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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Second Punic War - Hispania(Otter's Challenge 1st prize winner)

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Second Punic War - Hispania(Otter's Challenge 1st prize winner)

Author File Description
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
This scenario is about the second Roman expedition to Iberia(210-206 BC), led by Scipio Africanus, one of the best generals in Roman history. The Roman victory marked the beginning of the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the end of the Carthaginian presence in Iberia.

It includes:
* 8 nations:
- Romans
- Carthaginians
- Iberians
- Celtiberians
- Greeks
- Lusitani
- Basques
- Gauls

(I wish I could include the Numidians too, but that's just not possible.)

* A very accurate map of the Iberian Peninsula, Southern France and Northern Morocco, with more than 25 cities, many of them still exist today(like Seville, Lisbon, Toulouse, Salamanca, Tangier etc.)

* A complex script with lots of triggers and more than 1000 lines. It includes decision-making, instructions, bonuses and more.

* Large scale fighting, with pretty balanced sides.

- No cities can be built;
- At the beginning of the scenario you can't train any citizens;
- Transport Barges are faster than normal;
- If you ally with one of the native nations of the Iberian Peninsula(these are Iberians, Celtiberians, Basques and Lusitani) you'll get some special bonuses.
- Hasdrubal Barca can't be killed, if you kill him he'll regenerate at a distant location of the map. The same is also true for Hasdrubal Gisco and Mago Barca, until you capture Kartuba and Malaka.

I recommend you also carefully read the rules shown at the beginning of the game.

1. Press the s key to locate your hero(Scipio Africanus). This doesn't seem to work when the game is paused, however.
2. When you attack Carthago Nova, first conquer the city and then destroy the towers near it.
3. When you attack Kartuba and Malaka, first destroy all the military buildings near these cities and then attack the cities.
4. Before you complete your 3rd objective(Capture Kartuba and Malaka) bring a large army in the area.
5. Look for flags on the map and send a Dromon next to them(you should be able to find 3 flags).

Knows issues:
None, except it lags a little bit near the end of the scenario. If you however find any bugs/weird things please report the problem here.

Please leave a comment or a review. Enjoy!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Come on people, I need comments and reviews. If you enjoyed this scenario please post a review, if you didn't enjoy it that much tell me how I can improve it. That's the only way I can be sure that someone really plays this scenario.
stormcrow123 very nice scenario

i have fun crushing the army of Carthaginians
File Author
Thanks for the nice comment, I'm glad you like my scenario.

[Edited on 09/08/10 @ 03:55 PM]

El Grasone
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Yea awesome scenairo and no bugs really

Balance: 5
It was excellent ballanced

Creativity: 5
Very creative, never seen it before. Nice events

Map Design: 5
The map looks good and its fun and challanging

Story/Instructions: 5
Had enough info, may be even too much. Nice story tough

Additional Comments: This is so absolutly fantastic and I had fun a lot. So good job to you. Gracias

And sorry for my english, im still learning ..
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It is playable if you have time to spend on it and if you have a good pc.

Balance: 5
It's much more balanced than the last time.But you need to spend some time on it.

Creativity: 5
It's really creative.Lot's of scripts and decisions.

Map Design: 5
A very well designed map, very close to reality but very compressed.

Story/Instructions: 5
You have all the story,and the rules where you need them.

Additional Comments:
Hi Lord BJ.I didn't taught it is possible to get a perfect 5 but here you have it.An extrodinary scenario with lot's of scripts.
Maybe other players have other opinions.But in my opinion it's great even if i haven't won yet.I can't wait for the next scenario and I can't wait to make one of my one.It's just complicated with the scripting ;).
File Author
Thank you caramida9 and El Grasone! These are my first 5 star reviews, so I'm really glad to receive them.

I put a lot of work into this, so I'm really happy to see that people appreciate it. Thank you once again!
TheRebel11 i love it good work.
File Author
Thanks for the comment.:)
Galentv Supernice!!!! BUT It seems kinda unnecesarry with all these people I've never heard of. Lusitani, Basques, etc... I didn't really know who i where, no obvoius unique units either...
But this map IS really nice and fun. and that's all that matters in the end.
File Author
Thanks Galentv! And about those people you've never heard of, I wanted to create a historically accurate scenario, and I've put these people in because they lived in the Iberian Peninsula at that time(and their descendants still live there, btw). Historically, there weren't actually any serious confrontations between the Romans and the Basques or Lusitani in the Second Punic War(I hope you figured out you played as the Romans :) ). But I wanted to let the player change the history a little bit.

Thanks once again to all guys who posted a comment, and many thanks to those who have reviewed this.
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