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Rise of the Ancients ALPHA - Uthum876

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Rise of the Ancients ALPHA - Uthum876

Playable Factions so far:

-Romans (Turks)
-Macedonians (Romans)
-Athenians (Greeks)
-Spartans (Japanese)
-Thebans (Koreans)

*You MUST play as these factions for the mod to work properly.


NOTHING TO OVERWRITE :) EXCEPT overwrite the interface.xml & soundfiles.xml file in your T&P data directory with the ones i've provided, this will make the icons and sound work properly...back them up of course.....I will have an installer in the next version so that this problem is completely fixed. then just simply pop it into your mods folder in the Thrones and Patriots directory and copy and paste my sounds into your game's "sounds" folder in the main RON directory.


THE MOD ONLY WORKS IN THE CLASSICAL AGE. So far we have 5 playable factions with completely unique looking armies. Everything is historically accurate and units are named according to their Greek and Latin names. Wonders can only be built by the factions who actually built them. Technology-specific houses can be built that can provide your faction with troops. Lower-class housing can provide conscripted/peasant/militia troops...while the upper class Villas can provide you with your factions strongest units. Barracks', stables, siege factories and forts can only be unlocked starting at military level 5 and can provide your faction with professional troops....while the houses can be unlocked through ascending civic research. No patriots, at least for now. Some factions have generals however, that provide added benefits. Supply wagons heal troops. Dust cloud effects have been enhanced and the Gunpowder era building set has replaced the Classical Age building set as it looks more Roman/Greek.


PLEASE REPORT BUGS......go easy on the reviews too this is just an elementary release. Please also tell me how you feel about balancing and the gameplay....I need your ideas. With your feedback we can make this an awesome mod. Please leave constructive feedback though. And if you want to use my stuff please give me credit, it took a lot of hard work to put this together. Thanks for your help.

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File Author
Did you re-download? I re-uploaded for the 3rd time. Try re-downloading it.

[Edited on 09/18/10 @ 05:29 AM]

super7700 Sorry to bother you!! Its not really that big a problem and this is probably the fifth time ive downloaded it but no difference is made, nothing shows up.

But PLEASE don't worry about uploading it again! I'll try to get to the bottom of this little bug. Has it worked fine for you??

Apart from that the mod is absolutely BRILLIANT!! Its my favourite ancient mod/game because of the wide unit range, something I was hoping you would do so yep 5/5 (see rating below)
TheRebel11 super7700:what about the mod you were making

this mod is good but i miss:

but 4.0 in rating
File Author
Rebel11....please share your input in the forums. This mod is far from complete it is just the beginning ;)
File Author
hmm Super you are right......it is not working for some reason. In the interface xml file the file path for the icon's tga files is set to the mods folder so in theory it should work and it doesn't when i try it on a different computer I don't get it.

OK last trick......overwrite the interface.xml file in your T&P data directory with the one i've provided...back it up of course. And thank you so much for the review.
File Author
YUP...that works I just tested it on another computer.
TheRebel11 allright but this was easyer good luck from Macedonia;)
super7700 And adding on to my review: I like it how it is so easy to install the mod. With your other mod I've had to move things all around but this is much easier. A bit of advice: I wouldn't give your buildings unique icons so you can play the outside game without seeing any changes. It's a good idea to add a new i_face file because nothing gets overwritten.

And big news... I got it to work! The icons are brilliant and the only changes I'll see outside the mod will be a strange Versailles icon. YAY! Thank you so much!
super7700 I also love the Centurion unit for the Romans. Hes pretty much a hero because most units he can kill with one strike so its really fun to have battles. Who do the other nations have as their elite unit? I've been doing a battle but I can't find the other nations' elite units!

[Edited on 09/18/10 @ 06:42 PM]

File Author
Did you overwrite the iface.tga files or did you use the new method I suggested in my last post? Because you shouldn't have a messed up versailles icon if you just had overwrited the interface.xml file like I said.

The sound files should be copied and pasted into this directory:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\sounds

Anyways.....The Athenians get a catapult ship UU, the Spartans have a really powerful hoplite, the Thebans have their Sacred Band, the Macedonians have their companions and their pike-men and the Romans have their legionnaires. Try em all out :)
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