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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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Wadis10 Valdemar, your textures are excellent, and those skins are a valuable resource to any modder. You should release all the skins you've done to RoN heaven so the modding community can make use of them.
valdemar Wadis10 At me it is a lot of material for creation of structures of modern technics if it is useful I with pleasure.I will make still, can use them, I only for. Next week I will throw off here.
tEhTea Why do I always get an error when I use this mod? (I have v.1.1)
File Author
"tEhTea wrote: Why do I always get an error when I use this mod? (I have v.1.1)"

Can you tell me more about it?
When you get it, age, nations in game, using a particular unit...

Maybe it's fixed in the 1.3 version otherway I'll fix it in my next version of the mod.

To Valdemar, I agree with what Wadis10 wrote, your textures are excellent! I'm waiting to see your release. I already used few ones for my next version ;)

[Edited on 09/29/09 @ 02:54 AM]

valdemar http://www.filefactory.com/file/a0c71a1/n/textures_p1_rar
Greetings Nikox! Here my selection, is more many that in process, but I think that it to begin with will suffice. I decided to draw too textures WW2 technicians, I will lay out a bit later. Good luck in development a mod!
File Author
Greetings Valdemar,
Your texture are really great.
I love to let them appreciated from everyone so I post a new release with all I can fit in my mod.
It's a pity they aren't so much, but I'm thinking to change the mod cutting some old age to free more rooms for new units as there are just few free ones left now.

Bytheway, I think that the matilda at a 0.37 scale is too big still.
It size was lenght 5,61 meters
Height 2,51 meters
Width 2,59 meters
Compare to a Panzer III that
It size was lenght 5,91 meters
Height 2,42 meters
Width 2,81 meters
Should be smaller, do you agree?
valdemar Greetings Nikox, I only draw textures, the real sizes matilda 2 I do not know))) I completely trust you, do as you consider correct.
Realy I do not know that there is a limit of sections, it certainly is bad. How about buildings, there too a limit?

[Edited on 09/30/09 @ 01:53 AM]

File Author
Dear Valdemar,
I'm not an expert modder, but I can tell you what I learned doing this mod.
The number are fixed: 364 units and 129 buildings.
From this number you have to cut out all used by the game (ctw units, citizens, scholars, all nice birds flying or other animals like fishes).
But you can have, for the same unit, different textures up to the nation where it's raised. There are 6 main group:
- DEFAULT with Dutch, Russians, Germans,
British, French, Spanish, Turks
Romans, Greeks, Egyptians.
- ARAB with Nubians and Bantu.
- ASIAN with Chinese, Japanese,
Koreans, Mongols.
- AMERICAN with Inca, Maya
- INDIA with Indians and Persians.
- NA with Iroquois and Lakota.
For this reason is important to choose a name what can be used by more than one nation.
In my mod I was simply using all the unique units trying to keep the original positions for what was left as the game often is searching an unit not by the name, but by the position in the row.
For example: the first machine gun must be the 74 in the row path, the flamethrower the 82 and so on.
And the game is sensible at the jump made by the upgrades of your unit (and at their position in the row, see my troubles with the aircraft carrier..) so all tanks are an upgrade of Cataphract.
(Cataphract, Knight, Heavy Knight, Cuirassier, Light Tank and so on..)

Talking about buildings rules are similar, there are a lot of houses and offices what can be used, but for instance I wasn't able to split the missile silo in two different ones (one where to build conventional weapons and one for nuclear). The game dosen't accept any upgrade or any link at the original one. So you can build it, but you will not be able to fire any weapon from it.

I'm using more of your texture for the next release ;)
What I've done till now:

- M998 Humvee
- BMP-2 AIFV (+ ASIAN version chinese camo)
- FV510 Warrior
- Rocket Artillery:
DEFAULT = UK MLRS no flag (+ desert camo).
ARAB = Rus Buratino no flag (+ desert camo).
ASIAN = Chinese Buratino no flag (+ desert camo).
NA = USA MLRS no flag (+ desert camo).

But the USA MLRS has the red star in the alpha channel still. More you can see part of the turret in the Buratino, is it ok or it's a mistake?

I hope you don't mind about the deleted flags..

The M1A1 Abrams has no nation assigned. It was the australian one. As Australian are Lakota I think I can use M1A2 Abrams as NA for it and use the room for one different MBT. Do you have any suggestion about what I can use, choosing in all your textures? Tell me the tank and the tribe where you'll love to see it.

[Edited on 09/30/09 @ 10:45 AM]

File Author
OK, 14 units left to end the mod.
They will be:

- Ho-Ni I as Tank Destroyer (JAP).
- Citroën-Kegresse P17 as Armored Carrier (FRA-ITA).
- Sd.Kfz.234 "Puma" as Armored Carrier (GER-JAP) from Valdemar collection!
- Type 4 Chi-To as heavy tank (JAP).
- Type 5 Ho-Ru as assault gun (JAP).
- Jiro-Sha as Self-propelled gun (JAP).
- FCM Char 2C as heavy tank (FRA).
- Somua S-35 as assault gun (FRA).
- Laffly W15 TCC as Tank Destroyer (FRA).
- Cruiser Tank Ram Mk.II as Light Tank (CAN).
- Semovente L40 da 47/32 as Tank Destroyer (ITA).
- Lince as Armored Carrier (ITA).
- Autoblinda AB 41 as Armored Car(ITA).
- Renault R-35 as upgrade to Renault FT-17 (FRA).

...see you soon ;)
OmfgCoke im very confused with all the different versions and updates, i downloaded 1.4 and installed it, then i couldnt use the 1.5 update said there was an unknown version of a file, so i clicked on that link you posted for manual updating, but its called 1.2 and i installed it anyways, under ron it comes up as 1.2 and for some reason the wonders are a little funky, like the italians having a terra cotta army. any ideas?
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