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Rise of Nations: The Second World War Version 1.40

Author File Description
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
This mod is still in beta and not all nations are finished or can be played. Below is a list of playable nations at this stage.

Due to the 8 Megabyte size limit on files submitted to RoN Heaven, the mod is hosted on a free file-hosting website (4shared).
The downloadable file contains links to download the latest version and older versions of the mod.

Here are the links for the latest version of the mod:

Easy version with Installer: http://www.4shared.com/file/V0w6iA5x/RoN_WWII_8th_July_2011.html (Windows only, Recommended)

Straight zipped mod files: http://www.4shared.com/file/7Cuv1lG2/Rise_of_Nations_WWII_no_instal.html (Windows and Mac, but harder to install)

*****UPDATE - 1.25 *********
Not many new features have been added, although a few things have been fixed such as the problems with reserching military for some nations.

*****UPDATE - 1.27 *********
Ships are now back and a few changes have been made to the rules.xml Let me know, do you prefer citizens travelling across their country to find work or just travelling across the city?

The Yak-9 problem has not yet been fixed, so for the time being it may be wise not to have a Soviet computer in the game.

I'm currently working on imputing additional wonders into the mod, I'm open to requests. Also, please not the wonders will not be to a high standard as they will be 2D exports from google sketchup.

*****UPDATE - 1.28 *********
New wonders are the main feature of this release, with many being added from ODA's Rise of Napoleon mod. The new wonders are:

National Insitute of Science
International Securities Exchange
Arc De Triomphe
St Peter's Cathedral (I can't remember it's actual name)
Giant Dictator's Statue
Great Fort (now availible to everyone)
The Vatican City
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Colosseum has a modern day look

I'm open to ideas for wonders.


*****UPDATE - 1.29 *********
Again, new wonders dominate this update, but there are several important bugs that have been fixed including:

The bug where the Somua S-35 could see the entire map.
The Yak-9 problem seems to have been fixed (let me know if it still crashes)
The British Seafire now keeps the same skin throughout the game.

New Wonders:

Himeiji Castle (Japan)
Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)
Stonehenge (Britain)
The Capitol Building (USA)
Church of Notre Dame (France)
40 Wall Street (USA)
Woolworth Building (USA)
RCA Building (USA)
Jefferson Memorial (USA)
The National Archives (USA)

I've found better ways to incorporate wonders now, so the newer ones should look better. Also, I've found a way to add 'snow' to buildings, let me know what you think.

I am planning to overhaul the buildinggraphics file so that European nations have different architecture, and therefore I can put in new wonders for European nations. I am also considering changing the colouring of most buildings for the axis nations, and I'm also thinking about adding national flags, and/or propaganda to buildings.

I'm open to ideas for wonders.


*****UPDATE - 1.3 *********
After recent tests and experiences, it seems that water maps and ships still seem to cause the occassional rouge exception error. The chance of this has been massively reduced compared with previous updates, but it may be advisable to play land maps until this can be fixed. It isn't a problem with any specific unit, I think its something to do with the game mechanics in rules.xml.

There are several new features in this update:

The new nation of China has been added, they don't have many unique tanks at the moment but this may be corrected in future updates.
Bulgaria replaces the Nubians, but they do not have any units done so they just get a mixture of Hungarian and Romanian units at the moment.

Once military 6 is researched, two small bunkers become availible for each nation, these were taken from the Age of Tanks mod.

A bomb shelter has been added, which is a building with high hitpoints where civilians can be safely garrisoned in the event of a bombing run or attack.

Police stations have also been added from the mod on this site, at the moment Police Constables, Officers and Mounted Police are availible. These are useful for countering coups and revolts.

The "Ultimate WWII Script" has been added for use with this mod, it has a wide range of features taken from various scripts on the site, but it incorporates an new idea of 'coups', which result in an enemy army spawning at their enemy's capital. The size of this army depends on what age the defender is in. The script also adds meteor strikes, the random births of 'great people' who provide resource bonuses, tanks can run over infantry, infantry can capture tanks and artillery (some infantry), merchants should go to resources automatically, revolts randomly occur, in which civilians defect to an enemy and become partisans, food shortages kill civilians if the food gather rate is too low, and all units and buildings must be destroyed for a nation to lose if set to conquest.

The Spy agency wonder has been added, which replaces the space program.
Other wonders are:
Snagov Monestary
Bran Castle
Corvins Castle, all for Romania

The British now get upgrades to improve the Crusader, Churchill and Valentine tanks.

Infantry speeds have been increased by 75%.

I'm open to ideas for wonders.


*****UPDATE - 1.3.5 *********
This update is primarily a bugfix, I have done extensive testing on computer vs computer games and I have not come across any exception errors since I tweaked a few things. I think that the main cause of the bugs was the Flak anti-air defence for Germany, which caused an exception every time it tried to attack.
If you are getting an exception error when you play, please let me know so I can fix it, and you can try getting in and out of RoN and see if that helps.

There are some changes however, specifically the Chrystler building and Empire State building recieve improved graphics, with Nuclear weapons the bug where the nuke would land instantly is fixed, and you now have to research the 'Manhattan Project' before you can get useable nukes, this research is availible in 1944.

The TBF Avenger is now more effective, the Stug III is availible for Germany, Small bunkers are now avaible to more nations and there have been some other minor changes that I can't remember as of now.
In the next version I think more Age of Tanks skins will be incorporated, Onion units will be disabled, and some of the building skins from the Rise of Ancients and Rise of Kings may appear in the future.

Please let me know if you experience any bugs or crashes.


*****UPDATE - 1.40 *********
Version 1.4 Update

As you will all be aware, it has been a long time between updates. I have been gradually working on this mod over that time, and there are several major alternations, the foremost being the pioneering script now included with the mod. This script introduces a great variety of concepts, the most important being happiness. Your nation's happiness starts out at 75, and decreases by one for every crime that occurs (crimes currently include murder and arson and can be reduced by building a police station in each city).

Edicts can be researched in the senate that further alter your happiness, however all these technologies are lost when you do not own a senate. Without a senate you are in anarchy, with an accompanying anarchist patriot. If your happiness drops below 55, your citizens may go on strike, and if it drops below 50 there may be an uprising against your rule. The edicts that can influence this are martial law and police state. Martial law bans strikes, however reduces happiness by 15. When martial law is researched, for every citizen that changes their political views two rebels are created. When Police state is researched, you are immune from revolts if you have at least 35 police units, however this drops happiness by a lot.

How a citizen can rebel (excluding when martial law and police state are researched):

First a citizen must change his/her political views. (The number of citizens changing their views depends on happiness)
Then he/she must go on strike
Then he/she must become a rebel (sometimes strikers 'die' and become rebels, however rebels are only seen when a rebel attack is launched.
Once they are a rebel, a rebel attack may be launched. This is when the rebels that have been in hiding spawn at a random building of the affected nation and join a nation that the victim nation is warring with. (So this can only happen during war).

Police units are extremely effective against rebels.

Other scripting features:
'Great' Units that randomly spawn in your nation such as great caravans, explorers, soldiers, etc that provide resources.
Maintenance. All units require maintenance, military buildings cost 1 metal each every 20 seconds while other buildings 1 timber every 20 seconds. Similar arrangements are in place for units, such as food consumption and oil for refuelling. For planes you will not be charged if no planes are in the air. However, if 1 plane is in the air you will be charged for all planes. Maintenance can be cut via an edict in the senate, however this results in unreliability.
Shacks appear in your capital if your happiness is below 40
You are not defeated until all units and buildings are destroyed.
You lose all senate research once your senate is destroyed
Free trade agreements provide you with 20% of your trading partner's wealth income every 20 seconds. You can not have a FTA under a communist government.
Productivity increases at the senate increase production but decrease happiness.
Things like Social security, extra food rations and propaganda increase happiness.
Meteor strikes can occur randomly, devastating small areas.
If your food gather rate is less than 400 then you will suffer food shortages and civilians will die.
Tanks, Artillery and Buildings may be captured by infantry if there are several nearby and no enemy infantry in the vicinity
Merchants find rare resources automatically
If infantry are around a general than he can be interrogated, providing military information
Tanks can run over infantry

New Mod Features:

New skins from Nikox's new WWII mod
Custom made icon files for almost all units
Many minor data alterations
B-29 bombers can now avoid AA guns
Secondary bombers and fighters now mostly work correctly, and can be selected. However, dive bombers can not be selected and a rally point must be used.
New Achilles tank for Britain
New Ki-100 plane for Japanese
Elimination of many cheesy skins.
Long range artillery
Many more!

AA Guns may not appear properly, so use the short-cut key 'A' if they don't.
Please let me know if your game is crashing, I have found very little cases of exception errors.
I would also like suggestions for potential new edicts and other ideas.
I intend to continue improving skins and other features of the mod using resources from newer mods on the site.
I would also like to benchmark in game stats with real life stats, I have done this with tank armour & speed, also aircraft fuel and speed, but only educated guesses for the other stats.
Make sure you select the mod 'RoN WWII TP 1.40' and script 'Ron WWII 1.91'


If you would like stuff to be fixed, please say so, and I will try and include/fix it.

Australia (Iroquois)
Britain (British)
Dutch East Indies (Aztecs)
Finland (Maya)
Nazi Germany (Germans)
Italy (Romans)
Imperial Japan (Japanese)
Sweden (Lakota)
USA (Americans)
Soviet Union (Russians)
Ethiopian Empire (Bantu)
Hungary (Mongols)
Romania (Turkey)
France (Persia)
Poland (Inca)
Canada (Dutch)*

* = Incomplete

A unique feature to this WWII mod is that age advance is retained, albeit modified. An official WWII game goes for Ancient to Modern Ages, however in Info age (1946+) new experimental units become available (such as many jet fighters). Units become available in their respective ages and age advancement takes a very long time, usually the game in finished before 1945. Nuclear Missiles are very expensive however the USA receives a 50% discount with the 'statue of liberty' wonder (Further discounts can be obtained with uranium and gypsum). Only Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, USA and Britain can research Nuclear Weapons, however if another nation captures a missile silo off one of these nations they can research nukes. Only Britain, Japan and America can get aircraft carriers.

Wonders are only available to the nations that built them in real life. A lot of the 'new' wonders look very cheesy at this stage and I hope to touch them up later (they're a screenshot out of google sketchup)

Current Wonders:
Big Ben* Britain
Empire State Building* USA
Chrysler Building* USA
Statue of Liberty USA
Pentagon* USA (does not seem to want to show up on menu)
Reichstag* (Germany)
V weapons program* (Germany)
Kremlin (Soviet Union)

* = New and may look cheesy

There are too many people to credit for this mod, if I left someone major out please tell me and I'll add them in. This mod was based off PanzerX's WWII mod for original RoN.

ODA and Unit35
Panzer X
Coldwar Warrior
pvt jenkins117
Kamikaze Seagull
nice dictator
Matthew Cook
Sam and Elijah Weightman
etc, etc

The File included is a link to a file upload site where you can download the mod. This is much easier than downloading 7 parts here and re-combining them.

New in V. 1.2 is an easy installer, so installing is very easy and can be done by anyone. Just go along with the steps in the installer, and ensure that the installation directory is where you have RoN Installed e.g. C:\Program Files\

If there are any questions please ask.


This game is not balanced, but tries to be balanced realistically, so USA, Britain, Russian and Germany are the best nations in the game. Germany gets quality and Russia gets quantity, etc.
Remember this mod IS NOT COMPLETE, although I may use up all of unitrules.xml before I finish. And yes I know Sweden wasn't in WWII, I just made it because of Axle's Skins.

Usage of Planes:

Most planes can not be selected as either fighters or bombers, but instead appear as helicopters garrisoned in the airbase. To workaround this, either scramble the aircraft or, as I do, click on an airbase, then click on the red flag rally point icon (or press "R") and then click where you want your planes to go.


There are many new buildings in the game, such as houses, offices and barbed wire. There are also several new barracks and auto plants for the Germans and British where more units can be made. Any building suggestions would be welcomed.

If you find any bugs please report them on the forum so they can get fixed.

Canada (Dutch)
Spain (?)
Dutch (?)
China (?)
Egypt(or other African nation)
South Africa (?)

In the next version I will probably add a lot of bunkers and things such as that from age of tanks.

Any ideas for nations?

Enjoy the Mod!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
camilo13 it seems like a very good mod :) schöne grüsses aus Chile
coola567 I have problem. My crashes to the desktop after about 1 hour of play and says something about gathering exception data. Could you please help? Your mod really rock from what i have tried, which unfortunatley isnt alot
camilo13 is pretty fun this mod haha... but anyway this are my critics :)

the wonders are disphased.. see just the Big Ben and the V2 to the germans
the icons for the Me-262, He-162 and those nice planes, show the icon of the helicopter and i can't get'em out of the airbase... this is bad... but, anyway, i get my Air Lofte to the Russians and in the first bomb dropped, the game crush xD

the footsoldiers have the same... the icon of the chopper'..

in Germans, is too excesive the skins to Volksgrenadiers, Waffen-SS, Allgemeine SS and those troops... but i congrats you the perfect german names, and the history of those troops that u add... that is a 10 :D
another nice thing is the year, very original indeed. !!!

well anyway, my game crushed a lot with this exiciting mod... but well, those are my comments... Thanks !!

pd: oh ya, why the french and the fascist do too many El Dorado ? xD they construct many radars, and i can't build that haha


[Edited on 09/15/09 @ 09:12 PM]

Ryandinho14 Fantastic Mod. Only a few bugs I have noticed so far:
The French have armored scout cars and flamethrowers, but their primary infantry unit is slingers. Instead of special forces for recon, they have ancient age scouts.
The German nation has been modded meticulously well. I am stunned by all the equipment available. However, some tiles overlap and I often can not upgrade my bf-109s to Focke Wulfs because they get replaced by one of the bombers before I can upgrade.
Many of the aircraft are shown in the airbase as helicopters, and the only way to get them out is to set a rally point.
The Waffen and Algemeine-SS units are shown as helicopter.

Overall, the mod is incredible. I would give it a 10 out of 5 for the range and quality of the units available. And I must say, the radar station looks fabulous. This obviously took countless hours to achieve. Much appreciated.
Ryandinho14 Also, these are not bugs, but further reccomendations:
Some of the wonders (Reichstag, Pentagon, etc), look almost cartoonish. While I personally do not have the software to improve them, I would be more than willing to seek further help from other members.
Some of the aircraft are so fast their turning radius is enormous, and sometimes they can never get over the target to drop their bomb.
The scouts (fallschmirjager, etc), are just as slow as every other infantry unit.
My idle citizens, even if they are on the
other side of the map, move to a building under construction to help. This can get frustrating when I want to construct more buildings at a city but all my citizens are no longer there.

Furthermore, I used (cheat insert) to put the ships into my game, such as the elite battleship, super battleship, aircraft carrier, destroyer, and cruiser, and encountered no bugs. My game has never crashed yet. I extremely enjoy playing this mod, and reccomend it to be used in conjunction with the total conquest script. This has got me into Rise of Nations again. Thanks.

[Edited on 09/20/09 @ 03:39 PM]

OmfgCoke this sounds awesome ill be downloading and installing tonite, its nice to see some more mods coming out in the community like this.

Sweden did indeed play a part in WW2:
Sweden allowed the Germans to use their railways which aided in the invasion and occupation of her sister country, Norway, which had also attempted to be neutral. They also sold iron and various goods to Germany - and also to Britain; and the WW2 generation never forgot that about Sweden. Nazi German war industry dependence on Swedish iron ore shipments. Sweden also supplied the Nazi German war industry with steel and machined parts throughout the war and provided transportation of armed German reinforcement troops, the 163rd Infantry Division/Division Engelbrecht commanded by General Erwin Engelbrecht, and military equipment through Swedish territory by train from Norway to the eastern front in Finland. They also produced and exported weapons to both the Axis and the Allied powers.When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in October 1941, Gustaf V wrote a private letter to Hitler thanking him for taking care of the "Bolshevik pest" and congratulating him on his "already achieved victories". The King of Sweden would also write many more related messages to Hitler, at times trying to soften Hitler's persecution of the Jews. Throughout the war, the Swedish policy favored the side currently having the upper hand, but were always opposing Soviet interests.

Many people assume Sweden had nothing to do with WW2 but they actually played large parts to both sides, remained "officially" neutral, but would ultimately favor Hitler and the axis war machine.
OmfgCoke Also, if you need any help or info on world war 2 history i can help you.


Sweden - The Riksdag building, Stockholm.

ndia, officially the Indian Empire, declared war on Germany in September 1939.[1] The Provinces of India (which included most of modern-day India and the present day Bangladesh and Pakistan , being imperial colonies of Great Britain, were by default a part of the Allies of World War II. Several Indian princely states provided large donations to the Allies to combat the threat of Nazism and Fascism.
The financial, industrial and military support of India formed a crucial component of the British campaign against the Axis powers.[2] India's strategic location at the tip of the Indian Ocean, its massive production of armaments, and its huge armed forces contributed decisively in halting the progress of Imperial Japan in the South-East Asian theatre.[3] The Army of India was one of the largest Allied forces contingents which took part in the North and East African Campaign, Western Desert Campaign and the Italian Campaign. At the height of the World War, more than 2.5 million Indian troops were fighting Axis forces around the globe.[4]
After the end of the World War, India emerged as the world's fourth largest industrial power and its increased political, economic and military influence paved the way for its independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.[5]
OmfgCoke will you be changing the scouts and citizens of sweden? they are native american :)
OmfgCoke After about 3 hours of trying this thing out, twice playing as the Swedish, and the last playing as the Russians, the game eventually hits an exemption and shuts down the game. It really sucks. I also noticed for some reason everyone was making El Dorado's and many of the regular units such as scholars, scouts, merchants, etc. they all have wrong age models and often you are stuck with a native american set of units as in the Swedish nation. All three games i played on custom diplomacy with three teams, on the old world big huge map.

I am using the install program and i pick progamfiles/microsoft games/rise of nations/

This seems like it has tons of potential and i would really like it, but it has too many bugs and runs about as smooth as a can of nails in a blender. I'm looking forward to this when it gets out of beta.
Acevetren It seem alot of the nations cant build there first military upgrad, good mod in all but need new uniqe buildings please, then it would be the shit.

[Edited on 09/27/09 @ 04:31 PM]

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