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Rise of the Ancients ALPHA - Uthum876

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Rise of the Ancients ALPHA - Uthum876

Playable Factions so far:

-Romans (Turks)
-Macedonians (Romans)
-Athenians (Greeks)
-Spartans (Japanese)
-Thebans (Koreans)

*You MUST play as these factions for the mod to work properly.


NOTHING TO OVERWRITE :) EXCEPT overwrite the interface.xml & soundfiles.xml file in your T&P data directory with the ones i've provided, this will make the icons and sound work properly...back them up of course.....I will have an installer in the next version so that this problem is completely fixed. then just simply pop it into your mods folder in the Thrones and Patriots directory and copy and paste my sounds into your game's "sounds" folder in the main RON directory.


THE MOD ONLY WORKS IN THE CLASSICAL AGE. So far we have 5 playable factions with completely unique looking armies. Everything is historically accurate and units are named according to their Greek and Latin names. Wonders can only be built by the factions who actually built them. Technology-specific houses can be built that can provide your faction with troops. Lower-class housing can provide conscripted/peasant/militia troops...while the upper class Villas can provide you with your factions strongest units. Barracks', stables, siege factories and forts can only be unlocked starting at military level 5 and can provide your faction with professional troops....while the houses can be unlocked through ascending civic research. No patriots, at least for now. Some factions have generals however, that provide added benefits. Supply wagons heal troops. Dust cloud effects have been enhanced and the Gunpowder era building set has replaced the Classical Age building set as it looks more Roman/Greek.


PLEASE REPORT BUGS......go easy on the reviews too this is just an elementary release. Please also tell me how you feel about balancing and the gameplay....I need your ideas. With your feedback we can make this an awesome mod. Please leave constructive feedback though. And if you want to use my stuff please give me credit, it took a lot of hard work to put this together. Thanks for your help.

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super7700 I did what you said but hey! I doesn't really matter. As if I'm going to play any normal games when I've got your mod!
And the elite guys, I wasn't talking about the unique units but I was talking about those guys with 200 hitpoints and 60 attack. And cool unique units too! Maybe you could make the triremes a bit more useful, maybe a larger range and bigger attack so they can do a bit of bombardment.
And about the sound files- I have Gold Edition, so should I put the sounds in the main or the T&P directory?
File Author
Oh.....you are referring to the general's bodyguard troops man, yea they are your factions strongest soldiers and should be used for the toughest missions. You get them only for the Greek factions, while the Romans have the powerful Centurions and the Praetorian guard. Regarding the sound problem I explained a fix in the forum thread so check that out....basically just copy the sounds into your RON sound directory (I have gold too) and then copy and paste the interface.xml and soundfiles.xml files into your T&P data directory....that should make all the icons and sounds work.

[Edited on 09/18/10 @ 08:58 PM]

TheRebel11 do you knew some thing of macedonia because we are not looking like this specily not in our ancient history.
File Author
Rebel like I said please leave your input and suggestions in the forum thread:


If you have any pictures of the Macedonians you are referring to then post them on the forum for us.

Most of my Macedonian skins are based on these:


And those are based on artifacts.

[Edited on 09/19/10 @ 04:01 AM]

TheRebel11 it is not to annoying the forum dosen't work to me but we macedonians have some specali hemls in the ancient world yes but some of our macedonian troops was with no helmet many of them have seen the film Alexander take a look
but still good luck from Ìàêåäîíè¼à-Macedonia

and yes im from macedonia
File Author
Rebel I don't understand man....

Do you have any pictures of the types of helmets you are talking about?

All of my Macedonian skins have equipment based on REAL artifacts not some hollywood movie.

[Edited on 09/19/10 @ 07:05 AM]

TheRebel11 that hollywood movie you are talking about is based on fact. and i know more of macedonia than my own pocket and sorry if you dont understand me im dont good at enlish im good at macedon. but yes i have some but ill have to find them you mod is good so all the best from Skobje
File Author
Rebel please do find these pictures so I can compare them to the images I have seen.....and don't claim that that movie is based on fact because a lot of historians say it has MANY historical inaccuracies. It was not a very well received movie.


If you can see this picture of the Macedonian phalanx I took a lot of ideas from it in making my skins.

[Edited on 09/19/10 @ 12:20 PM]

TheRebel11 yes that helmets but also same flats
TheRebel11 http://www.dci.clrc.ac.uk/Activities/Gallery/GreekHelmet.jpg

follow this link
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