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Downloads Home » Game Modifications » Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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OmfgCoke am i doing anything wrong?
File Author
to OmfgCOKE

I think I wrote it somewhere in the README file.
Anyway, to use the 1.5 update with a different version from 1.1 you need to change (with an editor or notepad) the number of the version to 1.1
It's in the info.ml file inside your ..\Age of Tanks 1.0 (TaP)\ main directory.
Look for the following line:
name="Age of Tanks 1.2 (TaP)" (or 1.4, 1.3 etc..)
and change it to:
name="Age of Tanks 1.1 (TaP)"
So your update should be working.
I'm sorry, but I still don't know how to let the program to work in a different way.
If it's not helpfull let me know..

[Edited on 10/05/09 @ 11:15 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Awesome mod Nixox

What nations did you replace in this mod?
File Author
Hi Coldwar Warrior,
I didn't replace any nation yet, as I was waiting an answer from the WW2 CTW team about my idea to split on the two sides (allied and axis) the countries of the 6 continents.
So there will be 1 arab, 1 iroquois, 1 eindians, 2 asian each and 1 american on one side and 2 on the other.
This as my first idea was to create a mod what can be used to play CTW campaign or different custom scenarios what are found on this site.
Right now I'm thinking to go on my own and end this mod in my way.
Tribes, nations and their unit continent are wrote down here.

Bytheway, Coldwar Warrior I discovered your Awakenings II mod only recently, can I use some of your texture in my mod??

[Edited on 10/06/09 @ 08:52 PM]

File Author
Ok, here is my idea how to set tribes in my mod:

persians.xml - new zealand - 3 Asian
dutch.xml - holland
eindians.xml - india - 5 Eindian
americans.xml - united states
lakota.xml - romania - axis - 4 Iroquois
iroquois.xml - canada - 4 Iroquois
mongols.xml - hungary - axis - 1 Arab
koreans.xml - finland - axis - 5 Eindian
japanese.xml - japan - axis- 3 Asian
chinese.xml - china - 3 Asian
russians.xml - soviet union
germans.xml - germany - axis
british.xml - united kingdom
french.xml - france
spanish.xml - spain - axis
turks.xml - turkey
egyptians.xml - egypt - 1 Arab
romans.xml - italy - axis
greeks.xml - greece
nubians.xml - australia - 3 Asian
bantu.xml - south africa - 1 Arab
inca.xml - bulgaria - axis - 2 American
maya.xml - poland - 2 American
aztecs.xml - czechoslovakia - 2 American

Any suggestion??

[Edited on 10/06/09 @ 09:01 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Which textures? Most of the skins in that mod arn't mine if you were to use one of those skins you'll have to credit whoever made it, noT me.

I think its good, but remember, this mod goes to info too, so you should have countries that were powers during and after WW2

[Edited on 10/06/09 @ 09:47 PM]

File Author
You are right Coldwar warrior, but the lonly country what I cut off and would be ok for both ages is brazil.
Other new powers are born after WW2 as israel, belorussia, ukraine. Korea is one alternative too, maybe they can start as the fake nation of manchukuo what japanese built during their war with china.
But who cut off?
Maybe poland and romania???
So it will be:
maya - brazil
inca - finland
korea start as manchukuo and change name in korea in the information age. I read somewhere someone has done it.
I have to learn how to do it...

Anyway think that in the information age I didn't place so many units to have well defined armies, but most are generic ones as rocket artillery, Anti-Aircraft Missile and all infantries..

I've got a question for you:
do you know how to delete a thread here??
I tryed to contact people here, but nones is answering and I think it's unhelpfull to keep open more than one as now I'm using external links to update files.

[Edited on 10/07/09 @ 01:36 AM]

Coldwar Warrior I don't think you can delete threads, but as for your mod, I think who ever made empires and vassals made something like that but as a script
OmfgCoke it still doesnt work, it says buildingrules.xml, unknown version
File Author
to OmfgCoke

Delete everything and install the full 1.4 version.
I made an update from 1.4 to last version.
See my next post...

[Edited on 10/07/09 @ 08:07 PM]

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