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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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File Author
Skins for M4 (105), Tank RAM and Sherman with Canada markings:


Coldwar Warrior It's a little to early I think to talk about doing this mod i think. I've got a few ideas too, about it however. I'm thinking, we could start off from wadis's current ww2 mod, and work from there. Most of his nations are playable. One of the ideas I've been thinking of was to have several more buildings then the original factory, plant, barracks, fort, dock and airpad. I think we should also throw in an occupied or colonial barracks for all those nations that have colonies, an Armor plant or Heavy Manufacturing, for Large artillery guns and Tanks, and a marine base, which will have all marine units, infantry, tanks, boats, and aircraft. I also devised a plan on how we could decide which skins to use. We'll have a contest weekly and everyone would vote on the best skin. And yes, I'll make a topic in January for this mod.

These skins are great! you used the same model but they look completely different!

Checking you mods for bugs, I found a few other things, the dutch have a swordfish?* Not sure if you did that on purpose, but theres no swordfish skin to go with it. Another thing, the chaffee and centurion need differant models. You could use that skin for an M22 locust.

*Speaking of dutch aircraft WW2 The dutch only had the following 3 types

- Fokker DXXI (fighter)(use corsair and wheels)
- Fokker T.V (bomber) (use lightning)
- Fokker G.I (assault aircraft) (use b-25)
No other aircraft just those
The DXXI was used by the Finnish, the G.I by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Spain.
File Author
Ok, we'll talk about the mod on january and, hopefuly, we could start off from a wadis's ww2 mod that's not crashing;)

The Fairey Swordfish what I was thinking about was a torpedo bomber built by the Fairey Aviation Company and I've found it flew in the 860 squadron of Dutch Naval Aviation Service:


I know wikipedia in not reiable, but I made the choice to keep it as it's in a position where the game engine start to check planes and it's usefull to use it to have the game working good. More it's a different kind of shape, as the lack of monoplane models...
(any news from Wadis about the use of 3D Max? are we going to have new models??)
Anyway as it's difficult to add a torpedo at it and as I didn't find the way to have a plane to fire torpedoes in a correct way, it's in a limbo, a place where it's not alive, but it's not dead yet.
That's why I didn't spend time on its skin yet.

The 2.0 is not the final release of the mod, I uploaded it mainly to share it with you and Valdemar, but as it has some main differences from previous ones (as armorplant, crewed models etc..) I thought some beta test was needed before to go on and forget what was made and where..

I know there are several units missing skins still, but it's a pity to work on a model what, hopefully, will be changed as it was with LT vz 35.
So while I need an help with skins I appreciate when you tell me what model should be changed.
Maybe we can start to have a list of them and work on it when we are sure all job done till now is working smooth:

Units needing a new model or to be changed:

- M26 Pershing
- Bataille B1 bis (add one crew to have the armor not going over the entire top of the tracks)
- LT vz 35
- M24 Chaffee
- Fairey Swordfish
- Centurion?? is it the Mk VI Crusader?

Meanwhile I keep on skinning sure models as sherman and M4(105) assault gun, here them with brasilian markings:


[Edited on 11/08/09 @ 07:59 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Crusader, Why do i keep mixing up those names!

Yes a List
Now I know what I can help you with!

You don't have the space for the dutch planes?
If you want I can give you a list of what planes each country can use without killing the space you have left (except for the dutch)

[Edited on 11/08/09 @ 08:36 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Wow your Sherman looks considerably different from the original. Which now brings up the question could you use the original for a different tank firefly perhaps?

File Author
for the dutch plane, if you have in mind a plane what's role was dive bomber (or attack fighter) what can use the same skin for dutch and spanish using the albatross model..
..you solved the case!

As Firefly, I'm using the original skin for firefly...



is it ok?

Check the planes I gave to each country and tell me your suggestions.
Most are without a skin yet.

Meanwhile you can do the same for other units too (tanks, infantry, etc...). Tell me if you think it's correct how I assigned them. Look at the name not at skins as they are mixed up still.

[Edited on 11/08/09 @ 10:08 PM]

Coldwar Warrior A same plane for the dutch and Spanish can't happen. As I said before those three aircraft were the only ones used by the dutch. You could use the bf109Emil and the Fokker Dxxi for the Spanish however.
I can't find this a list could you post it here or send a link?

Firefly's fine, just wondering if you were using some of the originals

[Edited on 11/08/09 @ 10:29 PM]

File Author
Firefly, exactly I made a test for it too, but in this way it looks like a normal sherman:


As swordfish, I was kidding about it, but any other biplane you have in mind is ok.
So we can start to skin it too..

I uploaded my list of aircrafts:


[Edited on 11/09/09 @ 12:13 AM]

Coldwar Warrior K, I uploaded an updated list for the aircraft and a chart with every aircraft listed (and more). After creating this list I found a few problems you'll soon notice. Some of the Nations didn't use any of the planes in this mod. Greece, for instance only used the Baltimore. The only way out of this I would think is to Replace the greeks (Brazilians probably too) with some one else (Estonia?) or you'll need to get rid of and add a lot of new units.


Firefly: Another great skin by Nikox. What did you mean by "but in this way it looks like a normal sherman"?

[Edited on 11/09/09 @ 09:42 PM]

File Author
Hi Coldwar Warrior,
I was watching at your list of available aircrafts by country and under italy I was surprised you didn't sign the stuka as for japan.

What I found on the net:
"The Junkers Ju.87 "Stuka" (nickname of "Sturzkampfflugzeug", that means "diving battle aircraft") was a particular plane heavily used by the Reich in the first period of WWII. Its peculiarity was the bomb diving, that gave "Stuka" a real advantage in this period. The Ju.87 gave very good results until the Battle of Britain, where this slow and heavy plane showed all its vulnerability, especially at the end of the diving manouver. From Autumn 1940, the "Regia Aeronautica" received from allied Germany first an amount of 50 Ju.87 B-2 and then 50 Ju.87 R-2 (long-range with two 300 litres extra wing tanks). Totally, the Regia Aeronautica received 159 airplanes in the B2, R2-5 and D3 variants. The plane renamed by the Italian pilots "Picchiatello" (from Italian word "picchiata" that means "diving" but with "picchiatello" italians means also a "crazy one" ) served achieving excellent results until the end of the war in various Groups on the Greek-Albanian, the Balcanic and the North African fronts."

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