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Downloads Home » Game Modifications » Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Update Age of Tanks to 2.4

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The 2.4 version of the mod have been uploaded (december 18th 2009) at moddb:


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Coldwar Warrior Spitfire: Yes replacing the muzzle flash to aa rockets is the only way I could think of having mgs.

APCs: I'll try to solve the problem, but I can't make any promises, this month, I'm working daily with Ah64 pilot to get his Nazi zombie mod finished before Halloween. Could you send a link to the skins and possibly the unit graphics you're having trouble with.

Torpedo plane: Could you possibly make a recorded game of it or send me the necessary data files so I could see the aircraft drop a torpedo.

Looking back on the german skins I noticed you put in the Panzer 2 Valdemar made. You should shrink the model to be the same size of the panzer 3 or smaller.

[Edited on 10/15/09 @ 05:01 PM]

File Author
to Coldwar Warrior,
here is the file with skins and data,
plus a little graph for the Halloween mod:


Thanks a lot Coldwar, I will offer you a beer next time we'll meet ;)
File Author
About panzers,

- PzKpfw III lenght 5,56 mt.
- PzKpfw IV lenght 5.92 mt.
- PzKpfw V "Panther" lenght 6.87 mt.
- PzKpfw VI Ausf. E "Tiger" lenght 8.45 mt.
- PzKpfw VI Ausf. B "Tiger II" lenght 7.26 mt.



Anyway now the Tiger is too big, I'll re-size it ;)
File Author
Ok, to re-size a tank first I need something to compare at..

Panzer IV and Sherman had same lenght, so I can use them as models.

I made a screenshot about them nearby soldiers:

Coldwar Warrior Ok, I fixed a few of the problems,
here's a link


I included several skins you could use for your mod. Speaking of which, do you want to use my ju-88 skin still?
File Author
Hi Coldwar Warrior,
Thanks again for your skins, I think I'll use most of them and no, I don't want to use your ju-88 skin as I choosed to use the Dornier Do17.

I think the M3 half-track is needing another solution, maybe using the german flackgun model.

And ...ok, we are nearby halloween, but it was a bad joke to send me the panther turret without telling me how to use it.
Here the result:

File Author
...and what do you think about the sherman and panzer IV size??
File Author
... and the Il-2 firing torpedoes? ..do you think it will be a good idea for the Fairey Swordfish too?

Bytheway ..new glasses for Do17:


new cannons (thank you!) for Spitfire:


and new skin (thank you again!) for french Douglass:


...new kind of turret for panther:


used the panzer IV turret.
Maybe it's not perfect, but at least it's easyer to use...

[Edited on 10/18/09 @ 11:57 AM]

Coldwar Warrior Half track: It looks like we don't have another choice, but then again, you could replace the half track with something else, a willy jeep?

Panther turret: Sorry about that, but i see you fixed it with a better turret for it. I didn't think the panzer turret would fit nicely with the tiger model but you seemed to solve the problem. If you did wanted to use my panzer turret set the scale to that of a regular Sherman, and the scale of the chassis to a regular tiger and it should work. But I think it's great the way it is. The only thing is that the gun should be shortened, if you erase the narrow section of the turret, it would look just like a panther

Sherman and Panzer: I think you could make them a tad bigger. If you add .005 to the scale of both, it would fit with the soldiers

Swordfish: If you can make the torpedo have some time under water like the submarine, then yeah, its great idea for the swordfish. If you can't then you could use a barracuda instead (as a dive bomber)

Dornier: Looks great! Do have the space to make a Spanish condor legion version?

Dauntless: The dauntless looks a whole lot better then it was before! About the french though, what are you considering to use for the french fighter and bomber. You could have the Curtis Hawk, which unlike the Warhawk, arrived before the french lost the war. The Hawk, like the Warhawk, was used by several countries too, Finland, China, Persia, India, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Thailand (and the US and UK)

How did you get the mgs on the spitfire?

[Edited on 10/18/09 @ 12:23 PM]

File Author
a willy jeep, Coldwar Warrior?!?
The lonly jeep in game is used for general and it's un-armed or do you think to use an humvee??

Dornier for spanish, done! ..and the skin too:


Panther: Narrow section of the turret ..uhm ..I think I'll need a draw to understand it.

Curtis Hawk: I guess you're talking about the Kittyhawk. I'm confused with all these similar names for the same plane: Warhawk, Kittyhawk, Tomahawk...
Why they didn't use a number for their versions like most have done?! sigh!

Spitfire: you gave me the idea to check the aarocket, so I made a voice in effect graphics with the same rules, but with different skin.
I thought it was good to can have a torpedo too, but it looks like there are just three nodes what can be used with it and they are on the two wings and on the nose.
I was flying for a while with a torpedo jumping out the propeller before to decide that it wasn't working...

Swordfish: I'm not able to let the torpedo to do it. I've found the rule, but to understand it by test without any knowledge is needing a long time. Barracuda? Barracuda!!

[Edited on 10/18/09 @ 03:51 PM]

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