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New Zealand TaP

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Needs T&P?: Yes
New Zealand! That small little country in the south pacific that no one has yet made a mod of. Until now!

New Zealand replaces the Egyptians and they have the Power of Agriculture.

To install: This mod doesn't replace anything so all you have to do is place the folder named 'mods' into your main Rise of Nations directory.
Then select my mod on the quick battle menu under 'game modifications' and enjoy!

Unique units (all come with new skins):

- Colonial Musketeers (Enlightenment)
- Maori Auxillary (Enlightenment)
- Anzac Riflemen (Industrial)
- Maori Battalion (Modern)
- Anzac Assaults (Information)
- NZSAS (Information)

I would like to thank ODA for his Anzac model and Nikox for his Royal Fusilier unit from which I based the Maori Battalion.
These two modders have revolutionized Rise of Nations gaming so I would like to thank them for that too.

Keep watching the downloads, more of my mods will (hopefully) follow! I'm thinking of making a Sweden mod (there isn't a single one!) and I have just received a request for one on Macedonia so feel free to share any ideas you have for these two upcoming mods.
I hope you enjoy this! - Super7700

PS: This is my first mod so please give me feedback but don't be too harsh!
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TheRebel11 hey dude can you help me making a mod thats name of Macedonians Mod can you make there unique units and they power then ill take care of the rest.
File Author
Sure what units do you want them to have? I would say the companion line renamed to something more historically accurate such as the hetaroi. Also they could have the Greek mercenary unit. What other unique units do you want and what nation should they replace? Greeks? However you cannot make your own nation powers you have to edit the existing ones.

[Edited on 09/13/10 @ 01:12 AM]

TheRebel11 good to work together with you
yes the greeks mercenairis and renamed champanion and they still have the phalanx
can you give them alexander the unit
and they replace the Inca there building style are europaen. can you also give them Barbarian Phalanx, Barbarian Bowmen,Barbarian Javeliners. and the ANZAC Riflemen.
Alexander The Great
Fillip II

and the rest you may find out.

and they have the power of Glory
TheRebel11 no yes just replace greeks
File Author
I'll do this next if I have the time, probably in the weekend. Um... Why the ANZACS? They were only used by the Australians and new Zealanders unless you want them as mercenaries. I'll have them not replace the Greeks because I want to give them some stuff too. I will also give the Macedonians Soviet styled vehicles because their army is made up of them like the BMP and T-72 MBT

So here are the Macedonian UU's:
I: Barbarian Javelineers, phalanx, and archers
II: Peltasts, Greek Mercenaries, Hetairoi, Alexander (requires despotism)
III: Elite Peltasts, Royal Phalanx, Royal Hetairoi
IV: Stratioti
V: Royal Stratioti
VIII: FYROM Assault Infantry

The Greek States:
II: Peltasts, Gastraphetes, Myrmidon (at the fort), Ptolemy (requires Despotism)
III: Elite Peltasts, Spartan Hoplite, Heavy Gastraphetes, Champion Myrmidon

Persians: Get Chariot and war chariot in Classical and Medieval, Darius (requires despotism) and Greek mercenaries in Classical.

Romans: Get Equites in Medieval and then Heavy Equites in Gunpowder and also the ballista in Medieval age.

Finally, what was the capital of ancient Macedonia?? And have you tried my mod? Can I have a rating because its my first mod and I need feedback!

[Edited on 09/18/10 @ 05:19 PM]

TheRebel11 i have try it ill like it
can you give them alexander
the ANZACS because that FYROM's military this day look like them can you just give them another name. the Ancient Macedonians Capital was Thessalonica and Alexandria. alexander is the rider from the Campaign.
plz make him Able and give persia Darius
File Author
I know what I can do. I'll make it so Alexander is the patriot if you research a certain government type and the same with Darius and Ptolemy. Darius for Persians and Ptolemy for Greeks. Is that right??

And with the Anzac model, do you want the ANZAC Assaults to be the FYROM soldier because they have a modern day uniform and I think they suit your soldier.

So do you want me to add FYROM soldier as a unique unit? And is that the name for the soldier you want??

And can you rate this mod?

[Edited on 09/14/10 @ 04:14 AM]

LordBJ Actually the most famous capital of Macedonia was Pella(the birthplace of Alexander the Great). The first Macedonian capital was Aigai, later the capital was moved to Pella.

Super7700, I'll try your mod and give you a review when I have some free time, right now I'm really busy so I don't have too much time for RoN.
TheRebel11 yes juts call them that
and i already think good about it its will be a good mod can you so replace maya
File Author
I'll start work on it in the weekend. It'll be up in a week or two if I'm quick.
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