggestions..),
to uthum876 for Blood Red Down on which this mod is based,
to One_Dead_Angel for Rise of Panzers and all skins he created.
Last but not least thanks to the great Valdemar!! ..with his wonderfull skins.
...and, of course to Wadis10, Axel of Sweden, Light Infa, montero, tarmo_flake, wakain, ediberto, greathan, Unit 35,
and all the other skinners at heavengames.com I did not mention.

Version: 2.0 only for RoN: Thrones and Patriots
(updated on november 4th 2009)

Easy-to-use Installer and Uninstaller inscluded!

````To Install:````

- Unzip and click on "AoT mod installer.exe"

````To Un-Install:````

- Click on "Age of Tanks 2.0 (TaP)" entry in control panel or use the unistaller, you'll find it in your Age of Tanks directory.

***How to Load and Play Mod:***
^ Start RoN: TP and select a Quick Game
^ When you see the Game Rules, select "Custom".
^ Look at the custom options and find the tab that says, "Game Mods".
^ Load the "Age of Tanks 2.0 (TaP)" Mod by just clicking on it.
^ Select the other rules you want and start your match.
^ Hope you like it!

%%%%% MOD FEATURES %%%%%%:

All ages are available but..
No more unique units till modern age! (only few ones are left anyway..)
It's thinked as a modern age (WW2) mod.

Set new tribes countries:

- persians.xml - finland - axis - 5 Eindian
- dutch.xml - netherlands
- eindians.xml - india - 5 Eindian
- americans.xml - united states of america
- lakota.xml - Manchukuo - axis - 4 Iroquois
- iroquois.xml - canada - 4 Iroquois
- mongols.xml - poland - 3 Asian
- koreans.xml - new zealand - 3 Asian
- japanese.xml - imperial empire of japan - axis- 3 Asian
- chinese.xml - republic of china - 3 Asian
- russians.xml - soviet union
- germans.xml - nazi germany - axis
- british.xml - united kingdom of great britain
- french.xml - france
- spanish.xml - spain - axis
- turks.xml - turkey
- egyptians.xml - egypt - 1 Arab
- romans.xml - italy - axis
- greeks.xml - greece
- nubians.xml - hungary - axis - 1 Arab
- bantu.xml - south africa - 1 Arab
- inca.xml - romania - axis - 2 American
- maya.xml - australia - 2 American
- aztecs.xml - brazil - 2 American

More units for all 24 civs:
- 3 infantry built at the fort.
- 6 mech units built at autoplant:
(1 armored car, 1 light tank, 2 medium tank, 1 heavy tank, 1 Armored Personnel Carrier)
- 2 mech units built at armor plant:
(1 Tank Destroyer, 1 Assault Gun)
- 45 different kinds of tanks in modern age + 2 in industrial age + 8 in information age.
- 15 different kinds of armored cars and personnel carriers + 1 in industrial age + 3 in information age.
- 3 artillery units built at siege factory
(1 Field gun, 1 Self-propelled gun, 1 infantry mortar + flakgun and supply wagon).
- airbase creates Dive Bombers (more fighters and bombers) that act as attack fighters.
- helicopters, all tribes can build them in information age, but not all countries can create them in modern age.
- Submarine in modern age just for Germany, all other civs have PT Boat.

Changed governments rules at the Senate:
- if you start with despotism then you'll have monarchy and militarism (militarism instead of socialism!).
- if you start with republic then you'll have democracy and capitalism.
Not all civs can choose, Germany, Japan, Russia and Italy have just despotism, monarchy and militarism.

Changed research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the Modern Age.

Files over-written in yours main folders:

into your "..\Rise of Nations\art" folder:
- iface_units_01.tga,
- iface_units_01_half.tga
- iface_units_02.tga,
- iface_units_02_half.tga
- iface_buildings_military.tga
- iface_buildings_military_half.tga

And into "..\Thrones and Patriots\art\" folder:

- iface_units_03.tga,
- iface_units_03_half.tga,
- iface_buildings_CTW.tga,
- iface_govs.tga.

They can be used outside the mod without seeing any change!

New Buildings:
- Armor plant.
- 3 more bunkers what need to be garrisoned to fire.
- German can build atlanticwall bunkers.
- office and house building that act as tower (and can be garrisoned!).
- monuments that give wonder points.

There are few bugs in 2.0 version you'll need to download
the Second Valdemar patch too!!
You'll find the link to download the patcher in the zipped text file or you can try the manual installation downloading it here:


Soon I'll be out with the 2.3 version of the mod. If you found any bug, goof or error let me know, I'll try to correct it before to upload the new release...

What will be new in Ver. 2.3:

corrected bugs:
- corrected double SPG for Australia, deleted the BM-13 Katyusha and left the Sexton.
- corrected Daimler AC Mk.I missing skins.
- corrected small Bunkers missing skins.
- corrected de Havilland Mosquito missing propellers.
- corrected wrong artillery links.
- corrected german general missing sounds.
- corrected all infantry skins links.
- corrected Fur Trapper bug that cause the gathering resource error when you create the Savoia Marchetti SM79 Sparviero.
- moved Pyramids from Hungary to South Africa.

new units:
- HMS Nelson class (UK).
- Gensui Rikugun Taisho (japanese general) from Coldwar Warrior "Awakenings II" mod.
- Type 1 Ho-Ro 15cm SPG (JAP).
- M2-2 Flamethrower (USA), thanks to Coldwar Warrior.
- Lifebuoy Flamethrower (UK), thanks to Coldwar Warrior.
- ROKS-2 Flamethrower (URSS), thanks to Coldwar Warrior.

new skins for a lot of units and 6 new icons.

Little changes were made also at:
- new anti-tank weapons names.
- Spanish infantry is now Independent Infantry.
- Finnish infantry is now Jaeger Platoon.
- Heavy Machine gun replaced with Schwarzlose MG M 07/12 (Greek-Hungary-Poland-Romania)
- Junkers Ju 87 Stuka added to Hungary.
- Egypt replaced Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB with Hawker Typhoon.
- Egypt replaced M3 AA Battery with Bofors 40 AA Battery.
- Egypt replaced Sexton Mk II Howitzer with M7 Priest 105 HMC.
- Egypt replaced QF 25-pdr Mk 2 with M2A1 105 mm Howitzer.
- Canada replaced M7 Priest 105 HMC with Sexton Mk II Howitzer.
- New Zealand replaced Mk III Valentine with M3A3 Lee.
- New Zealand replaced Achilles I C with GCM M18 Hellcat.
- Australia replaced M3A3 Lee with Mk III Valentine.
- South Africa replaced Achilles I C with GCM M18 Hellcat.
- Poland replaced Marmon-Herrington Mk III with Humber Mk IV.
- Netherlands replaced Spitfire Mark V with Curtiss P-36 75 Hawk.
- restored Nation-in-Arms research cost to original value.
- improved cost and armor values to all Personell Carriers.
- Field gun QF 25-pdr Mk 2 improved cannon and used the Universal Carrier as truck.
- Field gun 10.5 cm leFH 18 improved cannon and used the Sdkfz. 251 as truck.
- Field gun M2A1 105 mm improved cannon.
- Field gun 122 mm M30 improved cannon.
- Added wheels at Aichi D3A Val, thanks to Coldwar Warrior.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
A good modification.

Additional Comments:
Nikox, there're bugs on some nations. For example, the Romans can't research Military at the library. Look at your techrules.xml, maybe you can find the problem. For Americans, there're no model of barracks, maybe you can check if there're some XMLs that's wrong. Also, you can have the wonders a bit more unique, such as only Chinese can build Terra Cotta Army. H750.
Rating: 5
Very well done mod. Almost would be perfect except a few models are a little off such as the stuka. Others, such as the Panzer 4 are excellent.
Additional Comments:
Great work, hope to see another good release soon
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Well, great skin job but there are still some bugs in the game
Can I use these skins for my mod ?
Coldwar Warrior
Rating: 5
Although a ww2 focused mod, this mod is completely compatible with the game, it can be played at any age with any nation. It works well with any mode, and most scenarios on this site. The units are the most obvious changes in this mod. There are so many different kinds of tanks and infantry, each of them unique to each nation in this mod (which have all been changed to nations involved in ww2). Whats oh so great about these units is not their skins and models, but how there are so many with there own icons (which give the appearance that this mod is a expansion released by Big huge games from the Rise of nations like art work.) and with all of the nations still have their Unique units and icons. What I like most about this mod though is the realism, seen in the skins and data you can't get to max population in the ancient age or you can't just build a nuke or battleship in two seconds. There are a few bugs but they do not cause the game to crash and they are hardly noticable.

In conclusion this mod surpasses uthum's Battlefield 1943 mod (from which it was based) in every way. It owns it in compatibility and instillation, and doesn't replace any files, units or icons. And with all of this it still has WAY more ww2 units then in Battlefield 1943, which can only work in the modern age.

Additional Comments:
Ok, i did help with the mod, sending him some skins and finding bugs and making suggestions, but it was all nikox. He fixed them, he modified mine and made plenty of his own.He put a lot of hard in to this huge mod, making constant, dramatically changed updates, releasing a new one every month all by himself.Don't know how you did it but good job Nikox!
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
great mod nikox i love it!!!!!!!!!!1
Rating: 5
This is one of the top three mods of all time, believe me! This is so far the largest mod I have ever seen with massive amounts of units to choose from no matter what nation you are and they all are very well done. Also I like it that although this mod has more new units than any other mod, all ages are still playable.

This mod is also very realistic with battles as it uses the one hit kill system and ranges and firing rates are also accurately done so forts with their powerful weapons will annihilate riflemen, artillery will destroy buildings in matter of shots, bombers will carpet bomb the enemy and dive bombers can smash through hordes of enemies with powerful rocket attacks.

The units in this mod are brilliantly textured with many nations receiving skins for different terrains. I love the German snow textures, especially soldiers like the Grenadier.

If you want a modern mod that adds but doesn't detract from other areas, this is a must have! Believe me when I say this provides a totally different gaming experience to the main game, in a good way of course! Age of Tanks is easy to install and replaces only 2 or 3 art files so you can still play normal RON outside this mod. Well done!

Additional Comments: If you could do anything to make this mod better, you should do a bit more to the Industrial Age. I have heard that you can't add many (if any) more units to this mod but if you can do that. Maybe you could give the Germans the A7V and do what you did for the Information age giving all nations just one fort unit. Other than that this is a brilliant mod that I totally recommend as it is probably the mod the can be played the longest without a person getting bored of it.

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