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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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Coldwar Warrior The tempest was used by Canada, Britain, India and New Zealand

Here's what you could do for the British, Indians and Canadians, and New Zealand

P40 (or Hurricane)-> Typhoon (or Dauntless) -> Tempest

Are the APCs going to be able to garrison units?

[Edited on 10/12/09 @ 05:47 PM]

File Author
Ops!! I'm Sorry!!
I jumped (or forgot about) your previous post on Tempest. I've seen it right now, maybe I'm becoming older...;)

The airbase structure now is fighter, bomber, attack fighter (or divebomber).

The Tempest will be a new fighter, but still I didn't find the way to replace the Culverin Manhout without loosing the smoothness of the mod and I thought to use two rooms free left with the M4(105) assault gun and maybe the Sentinel AC1 for Poland and Australia.
Otherway I've to substitute one unit...

The last new entry was the Marmon-Herrington armored car what still dosen't have a skin.
Coldwar Warrior For the Marmon-Herrington you could use the german armed car model for at least the Mark I through III.

Did you see my updated post about the flamethrowers and Amphibious tanks? You could us the extra slot for the amphibious tank

[Edited on 10/12/09 @ 06:29 PM]

File Author
to Coldwar Warrior

Amphibious tanks?

I cannot find it searching the site.
Can you please post a link at it?
..and you meant to use it as medium tank and move back the sherman to assault gun role?

More, in your WW2 America 1939-1942 you're talking about a night fighter spitfire with cannons, but in the downloaded Pre WW2 America_0001.zip I couldn't find any spitfire skin or any unit_graphics or unitrules file to see it.

About the flamethrower, I've to check if I can split it in two (one for allies and one for axis).

About the APCs (I guess you're talking about Apartments..), Apartments and houses are able to garrison units.
They act as towers, but they'll fire only if garrisoned.

About planes,
I need more informations about your idea:
P40 (or Hurricane)-> Typhoon (or Dauntless) -> TempestP40 (or Hurricane)-> Typhoon (or Dauntless) -> Tempest
Their role (and slot to create them in airbase) will be P40 and Hurricane as attack fighter(3), Typhoon (or Dauntless) as bomber (2) and Tempest as fighter (1)?

[Edited on 10/13/09 @ 01:04 AM]

File Author
Dornier Do 17 Hungary screenshot:


Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB screenshot:


[Edited on 10/13/09 @ 01:52 PM]

OmfgCoke ive been busy the past few days but this weekend ill test the icbms for you. One other thing, the bunkers and auto plants, i really like their skins, but they seem underscaled a little bit. The doors of everything else seem to dwarf the doors of the buildings. I love the skins though, could you increase their size a little bit. Thats just a little headache though, no crashes or problems :)
Coldwar Warrior I commented earlier about the amphibious tanks, but any way , you could replace the original modern age freighter during the modern age with a bmp skinned to be say an LVT 4.

As for the night fighter, it wasn't really a night fighter, I put the fighter.tga and the model with it in the game and got a spitfire with the wrong skin, with missiles on it (since I replace the jet fighter with it) I assumed at the time however that the model was a modified spitfire with mgs sticking out similar to a night fighter.

As for the APC, You mentioned that you were putting APCs in your mod so I thought you were putting in an Armored Personnel Carrier.

About my idea: I was thinking like you tanks you could have upgrades to the aircraft, like the p40 goes to the dauntless, then to the Hurricane, or b-25 to liberator for example.

Hoped that cleared things up.

About your latest screenshots,

I like the new typhoon skin. The do17 is great but the windows can't be too bright with the camo your using, I'd say, you should use a grayer blue like the Lancaster for the windows. Other than that the aircraft's fine.

[Edited on 10/13/09 @ 04:34 PM]

File Author
to OmfgCoke

modified doors in the last two new barracks, about tent it will be difficut to enlarge them more as I'm not drawing them, but I'm simply resizing someone else job.
About bunkers, maybe it will help to change the name from small bunker to pillbox??

To Coldwar Warrior

I replaced the original modern age freighter with a LCVP Higgins.
I was trying to have it to jump (giving an age6), during the information age, to a bmp skinned to be an LVT 4 as you said, but it's not working.
We'll see what I can do for it later.

As for the night fighter, do you have any idea how I can create it out of your scenario?

About your idea: you were thinking to have upgrades to the aircraft, but till I'll find the way to have more rooms free, I prefer to have them all in game, assigned to different countries. It's less realistic, but it should give more chances to play the game with different countries than the standard USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan.

As for the APC, (moan! it was Armored Personnel Carrier. Instead to improve my knowledge of the language is going worst..)
Just the M3 half-track, Citroen-Kegresse and Sd Kfz 234 Puma have got it right now.
I was trying to fit the new version of the Universal Carrier (using the tiger 1 model as you said), but I think it's needing a too big size model to look nice, now the crew is sitting on it, not inside it...
I'll try to make a screenshot about it.

Talking about crew in models I was trying to give a carried torpedo at the Il-2, but I don't find the way to have it nearby the plane.







[Edited on 10/14/09 @ 08:34 AM]

Coldwar Warrior LVT problem: Have you tried copying everything from the freighter? except for attack, and Defense in unit graphics? Also, looking at the skin, I noticed you used the Bmp valdemar made. I was thinking a amphibious tank for the modern age like, a m3 Satan, Lvt 4 or the Type 3 Ka-chi. But you could upgrade it to the Bmp you have right now. Another thing, The model should be lowered like the ships, i think that problem will be solved any way by copying the unit rules of the original freighter.

Night Fighter: Since there is no night in RON it isn't necessary to have night fighters, even if, you'll need a night fighter for the Germans too. As for getting a spitfire to appear to have mgs sticking out of it, the only way I could think of is to replace the bullets fighter by the fighter with missiles. If you were to make a night fighter you are better off using a mosquito night fighter instead.

To save space: It worked for me in ROP, but it may not work well with yours, I just basically, kept the same names but I would create an Asian, Default and American version with each different type for that unit. For example, for the infantry there are two different types, German and American. For the American you have 5 types of the unit, Default, Arab, Asian, Na, and Indian. For the Germans you just have default. To add Japanese infantry, i just created an Asian type for the unit. Doing this saved a precious amount of space for my mod. This could work for you in this mod, if you're willing to kill off the names of each unit for space.

APCs: The US Halftrack looks too much like the AA version (besides the crew) If you erased the AA gun, that would work, and then you could use it as an artillery tow. The flak gun on the should be skinned like a turret like that of the AMC Schneider P 16 as it was also called. From there you could skin the floor to be like the roof of the halftrack.

The Universal Carrier Problem: There are only three ways we could fix it. We could either shrink the crew, or enlarge the tank, which would really be disproportionate, unless you re-sized all the tanks to be proportionate with the troops, the Sherman for example. The only other option would be to use a different less accurate model instead (Churchill and panzer models)

Torpedoes: I don't really know why but aircraft do that with crews. You'll just have to skin the white missile on bomb.tga to be torpedo, i guess. Then on unit graphics change the ammo to torpedo.

Like the new Auto plant skin (or is that a new factory skin?)

File Author
To Coldwar Warrior,

about the LVT model,
I agree, it should be lowered like the ships, I used both of the original freighter, unit graphics and unit rules, changing only model and texture value.
So should be something else.
About the age jump I think the game doesn't accept a simple age6 value, so it's needing its own slot in unit rules.

about the spitfire,
I would have the mgs sticking out of it, you mean to replace "CHAR_ATTACK2" from FighterMuzzleFlash to AARocket?
And no, I don't want night fighters.

to save space,
it's not in my mind to kill off the names of japan units using a simple asian skin.
The six main countries of ww2 conflict have a priority.
I can replace (rename) units like the CAC boomerang to Hawker Tempest and use the Boomerang skin for the australian version of it.

APCs: I'll think later to fix the US Halftrack and the Universal Carrier Problems.
Too much job.
..or maybe you can help me doing it. I will credit it to you ;)

Torpedoes: I would love to see it under the aircraft while it's flying. What you see in the screenshot is the green skin of missile in the bomb.tga flying far from the plane, it's not firing. The ammo in unit graphics is already changed, did you watch at it in game?
If you think it's ok I can use it with the Fairey.

What you see in most screenshots is the new Armor plant, you can see part of the Auto plant skin up in the middle of german tanks screenshot.

[Edited on 10/15/09 @ 01:50 AM]

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