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Downloads Home » Game Modifications » Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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File Author
Maybe the airdefense gun...?!
Coldwar Warrior hmm... maybe

Here's the link to the flamethrowers


Here's what's inside

- Japanese type 100 Flamethrower
- Soviet ROKS-2 Flamethrower
- British Flamethrower Portable NO.2

Except for the British they all use the American flamethrower model, and the British uses a rifleman model.

[Edited on 11/20/09 @ 10:03 PM]

File Author
Ok, now we have an allied and japanese flamethrower, no british, no russian, ...not yet ;)

[Edited on 11/21/09 @ 12:36 AM]

Coldwar Warrior Hey Nikox, I was playing your mod again, only this time I played as the Italians, Poles, Greek, Hungarians, Spanish, Romanians, along with the Germans, and British (whom both of them I already tested). Not a 100% sure but I think when I built the Savoia Marchetti the game crashed.

Playing as the Poles I noticed the Grenade throwers. Very cool. Rather than having them a unit could you make the grenade throwing a special ability available for some types of infantry?

Now about Progression. As of now I couldn't solve it. :,(
I tried getting age progression with an aircraft carrier, getting my pre war era carrier to advance to the modern carrier and then to info. The only units you can progress with is the general, spy, citisan, partisan, militia, minutemen, caravan, merchant, fisherman, and supply truck. I haven't given up though. I'll try again, and I'll ask in the forums.
File Author
Hey Coldwar Warrior,
I've checked the savoia marchetti, it was a bug and I've corrected it, thank you!

As age progression, it looks like it affects just civilian units, I think the game separate them into sections and for some reason they allowed just the first one.
Btw, my desktop blew up and right now I'm working on my laptop where I couldn't copy all stuff I was using, so the job slow down.

As grenade man, when you give flags to an unit and the splash effect it's difficult to separate the effects of a bullet from the effects of a grenade or at least I couldn't do it, so...

I uploaded the mod on ModDB:


there you can see what I've done till now..

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 02:42 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Nice Stuart! I'll try wrapping up my tests with the Patton and the Char this week. I also saw how you changed the crew, very nice too. Do you know that you could use the Asian artillery crew model for the Americans? The helmets are practically the same.

btw, if you want, I can give you the carrier I made. It's one of those carrier converted cruisers, like the Japanese carrier you made. It has a Wooden carrier deck like yours but the bottom is a battleship hull rather than a carrier. I think you should let every nation be able to make Carriers, but it'll require heavy research.

Does the patch include the grenade tests?

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 03:23 PM]

File Author
ehm... the USA artillery and mortar crews are both using the artillery_crew_asian.bh3 model, maybe wrong skin?

grenade tests??

If you are talking about the grenade thrower he is in game from the beginning and I made its actual graphic in the 1.2 version of the mod.

I changed the countries where the grenade thrower is assigned and now he's simply using the correct uniform skin.

As aircraft carriers, the lonly two nations nearby to have one were italy and germany.
Right now Italy is not owning any still.
Anyway, to can load correct aircrafts we'll need more fighter-bombers too.
To balance the game maybe I can simply increase their cost or building time..

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 04:08 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Oh, I couldn't really tell from the screen shot that the model changed.

Really, 1.2?! surprised I never noticed the unit before! I think you could have the grenade throw as a craft some units could have.

Well If you want more accurate, I understand. But if so, I think we'll need a unit that can almost equal the strength of a carrier.... Oh I got it! Maybe we could make a catapult ship. Don't worry about the fighter bombers. ;)
I think we got a good number here:
Sea Hurricane

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 06:08 PM]

File Author
Germans have got U-Boat submarines, I thought to give to italians the MAS naval attack group and it can be the same for Romania, but what about Hungary??

Maybe I can use your aircraft carrier for Manchukuo and load the white version of zero...

Working on flamethrowers I thought to take it away from countries as Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Spain and maybe China, but, again, we'll need an unit to replace it.

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 09:37 PM]

Coldwar Warrior Anti tank rifle perhaps?

Here's the link to my carrier

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 09:50 PM]

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